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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / Why is Deathmobile Upgrade for 15 bucks available on Armorgames but not here??

If you were Con, how would you solve this problem of money? You need to get your game financed but you still want to keep it playable for free. And you also know that anyone who is prepared to pay money is much more likely to part with it if they get something worthwhile and tangible in exchange (cosmetic upgrades are good, but I’d suspect they wouldn’t be as popular). Obviously, this advantage can only be conferred on those who pay.

Currently, there are 3 mechanisms which Con uses and I suspect that they are the fairest solutions I’ve seen. 1) Speed things up which is more or less cosmetic. 2) The raiding system which was setup because he wanted to sell protection. 3) The store – which sells weapons/items which are more or less cosmetic – there isn’t one all powerful purchasable item from there.

I suspect that most players know, deep down, that greens/blue/purple/rare/unique doesn’t really confer that much additional benefit over the standard grey. They’re just nice cosmetic things. For instance, there’s a level 21 M24 purple schematic which offers higher capacity of +10% (that’s just one extra bullet in the clip) and higher accuracy (who needs that when the gun is at 99% accuracy anyway)? But yet its so popular. Why? Coz its purple.

So if that’s true then players who have the car and farm the whole map don’t really have an advantage.

The other PvP advantage a player with a car has is that they can have 10 guys protecting their base at all times. But I think its really easy to defend your base against raiding even without 10 guys protecting it. How? Simply spend everything you have before you logoff so that your resources can’t be raided. If a raider smashes your barricades – never repair them. You should be ok against the zeds and it still counts towards your security rating. And if you leave no one home – he can’t kill ur guys. Problem solved. A raider would simply be wasting their time coming to your place for perhaps a bit of food, water and ammo.

So there you go – no P2win in this game.