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Topic: Off-topic / What was the last search you made in google?

“how to google something”

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Topic: Off-topic / Compliments <3

You’re the best asain.

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Topic: Off-topic / Rate the song above you. V.2

Originally posted by espace390:

6/10. Not really into screamo, but meh.


I’m on a Roll – Stefano

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Topic: Off-topic / The Official Birthday Thread *DrOctaganapus2 and TerribleToaster*

Happy Birthday, Waffle!

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Topic: Off-topic / My plastic cup I'm chewing on tastes like chicken

My Plastic cup tastes like Plaster. Damnit I’ll never be normal. :(

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Topic: Kongregate / i wish someone would make a quailty prison escape game on unity


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Topic: Kongregate / The Conclusion of My Year

My shawnfaic is smushed. :c

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Topic: Kongregate / can u de mod this mod

Originally posted by riddleschool:

[removed] or how ever u spell his name, because he is not helpful anymore and mean when became mod. ok or i can report him but isnt this immidiate help? or do i go to tech support. mean annoying mod if you read this dont post please

no u da meanie :c

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Topic: Kongregate / Pokerpo Ego Inflation

Originally posted by eProdigy:
Originally posted by MaistlinRajere:

Nice getting to know you, Pokerpo! The better to stalk you with!

But.. No one likes being stalked.
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Topic: Everybody Edits / Kongregate Hotel

Please get rid of this random Forum.

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Topic: Everybody Edits / If only...

Originally posted by Terence22205:
Originally posted by GottaAskTheMan:
Originally posted by Terence22205:
Originally posted by lolzhss:
Originally posted by Lirum053:

If only Chris never fkd up the key color and the physics, more pro should be still active :/ becouse cris sucks



I want to eat your penis. Come here, Buckaroo.

Terence on a rampage.