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Topic: Game Programming / Particle Effects

i make my own, it’s fun. It’s pretty easy in AS2

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Topic: General Gaming / Final Fantasy Fanclub

Part 6 pertains to FF7, and I find it relevant. WARNING Contains a LOT of questionable language for those who are sensitive to such things.

I like 7… but…. yeah… In retrospect it totally destroyed Final Fantasy.

edit: watch it all the way to the end for bonus hilarity!

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Topic: Game Programming / The Definitive "Let's mess with String variables!" Thread

ooooo! i must investigate…

I’ll get back to you on how well i can get all that voodoo mishmash working. then it’s on to the relatively easier parts XD.

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Topic: Game Programming / The Definitive "Let's mess with String variables!" Thread

heh, this is awesome. I appreciate the perspectives. in regards to programming, I understand machine code naturally, but I have ‘no pwofessiono twaining’

The array is a really good idea though, it does simplify a lot seeing as how I’m already going to be creating scads of data. So, as far as hex values go, can’t I just put them in a variable and call them back as you seemed to imply Phant?

yell = 0xFFCC13;

texts = [[yell, "Aegisopolis: Hay guise I hurd u can get teh moon elfs nekkid in dis gam"],
         [yell, "This is some other dumb message, etc"]];

also, the main question is adding strings to strings. What’s the exact procedure for adding text to the end of a text block, then removing excess text at the top.

So that (s this pre were an imaginary text box) this:

Aegisopolis: Hay guise, wer u find magabonigia?
Purile: Oy, these raptors suck, I died again XD
SYSTEM: Everyone will die in 40 seconds in order
to alleviate mass griefing in the Sri Lanka zone
Naptha: Lol life tap ftw.

can become, cleanly, this:

to alleviate mass griefing in the Sri Lanka zone
Naptha: Lol life tap ftw.
Jormungand: I don't freaking understand this game,
It's nothing but a bunch of noobs and perverts and
a WHOLE lot of pointless grinding.

Where the new message, being three lines long, pushed the top three lines out and removes them for memory’s sake. I’ve seen a little of what you can do with Strings, but I’m not clear on how you would do things like a manual return to start a new line, adding text to a pre-existing String variable, and removing strings, by line, from said string variable.

Might I have to make my own class to run these thingies?

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Topic: Game Programming / The Definitive "Let's mess with String variables!" Thread

So I have two trains of thought with this one. /firstly, it would be nice(and most of the time, it works out this way) to have a particular subject congeal into a single thread. Ideally, we go over a large portion of AS coding(such as the use and manipulation of string variables) and have everyone throw in their two bits on some info and how it works. Kinda like a thread made for teaching some shtick. Basic rules are easy, just make sure you clearly define what you are trying to communicate/demonstrate. Secondly, not getting off topic and careening into critical banter would be nice as well. If we could come up with some good wide-scope topics it would be nice if we could get a sticky or two for neat functions in flash/AS.

Secondly, my real question. I wanna do a mock-up of a chat window found in MMO’s, not unlike WoW, in which randomly generated comments from fictitious players would scroll, change colors adequately, and call up random phrases at fairly random intervals.

I have little to no knowledge on the subject of string manipulation except that I know it can be done. So here’s a layout contains no actual code! just a set-up for how it would work

All of this is constructed in a separate *.as file

Bottom layer of movieClip would consist of a semi-transparent chat window and some fake buttons(this is 
for parody's sake, functionality not a priority)

Top layer is where the action happens

A text dynamic text box fits inside the semi-transparent box on the lower layer. The variable for the 
text box is called fauxChat.

The class for the chat box contains, let's say, 300 different possible phrases from random imaginary 
players. each one has a predetermined set of modifiers, such as: being said in global chat, being yelled, 
being whispered, and used as global messages from the imaginary GM's.

As phrases are generated, the text should scroll up, and eventually 'leave' the top of the chat box, 
hopefully to an accurate enough degree so that have messages are left at the top while not leaving the 
bounds of the original text box.

This cycle of text should continue indefinitely, and the speed at which the messages are delivered should 
be variable depending on location.

I hope that defined it fairly well.

So far, I assume that with each message, you’ll have to define them as such:

text1.color = "FFCC13";
text1.message = "Aegisopolis: Hay guise I hurd u can get teh moon elfs nekkid in dis gam";

and then, to call them up is something like:

nextMsg = Math.ceil(Math.random() * 300);
addTextFunction(eval( "text" + nextMsg) );

Or so, as I said, I would assume.

Obviously I don’t know the functions for actual string manipulation, and the tutorials I have seen are for terribly un-dynamic things. Then there’s the whole site-lock code, which, even at my level of programming, looks like utter greek to me.

So, for those of you who made it through the whole post and are still awake, your contributions would be most fervently appreciated. I’m kinda deadlocked on my game and would like to figure this one out before I add a million different things that may mess it up.

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Topic: Game Programming / Finishing up a game

I found a nice little bit of script kiddie fodder on something-something-protect-flash-rights-ah-crap-i-don’ It worked, seeing as how I wouldn’t run the .swf on my computer but it was fine on my deviantart site and here at Kong.

I just wish I knew exactly what tyhe hell it did, lol. It’ll be nice once I get the hang of all the neat little built-in functions of flash :)

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Possible Kongai Girl Solution?

it’s amazing that they can’t separate fan-service from pr0n.

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Topic: General Gaming / Games biting the dust

I’m glad castlevania’s still going strong. There’s never enough delicious 2-D platformage.

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Topic: Game Programming / Finishing up a game

lol, this is awesome. 5 months for my answers :D

I figured it out finally, found some good codes and got the API working (after much trial and error)

Thanks anyways guys. The menu items one is really useful though! i definitely can use that in the future as I’ve been wondering how people put links to their site in the right-click window.

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Topic: General Gaming / what was that game...?

oooo! ooo! i know this one! crap! hold on…. AGGGH it’s not in my favorites. bugger, sorry, can’t remember the name …

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Topic: General Gaming / Talk about how Cave Story pwns.

i still suck at hell, i think my best was like, 11 minutes

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Topic: Game Programming / Quick Question on My Game

i would suggest investigating in object-oriented programming and classes. By defining a class you can assign multiple movie clips to take on the same basic elements and methods of a class and have them run them as needed. Secondly, yeah, arrays are helpful too. It’s going to be nearly impossible to manage any number of sprites or objects effectively before you spend time at least experimenting with the aforementioned.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Kongai is perverted?

Your arguement appears to consist of mostly condescension and sarcasm, I don’t see much substance.

Lol, see also: internet argument. Half the fun is knowing that no matter what you say, someone will retort, I was entertaining this for both your and my sakes, fun, wasn’t it? I get a huge kick out of ‘realists’ who think that skimpy isn’t fun. I mean, seriously, you’re in the minority here. You stigmatize yourself as a conservative looking for more toned down media, and I just love people like that. Of course there wasn’t much substence, all I wanted was to provoke you into another counter-argument. See also: do not feed the troll.

But they way users are currently handling this seems like just some people who made a witty observation, and decided to light the fuse on the Rant Bomb.

Bingo. Thank you for your time.

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Topic: Game Programming / game maker 7.0 HELP PLEASE

I can’t even tell the difference between the trolls and the honest posters anymore XD

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Kongai is perverted?

Must…. not… get…. into…… internet argument!

Ah to hell with it. Gotta live a little.

First off. I can see where you might not see a whip. The card clearly depicts nothing to suggest any weapon whatsoever. However, there is a weapon in her hand on the main page within the challenge’s box. Alas, it is not distinguishable. So, I have provided figures 1a, and 1b.

Clearly, the term ‘lasher’ would imply a whip. I’m sure through your thorough investigation you may have come across this subtitle. In which case you didn’t, or perhaps thought that she fought solely with her quick wit, I have provided figure 1b, an in-game screenshot of Kongai confirming, once and for all, that she does indeed, wield a whip as her weapon.

Next, in list format. You’re avoiding the subject at hand. I was not saying that female soldiers should wear bikinis. In fact, I took great pains to avoid even alluding to having American soldiers wear anything less adequate than what is required to protect them in combat. My point was directed at an entirely different subject all together, and thus excluded from what I hope is focused primarily on clothing and it’s role in video games, practicality, and artistic license; not gender roles and female objectification.

A side note: I make the assumption above regarding the topic based on the fact that your comments have had nothing to do with objectification of women. Your focus seems to be on aesthetics and their role in video games. My point of view is that it’s fine and well within artistic license and not at all offensive, while you seem to desire the castration of an established niche and would want practicality and realism in your games. A fine point on it’s own, but without foundation in the realm of the online TCG geared towards a fantasy atmosphere.

Thusly, we can construe one fact from your last post. Your mention of the female soldiers in Iraq is irrelevant, and aimed slowly at making poor, ill-prepared counter statements.

Finally, may we take a look at your abhorrent view on sarcasm. First and foremost, I pride myself on comical exaggeration. I find the styles of the 19th century particularly hilarious, and try to include their reference when I can. This appears to be lost on you, which I cannot defend nor attack. To each his/her own. And you are correct, they would not be battle-ready. However, there is more to combat than large, unwieldy masses of metal colliding with other similar objects of metal. Can you imagine brandishing a whip in 300 pound iron armor? Not very Indiana-Jones like, is it?

Speaking of which, let’s look at some other figures who participated in combat in generally inadequate attire:

Indiana Jones
Zero Suit Samus
Mugen and Jin from Samurai Champloo
The Tick
All four Ghostbusters.
Mario and Luigi
Laura Croft
the Dragon's Daughter from Kung Fu Hustle(a.k.a. the Land Lady)
Trinity from the Matrix
And more...

They were terribly unprotected in most of their appearances. Most notably, and relevant to the topic, are Laura Croft and Trinity, who appear in nothing more than a shirt and pants(latex or otherwise) for most of their appearances, and yet are idolized as sex symbols of their genre. Wait, wait, wait, I know what you’re thinking, of course it was possible, it was a video game/movie, made to be superficial and fantastic, of course they would be fine, it’s all fantasy!

Well, what is Kongai?

Ah yes, the root of the matter. Kongai is a game, a wonderful new take on an old formula. Which therein, fictional characters take part in fictional battles in a fictional location within the digital world of the internet. So, I fail to see where practicality matters here. The artists being perverted? Not any more than any other human with a God-given libido. Perversion isn’t even a factor in this, sexy females in unusual clothing are interesting and a joy to illustrate. It appeals to an established demographic, and is much more pleasant to look at than an overly thought out, practical, and drab outfit that would, in reality, look more like a bulky janitor’s uniform.

Take for instance, this(it’s the wikipedia article on amazons, caution to the easily offended)

You’ll see that amazons were actually fictitious themselves. There’s very little evidence to support the existence of a tribe of warrior women, but here we have it, Greek depictions of battle-hardened, scantily clad women. You’re trying to fight a battle that’s be lost for a couple millennia now, there is something rooted in the human brain itself that is attracted to warrior women. What makes it all the more fantastic is the fact that they can win wars with minimal armor or protection, they’re just that good. Is it practical? No. Is it realistic? Probably not. But here it is, hundreds of years before Kongai, and still going strong in its artistic descendants.

So there’s not much to say after that, really. This is legitimate art, a genre if you will. You had best stop over-thinking it and just enjoy it. The good people who draw for Kongai should not be slandered for what they find aesthetically appealing, and you should not judge them for it. I personally like Phoebe, her art says “quick, agile, and powerful”, but I suppose there are some who are not looking at the subtitles here. I’d be lying if I said that I don’t see sexualized women in the Kongai cards, but I don’t see what the big deal is. Sexualized women are everywhere, and the point is that, if you’re not used to it by now, well then, good luck!

One final request before this is over. I’d like some clarification on your last paragraph TruePurple. It looks like the bedraggled mumblings on one held tight in the grips of forum adrenaline, the surge you feel of someone challenging your ever so righteous opinion on the internet. Obviously you’re attempting some sort of sarcasm, your first sentence implying that we should just scrap clothes altogether (with the best misspelling of anatomically ever) and draw everyone in the nude. You then repeat me for some unknown reason, and at last say that I am heading somewhere. So, my question is: where exactly am I heading?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Kongai is perverted?

Ummm, has anyone here heard of the paradox where complaining about the problem is more of a problem than the ‘problem’ itself? Jigjaw just said it, if you want to say that girls in skimpy outfits are made to be loved, not hurt/killed, then you are putting women in a class where they are made primarily to be looked at and incapable of fighting/defending themselves. I’m sure there are plenty of female soldiers in Iraq who would easily tear you a new @sshole for saying that. I know, one of them did… to me…. it sucks having to wipe twice now.

Also, it’s funny to mention that anyone here who has a problem with the way the females in Kongai are dressed is overly sexualized have a very small perspective on things. DoA is sexualized, it’s intended to be so, you know, with all the jiggling mechanics involved. The new Soul Calibur coming out is somewhat sexualized now with the removable armor aspect, but still, it’s not really sexualized unless there’s a hidden ‘copulate’ move for the characters.

This goes back to the huge coil debate a few weeks back. Sperm != porn, skimpilly dressed warrior women != porn, or perversion for that matter. for the less coder-friendly members out there, != means ‘does not equal’. TruePurple, I don’t mean to bash, but you’re lying to yourself and sensationalizing the whole thing with S&M references. Whip != BDSM.

I mean, seriously, when I look at the Kongai cards, I think oh, my, what a neat art style. The colors are very balanced and muted, making for a neutral tone in in the atmosphere around the characters. This isn’t a cartoon, and yet it’s not too serious either. This may actually be an excellent example of more of a purist gaming art style than the exxagerated bloom/brown cominations we’ve been seeing without an excessive amount of color found in anime. The outfits fit the standard style of romanticized goth/amazonian/grecian style, the only complaint here is that they are archetypes found in just about every other game there is. The reek of stereotypical character design wafts in after the first hour or so, but well rendered and executed spectacularly for the goals of an on-line TCG.

While apparently there are those out there who have such a huge ‘problem’ with the cards immediately think “ah geeze! More cleavage! Don’t they know that this is SEXUAL in nature and not fit for anyone who isn’t married? Even the ones who ARE married shouldn’t be looking at this unless it’s their spouse! Oh dear, it’s a collar bone! by proximity it indicates the presence of the female BREAST! Why don’t they just dress all of these women in 19th century coats instead of leading the corruption of our young and spreading the objectification of women to our impressionable future!”

Yes, please, let’s lock up the human form in conservative garb and focus on practicality. While we’re at it, let’s abolish all games made after the Atari 2800 because all those graphics and depictions of people are getting in the way of our gameplay. Who needs artists in this world to begin with? Everything should be broken down into it’s basic forms, and even remotely attractive imagery should be banned BECAUSE I CAN’T STOP THINKING ABOUT VAGINAS WHEN I LOOK AT A GIRL.

Seriously people, grow up.

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Topic: Game Programming / Tutorial requests

ugh, I kinda get OOP, I kinda get a lot of things. I suppose a really good tutorial would be the all-consuming powers of arrays and while statements.

OOP wise, not to sure. You could show how to make inheritance flow in enemy design processes. like Flyer = > bird/bat, walker ==> knight/minotaur. etc.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Kongai] Kongai is perverted?

Sadly enough, now that I’ve been in a relationship for > 2 years, I’m very entertained by video game depictions of unattractive women. I still like the attractive ones, sure, but look at Phoenix Wright, there were plenty of support characters who were homely, a wee bit fugly, fat, etc. And every one of them lost nothing for it. The Yakuza Boss’ wife in Apollo Justice was hilarious. I mean, it’s the old Valis(look it up) argument, what are you afraid of? I skinny girl with an epee and a golden miniskirt/bikini combo? Or a rotund Yakuza Boss’ wife who’s brandishing a rake with a hidden sword inside of it?

Well, practicality aside, I think the art is Kongai is spectacular and appropriate. Also, speaking of Valis, didn’t this argument die along with it back in the 80’s/early-90’s? Skimpy outfits and huge boobs are going to outlive cockroaches on this planet, get over it.

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Topic: Kongregate / Get rid of friends

Say you’ve been attracted to them for a very, very long time.

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Topic: Game Programming / how do you make a test thingy???


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Topic: Collaborations / Need graphicsy person

I too, am curious, e-mail’s in my profile.

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Topic: Game Programming / how do you make a test thingy???

holy crap, that was a mistake, My connection crapped out and I got error 500’d, so, yeah, erase as many as necessary.

edit: nevermind, I can delete them, it seems. Yeah, i wasn’t even aware they successfully posted.

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Topic: Game Programming / Help me plz

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Topic: The Arts / cartooning/illustration...I just don't get it...

A good tip is to not over-construct your drawings when trying to do something like cartooning
you have to relax and realize that in your head, you already have all the necessary knowledge to put things together like perspective, composition, depth, and so on, so in stead of measuring out the space between the eyes and where the shoulders go, etc, just do a basic block-in and then do your inking from there.

Helps, of course, if you have access to ctrl+z, but that’s something else entirely. I’ve always been jealous of people who can make awesome stuff from scratch and just free-handing an entire portrait with no prep behind it.

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Topic: Game Programming / how do you make a test thingy???

Here we go again.

Step 1:

Take 4 sheets of notebook paper.

Step 2:

Fill them with random numbers and words. The ENTIRE page. No cheating.

Step 3:

Tape them together.

Step 4:

circle the words/numbers arbitrarily with large, amorphous shapes. The more they overlap, the better.

Step 5:

Designate these circles with double lettering, AA, AB, AC, and so on.

Step 6:

Label these designations with the different types of endings you would like.

Step 7:

Jump out the nearest closed window.

Step 8:

Declare delays.

And there you have it! You just made the next Spore!