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Topic: Astroflux / Suggession - Pirates vs Police

I agree with Robert, the thing is though, many people quit because they get harassed, hunted, and “spawn-kill”ed. I have had an experience where I was hunted and spawn-trapped for 10+ lives, until my friend number 5 player Skwerly, escorted me out of my spawn. I believe that the spawn-killing and preying on players who are hopelessly defenseless is utter madness and should be fixed. If anything, allow more higher level players engage pirates as pirates attain killing-streaks. So if the limit is until level 9 for PVP them increase it to say, 12 in the event that a pirate under level 9 gets a kill streak of say, 7. And if they get a kill streak of say, 14, then raise the limit of those who can confront the criminal to level 14. SO many people want to help those who are being preyed on, yet they are not even allowed to defend them. Seriously. Come on, you can make it better for the pirates too, like give them 4 bases that are evenly spread out in each sector or something. You can give their base’s defenses. I don’t care. As long as you give police either benefits, or the ability to just HELP each OTHER. The spawn kill in this game is astonishing! I’m a person who’s played Call Of Duty extensively and I have to admit, the spawn-trapping and preying on the weak is worse here then in Call Of Duty, and its pretty bad with the nube-tubing in MW2 and the spawn-trapping in BO2. The least you can do is protect the weak. Help them. Or let us be ABLE to help them. This is so very wrong.