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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [From Pip] A thread for farewells.... v2

Originally posted by catepillar:

As the only member of the consortium that really took the responsibility seriously from the time it started til now, I must say that I have a great amount of respect for what you have done. You have probably single-handedly caused the devs to fix hundreds of bugs that would have otherwise gone ignored. The community as a whole should never forget how much you have helped this game, and I know I will be sad to see another long time player leave.

Originally posted by kungfumonkeyMike:

Pip, you joined Pwnersaurus Rex just a couple weeks before me if I remember correctly. I’ve had a blast travelling up through the “ranks” with you. I know that you’ll be missed by everyone in faction, and I think you should have probably been paid for all the work you did for the community and developers as well.

One of the kindest and classiest guys out there, and Pwnersaurus Rex has been honored to have him for so long (even if he can’t type very well sometimes… good job spell-checking your farewell post, though!). ;)

If there are significant game changes, you’ll likely see your inbox fill up with P-rexers trying to lure you back. It is good to quit if you aren’t having fun, though, stay in touch!

Originally posted by Lautrea:

Sad day for Prex and Tyrant.
Take care Pip !

Originally posted by WardTheWarden:

Bye Pip!

Originally posted by zeatt:

sad to see you go even though i havent been a long time member of prex i did enjoy having you as a fellow member there take care :)

Originally posted by discowookie79:

Now cracks a noble heart. Good-night sweet Pip;
And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest…

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:

Bye Pip.

No words can really describe the disappointment I feel now that you’re leaving.

Originally posted by Entername_______:

sad to see such an influential player go away, in other words: Farewell Pip, u will be remembered.
Sincerely, Mr_Gogg

Originally posted by Glugnar:

Well, I can’t see this being good for the Consortium….anyways, it’s a good thing to know when to leave something, you will be missed.

Originally posted by Cerealguy:

you shouldn’t have left, that’s 40k LP, and the devs update the game frequently. that was a stupid move in my opinion, knowing that you can take breaks to play tyrant. anyways I understand that you aren’t going to stay in this game forever.
i’m going to miss you too much D: no one will correct my ruby codes now :( (kung fu monkey is always busy and he calls me cerealbaby) and i won’t be able to joke about you and your spelling.
bai pip, good luck surging in real life and teaching your kids how to be pro at tourneys.
I hope you come back some day!!

Originally posted by Holfti:

Aw, Pip, I’m very sad to see you go. You were one of my favorite people in Prex, and Prex is full of awesome folk. You will be very missed! All my best wishes to you and your family.

Originally posted by protoflare:
Originally posted by TheRealPip:

So, after a year and a half of playing; being on the Consortium;




Originally posted by JIRAIYA31:

nooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuu i never even sent him a pm :(

Originally posted by The_Atari_Kid:

Goodbye Pip. You were always a breath of sanity in the forums, and you will be missed.

Originally posted by masterluke:

The voice of the players, the messenger of the Devs, a forum personality of wisdom and reason (and very occasionally trolling) has left us today. Good bye and good luck in your future ventures Pip. Hopefully someone will rise up to the challenge and fill your shoes.

Originally posted by p4n1q:

This is bad for prex, the consortium, and the game as a whole.

Originally posted by XRRRX7331:
Originally posted by Provokes:


Originally posted by IamaTumor:

I don’t think there is a player in Tyrant who knows Pip that could say a single negative thing about him. Tyrant is losing a great player and all around good guy. I’m sorry to see you go, Pip but I understand why you must leave. Hope to see you back one day and good luck in whatever you choose to do next.

Originally posted by Philosopher:

I didn’t get to know you, but I respect your achievements in-game and your service to the game. You will be very missed. Best of luck to you and your faction going forward.

Originally posted by Slyeye89:

Tyrant has officially…died. Goodbye, Pip T.T



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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [WarMetal Tyrant] [Dev] D:

Originally posted by Xyrus_G:
Originally posted by FlyingPachyderm:
Originally posted by Moonfrost:

Here they are.

Most notable buffs:
Apollo 1/7/4
Azure Reaper 4/6/3 (like raid one)
Gruesome Crawler 1/4/1 (now it’s pretty durable fast weaken all)
Obsidian 1/4/2 (same as above)
Pummeller 4/8/4 Siege 4
Titan 3/9/4 Armored 2
Tremor Wyrm 3/7/4 (that’s a real buff!)

Out of all the cards getting buffed, we’re getting an already OP righteous card that gets even stronger?

Apollo is OP?

If It Activates,It Almost Makes Every Card Hard To Kill