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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Berserk: The Cataclysm] Your suggestions

I am a gamer and I enjoy a selection of single-player and multi-player games of all genres and types.

As a former Magic the Gathering fan I was instantly enjoying Berserks mechanics and its pacing is done exceptionally well.

I played Berserk for a few month now, gathered enough island pieces to buy a steady stream of the expensive pro boosters and considered more than often to reward the developers of this game by purchasing ounces… but I can’t.

As a gamer on a deep level Berserk outright disgusts me. It can hide it’s hideous and ugly soul with the swift game-play and appealing artworks.

Previously I have outright rejected ANY game with a pay to win mechanic and most of the gaming community did as well.
It is very disappointing to see this trend, especially in strongly anticipated titles like Diablo3. But other gamers of the old generation still share my feelings and at this point Diablo 3 is a ghost town while Diablo2 had a vivid community for many many years.

Playing Berserk was a mixture of hope and denial, the hope of meaningful changes to create something less evil and denial in a way where you want to prove winning with “free” cards is still possible. (But it wasn’t)

In a way the developers of berserk are genius since they make certain players pay so much to compensate for hundreds and thousands of disappointed players. The greatest move was making players who quit an essential part of the game (can’t conquer no active player).

But the truth is:
At least not from my or from previous generations.

Just now the new set of Evolution cards proves to be such a huge money trap I would have to imagine some kind of supervillan laughing maniacally while proposing it to the developers.

How the game could have been done without trouble or how berserk2 should be:
1. No ounces anywhere, just imps
2. Most Tower improvements for $ *
3. Every Player can only have 8-10 Squads (to get two for most elements)
4. Offer a “full game” set with all $ improvements for the price of a AAA Title (seriously, making more cash on a single player than a developer who put years into state of the art engines is unreasonable)

  • Good Tower upgrades would just offer more convenience: 80% less barbarians, a “can’t be attacked for 24h” upgrade that recharges every week so players who need it can take a day off each week, slightly more portals (paying should help you catch up to others, not make it impossible for others to catch up to you), decorations and most importantly raise the number of possible squads (for example because players will want to have 3 squads of each element or even more for special squads like a darky deck)