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Topic: Serious Discussion / 21% of Atheists Believe in God?

Is believing in Zeus ok when your atheist?
The New York Times dosen’t understand what atheist means.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Young brothers admit gruesome torture of 2 boys

Seriously, How the hell can a 11 year old and a 10 year old almost kill someone in such a gruesome way.
Death penalty, Anyone?

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Topic: Off-topic / AMERICAN

Why are there racist threads being thrown everywhere

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Topic: Off-topic / YO THIS IS A WARNING!

I suspect metalshell is behind all the attacks.

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Topic: Off-topic / iCarly killed Fred!

Well, It was this way or we could talk about a gay idiot.

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Topic: Off-topic / AMERICAN

Originally posted by sportsmaster19:

What’s with all these people making these racial threads?

Metalshell planned to attack off-topic.

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Topic: Off-topic / [Closed] Davia: The Time Chronicles

Name:Rage Agaraman
History:Born to a family of warriors who sent him away to fight. His parents were killed during a fight with a gang of humans, Causing him to have a hatred of humans. Rage moved to the mountains and trained with a group of Trolls and Orcs who accepted him into their group. He later decided to build a small house up in the moutain, Where he could see the lands of Davia. Rage decided to fight the trolls when the king of Davia, Lance McPone, Was captured and left to the city. Rage simply went back home and decided to stop fighting.

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Topic: Off-topic / it is greg month

Severe, I hate greg too. He killed my family, Lets make a revenge group (No lie/)

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Topic: Off-topic / types of rolls

Did someone say Roll?

That’s right: Daddy’s back, un-hacked in a cadilac

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Topic: Off-topic / Click here to join my pirating!!!!New rule once u look in here u must post something i dont care what!


Or pirates?

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Topic: Off-topic / First sign thata girl has a high IQ when you see or talk to her?

One word
Shut Up and Quit Spamming
Also, Return to /b/

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Topic: Off-topic / Who's woried about the spam?

Traud, Stop acting innocent. You contributed alot to the spam and then you blame other people. I think that everyone should either stop or face “aC’s ban-hamma o’ doom”.

At least give credit to people who have tried to stop the recent spamming, It’s not easy

That’s the problem. Apart from me, Fuzzybacon and Marh, No-one did anything. Marh and FuzzyBacon are mod’s. But all i could do was tell them to stop and report the spammers.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who's woried about the spam?

FuzzyBacon didn’t fail in stopping anybody, he did the best he could, but for the most part he was alone dealing with a lot of reports, and I assume that’s pretty difficult.

But, He was against 4 spammers in which he couldn’t silence all of them because most of them deleted their posts so there was no proof.
When there’s no proof, You can’t blame anyone.

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Topic: Off-topic / Who's woried about the spam?

Now, The past week has been horrible for OT. Spam, Flaming and hijaking in even the most reasonable thread’s. But i’m not convinced that a Flame war won’t break out between the hijaker’s (BnBn & co.) and the anti-spammer’s. Even fuzzybacon’s anti-hijaking thread got hijaked, I mean, What does that show about our community? Post here if you agree with me.

I’m just thinking that now……A flame/spam war is inevitable.

arcaneCoder is back but fuzzybacon tried and (Not to be mean or anything) Failed in stoping them.

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Topic: Off-topic / my icon of doom!!!

your face

Your mom
OOooooOOOOOoooooOO00000 Burned

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Topic: Off-topic / The Saddest Song You've Heard


<embed src=";hl=en&amp;fs=1&amp;color1=0x234900&amp;color2=0x4e9e00&amp;border=1" height="364" width="445"></embed>

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Topic: Off-topic / The Secret to Modship & And the Perks

Originally posted by FuzzyBacon:

so another thing to be a mod is be amrican.

Valkyrie is Australian, Jabor is from New Zealand. Nationality has nothing to do with it.

However, I have not seen an british mod. I sence a conspiracy.

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Topic: Off-topic / You get straight As on your report card -- what do your Mum and Dad say?

They don’t. They run straight into you and punch you in the face.

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Topic: Off-topic / [Game] Streetwise mafia 2.

Votes HappyYay, Peer preasure….

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Topic: Off-topic / Billy Mays - Dead! RIP

Originally posted by spunky739:

Farrah Fawcett
Micheal Jackson
Billy Mays

Spunky will diesss

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Topic: Off-topic / Michael Jackson passed away

areoin, No need to act like a jerk, M’Kay?
EDIT: There’s a flame war a brewin’

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Topic: Off-topic / You like my picture-or avatar or whatever

Flame war

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Topic: The Arts / Ncio and Rawismojo's Awesome Requests Thread! [Closed for a while]

Originally posted by samb278:

Sig request!

Text: Mansion mafia 2
Text under writing: Don’t scream….or they’ll find you
Picture: Mansion
Picture colour: Black or brown

Does anyone notice my request?

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Topic: Kongregate / Ultimate Kongregate Nationality Topic [UKNT]

I’m 30% mexican, 10% Iraqi, 20% russian and 20% Italian
But i was born in england so just put me down ENGLISH.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Sport-hunting for humans? (anti-pirate cruise lines)

This is totally awesome

And your suprised people call you a troll?

7 Euro’s more for an AK-47?

Actually, in Somalia you can buy an AK for $15

How much is a rocket launcher then?

About $30 in somalia

It might make the pirates think twice…

Not exactly, Pirates use Aid money from the U.S.A. Yep, The U.S send’s aid money to Somalia, And some of the aid goes to families, Some who are secretly pirates who use the aid to buy weapons. Then they raid the ships, Get ransom money, and Bingo! they have enough money to buy more weapons and go again.

And anyone suprised that Russia came up with this idea?

Not at all, They will do anything to stop people killing them and stealing their stuff.