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Topic: Technical Support / Only you can prevent poorly placed ads...

So I have an odd problem, Smokey the Bear seems to have taken notice of me burning zombies and flaming people in chat. The problematic bear is ALWAYS placing an ad on my game pages, I guess it’s some sort of constant reminder. I have taken Smokey’s daily reminders to heart, but it’s become a real problem. I can no longer read the descriptions of ratings of most games as you can see in my screenshot below.

Smokey hasn’t appeared on any other websites except for the Kongregate game pages themselves, I’ve tried clearing my browser and even reinstalling it. I’ve yet to try a different browser, but I only have Chrome installed and it’d be a hassle to switch browsers just to play games on this website alone. I’m hoping someone else out there is a pyro and is being pursued by this harassing bear, maybe we can hunt him down or find a technical solution to this ursine issue.

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Topic: Off-topic / Peta made a pokemon parody

Ugh, don’t open that treasure chest that Nurse Joy gives you. It has a video of animals being slaughtered.

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Topic: Off-topic / What is the best way to hurt someone's feelings?

Ask TheFatBlob, I hear he infects people with nematodes if they get on his bad side.

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Topic: Off-topic / On TheFatBlob and his Current Obsession

Many of you who frequent the BLOONS TD 5 – ROOM #01 have enjoyed our light parley of strategies and personal stories, but it has come to my attention that a serious moral dilemma has put a schism in our daily routine. You may have had a run in with TheFatBlob (Bobby), a colloquial man by any standards, and you may have heard wild tales and pipedream plans for balloon popping from him; as of recently he has taken these musings to a darker route. Nematodes.

Let me start off by first stating my complete disdain for even the simple utterance of their name. They are a foul creature that inhabits festering bodies and ill men. They crawl in the skin and reap any sense of normalcy. Bobby is fond of breeding them.

Bobby has stated through multiple gossipings that he has in his possession, a 45L aquarium housing thousands of these dastardly rascals. Not only does Bobby keep it in his house, these dark arts are performed in his very own living room for all guests to view in horror as he dribbles on for hours a list of names for each and every inhabitant of the glass tank. Bobby often sits upon his couch and stares into the writhing mass of nematodes to note their daily activities, writing in his journal the mood of each that he spies. He does this through a geometric rig of lenses that magnify these normally microscopic beings to life size.

The truly sad and depraved angle of this story is not that Bobby houses these vile creatures, not that he knows them by name, but that he does it for money. Various universities have put him on their payroll through grant programs that allow him to breed these monstrosities on residential property. Bobby sells nematodes. Not for a cheap price either, a gram of the worms is a steep $50, not including his standard shipping rates of $35 per ounce. Although Bobby ensures a USDA approved quality to his domesticated travesties, he has no regard for the detrimental health effects of loose nematodes that have plagued his community. For example, last year the local fair had to be shut down after only the first day opened due to a perforated bag of nematodes that Bobby himself was peddling to local youngsters. Three locals were rushed to the hospital for septic shock, one remains in a deep coma to this day.

Please I ask of you, not for any personal gain, to ignore this user. He has done more bad than good and is not one to be trusted. He WILL infect you.