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Topic: Kongregate / Apocalypse Nao! (Winners announced...finally!)

hai guys i played the games to get apopaclptse nao badge but i forgot and didnt play all the days on time can i still win the tshirt? tell me how i know if i win because i need a new tshirt for school and the kongregate tshirt is so cool ok thx

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Topic: Technical Support / Save Game

Hi gais my games aren’t on there anymore. I played William and Sky part 2 and then I got off the computer and then when I came back my Save Game was not there anymore and also on all my other games I can’t find them anymore. I played here already for a long time and I got level 7 already and also level 35 on JackSmith and I can’t find my game there anymore.

Tell me when it’s fixed so I can play them again. Thanks.