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Topic: Outernauts / "Add me" topic

Hey there.

I could use a company of few level-headed folks for neighbors.
Yes, I do a daily routine of friend-energy burn, and sending training tickets for gifts.
If there are group quests, I obviously try to contribute as well.
It would be nice to have folks doing similar thing.

So, if you’re up to such ‘trade’, drop me a message so we can add each other.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / What happens when typical Joe tries to craft Galaxy Sword.

While briefly straying away from the final boss of crafters called “Galaxy Sword”.
I saw updates being mentioned..and crystals.

If the bits we saw will indeed become the part of the game then…well..we’re gonna need more crystals.
As I doubt that a lot of new content will be gold-purchasable. Aside of more CoT.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / What happens when typical Joe tries to craft Galaxy Sword.

Originally posted by zz1000zz:

So… the best item in the game is hard to get?

Thanks for sharing.

Anytime Mr.Sarcasm

Originally posted by Vlax:

A full list of the materials can be found here:

And when it first became available everyone was talking about how an incorrect 300-400 epic stones would be the hardest part about it :P

Yeah, I’d rather farm those that dry my soul out just trying to get everything else.
It wouldn’t be surprising just to see people give up plainly from trying to buy all of those Silver Swords.

Past that..200 bucks…
For me that’s food supply for 2-3 months.
Or around 3-4 solid games D:

PS: I know that WoW is outdated..that was the whole point lol

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Hacker Report

Originally posted by Epicwarfanatic:

shut up xentos

Very constructive.
Thank You for proving the point further.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / What happens when typical Joe tries to craft Galaxy Sword.

I got curious what does actually that thing require to get crated.
Default recipe looks innocent..I mean..what the heck..
Two Infinity Edges, where you get one from achievement.
And 5 Epic Blade’s III? Can’t be that hard.

So, I started counting basic materials required for that. Not counting epic stones ects.
Beginning with 5 Epic Blades of top tier.

One is made out of 5 Epic Blades, and another 5 of Epic Blades II.
We need five total. So that means 25 of each swords mentioned above.
Cool beans so far.

It happens so, that crafting one EB II, You need 5 EB’s.
So..uhh…we need 25 of those *5…that gives us a need for 125 EB’s more.
Plus the default 25 naturally.
Huff..things get ugly, no? But nothing is impossible, it’s just 150 swords.

So, full of zeal we keep breaking down the items for lesser components to get total.
Then we get to see, that EB, default tiered, naturally got crafting recipe on it’s own.
One of those undeniably crafting fodder items, requires 2 Holy Swords Excalibourne, plus 2 Dragon King Swords, and a little strawberry at the end, in form of 5 gold ore pieces. (reminder, we need 150 so far)

Doesn’t take a genius to notice at this point how incredibly large those numbers are starting to get.

For convenience, 50 Epic Blades demands us to get 100 Holy Swords + 100 D.K Swords and total of 250 Gold Ore.
Our Joe at this point is getting totally discouraged, but wait! There’s more!

Holy Sword got another requires 10 Silver Swords (we’re reaching shop components at last) and 5 Iron Ore’s
While D.K Sword asks for another 10 S’s, plus 3 Dragon Sabre’s and 2 Gold Ores.

To get both 100 swords of each type, our Joe needs 2k of Silver Swords, 300 Dragon Saber’s, 500 Iron chunks, and 200 Gold ore bits.
And that would be one-third of what’s required.

That in itself doesn’t include sums from higher crafts within same tree.
Also, max stack is 99, shop allows you to buy stuff per 1, and gold ore isn’t too common of a drop. Not to add materials I never mentioned here.

So Joe, got money? No? Pity
Then I suggest a better way to invest all of that time you’d spare for this.
Go play WoW and try not to dehydrate in front of your PC.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Hacker Report

This thread seems to long outlived it’s original purpose.
Ending up as nothing but nest of pride, ego, fallacies and highly unhealthy social behavior.

Devs, or whoever is governing this dump, would be wise to lock down the place, and come up with more reasonable ways to report any forms of abuse present in game.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / The End Game

That sounds pretty neat.
But I think there are two problems here on the dev’s side.

First, I’m not sure if they would be up for such overhaul. Yeah, rude of me to say so, but I’m sure you could see what do I mean.
Based on some bits provided so far.

Second, they could say “No” due to idea of increase in our so-favorite issue here aside of “He beaten me, hacker” . As in – boters.
Or specifically, increase of those.
As you stated yourself, few people would try to jump the loop for sure. Question is, who would go how far to repeatedly power up.

Still, that sounds like a good idea overall. Considering that for most of us the fun generally ends after you’ll milk crystals from achievements, and clear the missions.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / New Updated Tiers List

Just checked with mine.
No burn applied upon hit. Although still hurt considerably.
But that is just matter of stats.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / goood strategys

Double Diablos seems to be the most common thing used in both CoT and end-chapters.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Epic monter in 30 seconds

How bout doing that on 10-6, or one of the CoT? :0

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Hacker Report

Originally posted by MoreWastedLife:

So … if they have too few wins, they are cheater,
and if they have too many, then also a cheat.
Howabout I call you a ****sucking douche***?
As for the stats, a group of us play on Kong using
the same account. This is the latest venture.
EWS updates weirdly when being simultaneously played
and many battles are not counted. So as for calling
people names without warrent, we’re even. :)

Yes, we buy Kreds … we have jobs. No we have no Galaxy Sword yet.
We like to support the DEVS for the WORK they do. Not bitch and
moan constantly trying as hard as possible not to spend a cent and
feeling very proud of it. What is it that you’re proud of? Being poor?
Being 12? Or being just a very douchey free-loading Internet maggot?

It is a very negative place to have as the most updated thread
a name calling one. Reminds me of
the witch trials and the Red scare. Notice, half of these are just “suspicious”?

I don’t know about the suspicious ones, but
you all are definitely douchebags trying to call people
out in public. If you have legitimate complaints,
why don’t you do what proper civilized folk do
and inform the authorities to check into it

This laundry list of “suspects” is just
ridiculous and very bad for the game.

Someone swearing on chat note a mod. Someone
cheating in game, note a Dev.

When you think someone is smoking pot next door do
you go around the neighborhood banging pots
and pans screaming “ILLEGAL! ILLEGAL!!! ILLEGAL!”?

We are all here to have a good time. Why are
you all such wet panties?

Normally I’m not into Internet-conflict diving.

But I must honestly admit.
This guy wins a cake from me. From last few pages I got a vague pleasure of reading of.
That single post makes the most sense.
And obviously, makes me laugh in approval.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / After-Fight Comments

1up for this man, for he speaks the cosmic truth.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Questions? Ask here! ( game tips )

Originally posted by houssamthebest:

i mean gold paladin,popo clone gold knight and gold turdzilla and monsters like them how can i get them i don’t see them in the lab

Those units are AI only. At least for now no one can get them via any legit ways.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Questions? Ask here! ( game tips )

More or less it is. But earlier on one of the quest bosses was whooping me just waay too much even with generally good equipment.
So I invested a bit into defense.

About CoT-2 It’s the one with Shadow Lord, yes?
Got ninjas?

The tactic I was following (taken from youtube, mind you). Was to stack some HP/Def heavy items. Again, cyborg suits, although instead of full 6, I also used my older Dark Armor’s so 3 to 3. Since I’m such a cheapskate.

Generic idea is to rush towards the boss and stick bellow him at all times, with possible manipulation so that he’ll try to toss that annoying nuke the other way, letting your units reach him.
Whole the time you’ll be mauled by swarm of shadow critters he’ll spam, and that will be your job mostly.

So → Get under him and try to stick there → survive while spamming ninjas. Whatever it means using heal or rage. → At certain point your unit count will get close to 90, as he won’t be able to hit them.
It goes downhill from that point, Rage all the way, and maybe heal if you feel endangered.
Believe it or not, those units should be enough to take him down.

Again, you can toss in Fatality Drinks if it’s not working out, no matter what. Cyborg suits might be actually advised items here, since they extend round duration, and you might need that extra time.
And of course, keep trying. It’s enough he’ll just get a fancy idea to walk away into one direction more than he should, and this can ruin whole tedious process.

As for your hero. If You meant playing stuff in general. Pick whatever you want really.
If that was about dealing with CoT and such. Popo should be enough, he especially comes in handy at chapter 10, where most units got fire element.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Questions? Ask here! ( game tips )

Originally posted by crazygamer7777:

For the CoT I use 4 khronus shields and 2 barbatoes armor normally I use 2 barbatoes armor 3 dimension axes and a ragnaroc

I used 3 cyborg suits + 3 fatality drinks around level 1100. With 3k into offense and 1k defense.
You might want to use 3 shields with 3 drinks too, if you wish to simply beat the stage.

Also, if things would look like you’re about to lose such fight, then quickly reload the page.
Otherwise it would be drinks thrown into mud, and that doesn’t come cheaply.

Past that, I had to try 3-4 times before whole the fight went well…random bits can ruin the generic walk-through guides ects.
For spells, I used shield most of the time, and heal now and them (Armored Popo) Rage only when Diablos clashed with bigger enemy wave, or went into contact with Golden Saint.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Questions? Ask here! ( game tips )

Originally posted by crazygamer7777:

Alright I’m on the verge of rage quiting here. I can’t get passed the first CoT. It says to spam twin diablos I did that but the problem is he spams turdzillas which stop my diablos. The wiki says when that happens spam elite hobbits I do that but that only makes it worst because now he keeps spamming paladins and knight and I my diablo spam is cut because I wasted most of my bars on hobbits so yea I really need help here. btw I’m 688 my base stats are 0/2000/100/850/450.

What sort of stuff You’re using? As in, items. And what are Your hero stats?

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Topic: Epic War Saga / PROMO PACK, why contain non-crystal unit/hero?

As far as achievement pool of crystals goes.

  1. - 605 crystals total.
  2. - 955
  3. - 1910
  4. - 4500. Where right now it’s only possible to get 2500 from it due to missing cave of trials.
    I’m also not sure if there are any crystal rewards for rebirth. Someone said there are, but achievement mentions nothing.

So if you’re no life enough to do all of this through and throughly, you’ll have a grand total of
5970 crystals.
Mind you, this is quick math, so I might be off on some of those numbers.
So I guess there is an option to get that 7,250 package under some of the circumstances. But it’s not only quite unlikely. It’s also not beneficial.
Especially if we consider existence of some units that we can’t get in any way beside crystals.
Like Aeon, he requires Black Dragon for the fussion, and that guy costs 2k crystals on it’s own.
Unless you prefer to pitch in full 5k on free Aeon mix and not bother with the rest, like those god-know-get-from-where marks required for the whole thing.

All of it aside.
lol at % off “promotion”. It’s like in supermarket where they simply add a tag with higher price crossed out, to one that was already there. Saying the costs dropped.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Questions? Ask here! ( game tips )

Last relatively easy solution for that one, was getting Gorillas and Succubus’s.
Get some apes out at start to push back the Pegasus that Popo is sending, and after it settles, start bringing out succubus units.
Their range keeps them minimally outside of range of tornado skill.
Keep amassing and Raging until the big guy is dead.

Item wise, it would be good to have something for boosting attack and starting mana supply. Otherwise You’re sitting duck as Pegasus raiders come out right away.
Technically, few Staff’s of Holy Empire should do the trick. Maybe something else to increase attack further.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / The most stupid things in this game

  • Vlax

Yeah, I remember when they first did change to exp values needed to level up. A lot of folks ended up “going back” a bunch due to it.
Whatever this was upgrade or downgrade..I do not know. Not sure how stuff unfolded past that point, as I returned here just recently.
Shortly after Promo Pack update, I believe?

Now, about exp carrying thing. Seems we’re reaching the point where the procedure in itself wouldn’t be bad. But due to initial way the experience ramp is made up, it would only benefit higher levels, and apparently, make it way too easy for beginners.
Suggested solutions?

  • Omegareaper

Pretty much, I myself am just slightly over 500, and I’m nearly finished with ch9, it’s all in the gold really.
Still, used it for sake of example.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / The most stupid things in this game

I wouldn’t care either way, why? Because at level 500 or so, you might be as well done with those 4 chapters, mastered them even.
And not even bother to go back there again even once…so, what to do with remaining 9499 levels?

I understand you might want to see the game being more consistent, but surely you won’t deny. That 80% of the gaming time, or more is allocated to end-chapters and arena.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / The most stupid things in this game

Originally posted by Vlax:

People could gain hundreds of levels in a just a couple of battles, it would allow new players to level far too fast and easily outlevel the early content.

You sure that this is consideration towards people to not skip anything the game got to offer, rather than (like most of people here seem to do) being dissatisfied with idea that someone might reach similar than ours level, without spending as much of time like we did?
Pardon me if that’s not the case though.
But I honestly see no issue in allowing leftover experience to get carried over towards next Lv Up pool.
Not like quick leveling is uncommon in any of mmo’s I saw so far, but I’m sure you’re aware of that.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / The most stupid things in this game

Considering that game gives us over 9000 levels to do, you shouldn’t be worried about beginners having it easier at start for first 100 or so rank-up’s.

That XP thing is indeed a bit of a hindrance. Mostly because one could barely find such system of “No leftovers” anywhere else.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Queen Succubus or Mighty GhatotKacha - Opinions

So, I’m standing at a crossroad trying to decide which of those two I’d prefer to have as my final “flagship” hero.
Both got ups and downs, least from what I saw so far..but I’m still not sure which would work out better.

Initially, I’m swaying more towards the Queen, since you know..tits..and I’m male.
While the other guy puts me off with his ChingPongBang name, and frankly, looks like a runaway character from “Romance of the Three Kingdoms” after major DBZ session.

So that’s how it goes on the looks level.
The problem starts when we reach other aspects.

Skill-wise they are mostly the same..both got default Rage and Heal utility.
I’m only lacking more specific input on how Queen’s personal skills work like.
As in, her default attack, Flame Fits..and duration of the Charming Smile.
While I already know what there is to be known about Kacha guy.
Therefore he got slightly upper hand here, for as long as I won’t know any better than now.

Then there’s how their stats differ from one another. Again, Kacha guy seems to be getting ahead of the Queen least by minimal degree. His stat aptitude is a little better, as well as his default stats surpass the Queen.

And last but not least, Kacha is cheaper.

So..back to square A.
Any opinions given here might affect the balance and make it easier for me to make final decision.
So go ahead guys, and tell me what You think/know.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / how to beat chpt 4 final

You can use Chobits instead..cheaper, and same effect upon spam and a bit of luck.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Mini Contest ( Crystal prize )

Win Phrase: “I could do that even without mana.”

Lose Phrase: “If only I’d have all of those sick gears of yours too…”

Surrender: “This is pointless. I’ll return after grinding my level a bit.”