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Topic: Evilibrium / Anti-Blocking-PvP Petition

Originally posted by catonpillow:

Here are my two cents. PVP Blocking is redundant as most of the players just want to farm with their pve teams. They do not want you to “balance” things up by making them fight pvp teams with their pve/lvling cards ones. If you chose to implement it, a lot of them will have my name engraved on their tombstones after they quit the game. Half of the posts like the one above me are again from our jester krizmn, so you can safely discard the positive ones. The game is not broken yet and as far as I can tell knowing my clan members it has a stable community for now. All we need is finishing what you’ve started with the clans and some new content to keep the players up and running. Cheers! :)



Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Balance, Synergy and Tactics #1 **

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Topic: Evilibrium / Cheezy EVENT******READ ME******* 4/5/2016

better late than never, gg.

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Topic: Evilibrium / Chat room numbers

Valar Morghulis…

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Balance, Synergy and Tactics #1 **

Originally posted by Organis:

6. PvP encounters.

In the dungeons. They will be blocking again. Just like it was in the beginning. First, removing the blocking was the bad move. Second, with the elemental rock-paper-scissors triangle it becomes far too easy to win the level with the dominant elemental hand against the subdued element. PvP encounters will bring in some resistance to make things even and somehow unpredictable, to provide some challenge along the lines.

Just remove this & we are all good to go!

Originally posted by catonpillow:

Organis, why don’t we just concentrate on the clans full implementation or adding some actual new game content rather than just increasing its complexity? That would actually make people keep playing the game. Variety is always the better option. Cheers! :)

And +1 for this…

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Topic: Evilibrium / Should i sacrifice a lvl 65 chimera to get EP?

If you’re starting then you need a good early boost, portal Chimera & hope for a good EP. (I got Archmage at that time so great deal for me.)

If you’re mid game & dont like to use Chimera in your team, try her in arena instead.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Update: April 12, 2016: Collections **

Originally posted by Organis:
Originally posted by FishinthePond:

All of those maxed too?

That is the point of collection. You collect them all, each and every one of them maxed out.
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Topic: Evilibrium / New step by step procedure to get U's

1. You need Charmander with Everstone then train it to full level with all skills obtained.

2. Trade 2 Charmanders from another player, ’coz you can only have 1 starter in your game when you start.

3. One of the traded Charmander will now be trained into Charmeleon, then equip it with Everstone again, then make it to full level & all skills obtained.

4. The other Charmander need to go up to Charizard then full level it & also obtain all skills.

5. You now have the U Mega Charizard!

6. You can also make your originally owned Charmander as the Charizard & use those traded ones as the dummies.

7. If you can’t trade from other players, you can breed your very own Charmander/Charizard if you leveled it already with a Ditto.

8. Same goes to Squirlte, Bulbasaur, & rest of others to get their U’s.

9. Please let me know if I missed something & I’ll add/edit the procedures.

Thanks for reading, continue grinding to get those U’s & please no more NEGATIVITIES.
Have fun & enjoy the game!

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Collections**

As of this point in the game, we all know the rules in this game:

Rule 1. This is the Dev’s game. Their word is the law & negativity will not be tolerated. Resistance is futile!

Rule 2. If you have problem with the game go to rule number 1.

Rule 3. Find fault in the game & wants to point it out to the Devs? Go to rule number 1.

Rule 4. You like the game & wants to keep playing? Remember rule number 1.

Rule 5. If you think of more other rules of the game, don’t forget to point it to rule number 1.

PS. Devs just do what you gotta do. Players just do what you gotta do as well. Have fun & enjoy, if you dont feel like it then go to rule number 1.

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Topic: Evilibrium / Clan Suggestion


7) Clan Boss Fight: There should be something like this, & rewards will be according to damage dealt by each members.

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Topic: Evilibrium / Missing collection reward

30 gems to all compensation after fixing the bug should do the trick…

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Energy **

We get some, we lose some & that’s the way it is. But in this case, we get more that what we lose.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Poll: Marks **

Originally posted by Tyca:

Five gold marks for one random gold mark is a bit high, maybe have it be 2 gold marks for another random one? It’s still a loss, rather than 1 gold mark for 1 random gold mark which means unlimited rolling (limited only by gold coins).

K, thanks for pointing that out. 2 o 3 will suffice imo.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Upcoming Update: Clans **

+1 with the Clans having co-leaders (2 or 3). This co-leaders can accept application but can’t kick players. They can also start the clan wars as what Val said. And when the leader will be inactive for more that 15 days, this co-leaders can vote among the 2 or 3 of them to who will be the next leader. Only the leader an pick co-leaders & also can transfer leadership.

+1 to Clan totems also active in PVE & arena. With Clan wars players can lose their marks, thus make the clan totem also beneficial to the only place we can get marks at the moment. As for PVE, totem can also help players now that degrading/losing marks will go active.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Energy **

Now lets put all those badmouthing/trolling or such aside & let’s have an honest breakdown of the planned energy update.

1. No more energy farming. Energy goes to the chests and will be collected only after finishing the mission.
This is clearly in favor to the Devs. I don’t even have to explain it. If you’re playing the game long enough, then you know why. Thus this makes to number 1.

2. Energy will be able to go over maximum with gifts and chests.
This is in favor for the players. Imagine with your lots of active friends sending energy daily that can even go over the maximum? Yes please, and now that we are at it, Devs, kindly give us also a send all gifts to friends button.

3. Energy will naturally regenerate only below maximum.
This is already in the game.

4. Energy will not be consumed by the Arena. Arena will also get a total revamp and will have some kind of Arena tickets.
No more arena energy? I would have to say this is highly in favor for the players, but, yes there’s a but, since they will revamp arena with some kind of tickets per entry & all is not explained yet. Then let’s just say there must be something in it for the Devs. SO we give this round a tie!

5. Last but not least, community-suggested “201 rollover”. At L200 player will still be gaining XP from fights and quests and at 100% it will be rolled over to 0% while fully refilling the energy bar, just like on level-up.
Woot! This part is what every player or majority or all players hitting lvl 200 asked for. This is like heaven in an Evil game! With this part, we can even forget number 1 – number 4.

Verdict: Now looking at the bigger picture, the planned update is highly in favor for the PLAYERS with some breadcrumbs for the Devs.
So Organis & team, you guys can now start with the processing of this update. Keep it up!
Let’s all get back to our happy grinding, live life & prosper.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Poll: Marks **

1. Marks portal. Any 10 bronze marks = 1 random silver mark. Any 5 silver marks = 1 random gold mark. Any 5 gold marks = 1 random gold mark. Yes even unwanted gold marks need to be re-roll.

2. Marks Pack for gems in the store. Maybe basic pack, advance pack…. bought for an amount of gems with an appropriate number of random marks drop. Let the gem spenders have another reason to spend more gems, & they can even combo it with the Marks portal to try & get the desired marks.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Balance, Synergy and Tactics **

Interesting updates, a good indication that Devs are still working on the game.
As for marks, just give us more options to acquire it & we can all move on, live life & prosper.

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Topic: Evilibrium / Refreshing Before Death FIX***

I’m sure the Devs already know about this & this is in their plans to fix it. I’m also sure that they are aware that when thi happen, a lot of players who are accustomed on using this will rage or even some will rage quit. There will be another game uproar, & at this state of the game, we can’t have another like that in the game. Now raise your hand if you agree with me.

On the other hand, we all players here must be aware & expect that the refresh-marks bug will get fix. I say again, we already know about this bug & must expect that it will be fixed. Put it in our mindset that this will be fixed, so when that time comes, we already see it coming & it might not hurt so bad. So use it while it last.

As for the Devs, a lot of players have good suggestions about how to handle marks. We need to have more ways to get marks. So here’s what I think & others might also already thought of this.

1. Marks portal. Any 10 bronze marks = 1 random silver mark. Any 10 silver marks = 1 random gold mark. Any 10 gold marks = 1 random gold mark. The numbers can vary of how much you ever see in necessary. Give us a chance to re-roll those unwanted marks. The 10 might be too much but it is also to balance the importance & how powerful marks are.

2. Marks Pack for gems in the store. Maybe basic pack, advance pack…. bought for an amount of gems with an appropriate number of random marks drop.

I’m sure their are a lot of ways you guys can think of how to have more ways to get marks. If we can have that, then maybe there will be less uproar when the refresh-marks bug will get fixed. Make this update at the same time.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Clans **

I’ll take this as an April fool’s joke until it is proven otherwise. :)
Keep it up!

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Topic: Evilibrium / AMAZING LUCK ! ! !

I’ll give a little hint on his method, you must be good at photoshop.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Planned Update: Level Caps **

ok, now that this is done, lets all put this behind us & look forward to the next big update. GJ Organis & team. Keep it up!

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** "Profile recovered from server" problem **

Good thing to know that you guys are working on it. Keep us posted for progress & details. Thanks.
Tracking the error logs and giving refund for a lot of players may be a long job to be done, and we all know there are some impatient players here (rest assured I’m not one of them :)).
So i’m suggesting instead of doing that after fixing the problem & eliminating the source, why not give everyone a compensation package like 2.5K gems (thats a legendary of choice for any player) &/or some gold marks/legendary portal packs Or whatever you guys find it reasonable for the compensation package. I’m sure it will make everyone happy & stop the rage.
Thanks & keep it up!

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Topic: Evilibrium / Punished for hitting level 200.

Originally posted by Sir_Valimont:

Energy is useful to give the arena a significant cost. Maybe energy should be used for the arena only?


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Topic: Evilibrium / Server errors are why marks need to be permanent

again I agree with timer on marks. maybe 24 hrs online time (offline is not including) for bronze, 36 for silver & 48 for golds.

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Topic: Evilibrium / ** Update: March 16, 2016: Evolution **

Originally posted by Raokiji:

Just remove evo quest in the dailies then we can all move on, live life & prosper.

I only ask for #4 & you guys sprinkled it with 1, 2 & 3 acceptable stuff.
Thanks Organis & team for listening the community! Keep it up! 5 *