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Topic: Realm Grinder / Stupid mistakes you've made with this event

Originally posted by mpizza1:

Jeez… A lot of people are really bad with autoclickers… Personally I slept too long, 10 hours so I had ~120 eggs (plus 72 for the 6 hours downtime on scrying) lost :/ But hey, on a positive note, I had 2 uniques stored up in that stack when I woke up!

The sort order on upgrades is inconsistent, so you don’t even need an auto-clicker, just not to notice that two of the icons switched. The stack of eggs even conveniently looks like a stick figure to help you think you are about to click an upgrade rather than an exchange.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / [SPOILER] Unique Easter Eggs bonuses

Originally posted by eyuboglu1:

theese uniques are really hard to get. i mean i got 1.4k common and 60 rare but still not a single unique

The RNG hurts. I am past 2000 eggs with no uniques, while I see at least one person with under 1000 eggs and 3 uniques. It hurts.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / Share Builds R35+ [Drow,Dwarfs]

Originally posted by Sliverin:

I’ll add the build I put in the other thread, since no one seems to be focusing on EF dwairies

S: 105,135,200,330,500,590
C: 80,105,120,135,150,330,520
D: 225,245,290,320,480 (400 if you don’t have 480/it’s weak)
E: 135,150,200,330,410
A: 105,120, 330,400,495

This build starts around E110s. This allowed me to finish R35 in 1h10 and R36 in a similar time (was 2h10 total but was afk for at least 30 min). If you don’t have d480, d400 miracle will work as well: you either use leheibrog method (althought you loose a bit of TCs due to lower max mana, but S500 mitigates that) or you time your hits with rws.
If you use d480, it is enough to do the rest of the reinc with evil and neutral on equal times.

It’s a nice build to hit E135-136, after that it starts depending on more than one miracle (and with 12k max mana and low regen it can be a bit tedious).
After that angel runs easily pick up :)

I lack the artifacts to give me that many picks (387 digs and still going), but my Dwairies are substantially similar and very fast. Why use any of the build-up researches if you’re abdicating in less than an hour (rhetorical)? I see only two differences, interested in comparing notes:
- I’ve been using D150 instead of D400 (my D480 is lousy this R). You’re finding the occasional Miracle spike better than sustained +REs?
- I’ve been using E50 instead of D200. There are diminishing returns on “moar EFs.” I suppose I should run it both ways and see the cash flow.

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Topic: Realm Grinder / ASCENSIONS - v1.6.48.0 [FULL PATCH NOTES] & Graphics Update

Originally posted by DivineGames:
  • Added a stat to track the activity time for each individual spell. Brainwave headstart from Faceless’ Focused Thoughts Challenge is now calculated based on that stat rather than the amount of Brainwaves cast.
  • Note for anyone in the middle of a run: this resets your headstart timer based on the new stat, which starts at 0. If you have been in a Faceless research run for a few days, you might want to finish it out before refreshing to get the new update, because your production will drop significantly.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Gems Vs Building

    Usually, but it depends on your gem production bonus and what kind of bonus it is. I get +107% from each gem, so adding a +50% bonus to gem production gives me +157%, or an actual bonus of 46.7%, because that math is (107%+50%) not (107%*150%). If I could instead get a bonus of +50% to building production, that is an actual bonus of 50% if it is a NEW bonus. If it is instead added to an existing bonus, it will probably not be worth much because of that same math. For example, Colossal Forge adds +3797% to building production, so adding 50% to THAT gives me +3847%, or an actual bonus of 1.3%.

    Getting a new MULTIPLIER is usually worth more than increasing an existing multiplier, even if that multiplier is just 1.5*.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / 500 heart upgrades ?

    Ending the event with 554, left it online the whole time.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / what time dose event close on 16th

    For your convenience, the Events tab includes a countdown timer. You don’t even need to convert UTC, just look at how much time is left.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Hearts per second while offline

    Originally posted by Gensuki:

    Is it possible to complete this if the casts take 36 seconds each? I am doing my 10B mana run atm, and it would be annoying to break that for this…

    Just put Call to Love on bronze 1 autocast and do whatever you normally would for your 10B mana run. It might take a little longer, oh well. It also might take a lot less time since you’ll be working with +50 Mana per sec and +2500 Max Mana for much of the weekend.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Lore Artefacts Guide

    Originally posted by h2h1z:

    I have a few questions that may have been answered earlier but for the sake of getting to tell me what an idiot I am (your welcome) I’ll ask anyway; does it require 100(or whatever) excv with THAT faction to count, and also does “Demonic Figurine” count the trophies (90%) from the 700+ or from the ones you’ve started on (i.e. 1/12 or whatever)?

    No, not 100 excv with [faction], an excavation is an excavation.
    I assumed 90% of all but cannot test that since I’m at 679/705.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Lore Artefacts Guide

    Funny story, I hadn’t seen that Demon/Angel had been changed from (times allied)/60 to (consecutive times allied)/60, so I was bouncing back and forth between the two to increased my (times allied). I was very confused why I did not get my Divine Sword after 10, 20, 50, 100 excavations. Check the thread: “Ohhhhhhhhhhh…”

    I have now allied with Angels and Demons about 1400 times each. But I have my two artifacts.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Challenges

    Originally posted by silmarilen:

    Druid 1 is incorrect, i just got it with only 96.8% of production.

    Okay, but 99.9% is what the challenge actually says. Also, this is the game that occasionally says a building is 106% of production, so one part of the game may think it is 99.9% while another displays 96.8%.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Problem with Autocast TC

    Originally posted by IanIanIan:
    Originally posted by Nilloe:
    Originally posted by IanIanIan:

    imo if we have a bronze contigency setting that casts a spell whenever there is mana available (assuming all other spells are up if it is last priority), then thats what you should use if you want all your TC cast at once. But if you want it to wait until a certain level to cast, and then wait to get above that level again, it would make sense to make the mana bar work that way.

    I feel like that is the obvious way to make it work, and if it is, why not make it that way? Less confusion = better? That’s just what I interpret the explanations as though

    That sounds more like another level of autocasting though.

    I’m saying it shouldn’t be another level though, since this is what bronze already does..

    No, you have that backwards. Bronze is not last priority; it is first priority. Bronze casts its spell(s) ignoring the arrow. If there are silver spells, they are cast if the mana is above the arrow (above 0 if no arrow) and all silver spells are going. If there are gold spells, they are cast as soon as mana is available (and all bronze and silver spells are going).

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Problem with Autocast TC

    Originally posted by Kraide:

    There’s always room for more expanded autocast features with further game expansion in the future. Perhaps some way to set a “minimum” bar for each color can come, like a “low end” silver or “low end” bronze bar or something, and then you can say “keep x spell up always, burst y, z, and q with a full bar, and then always spam tax collection but never enough to go below xx mana so that you can still always keep x spell up”. For now, most of that is possible accept the last, and maybe eventually it will be. For now, though, it’s okay: that’s just the way it works. It’s not a bug or anything… autocast features just grow over time.

    This sort of request could be accommodated within the existing autocast structure, if we interpreted silver+bar=1 cast and both silver (no bar) and gold =keep casting until out of mana (silver with no bar effectively means bar=0). Several people seem to have interpreted that as how silver+bar should work given the description. That would be good for a small range of players (using Angel-line with relatively low mana regen) and bad for another small range of players (using the current silver functionality and does not have the full set of autocast abilities).

    I’m not saying this is a good or bad idea, just that the current range of abilities could be slightly reconfigured to include both “cast once” and “cast as many times as possible.” Given S200, I am surprised not to have seen advocacy for “cast as many times as possible, but cast them one at a time so the later casts get the benefit of lower mana %” (or maybe that’s how autocast actually works in that case; I have never checked the numbers).

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / R30+ Discussion

    I’m probably focusing on Unique Faceless until the next big release. Folks were talking about parking in Faceless to increase Hive Mind before; now Faceless are top tier, and Hive Mind still scales across reincarnations, and A400 means you can add Faceless time to Bloodstream.

    Edit: as others are noting below, U Titans outproduce U Faceless with any sane amount of Faceless time built up. I’m debating between taking advantage of that and just parking in U Faceless to build up insane amounts of Faceless time. Because I miss turning off my computer.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Research builds - R16 to R25+

    Originally posted by HungG:
    Originally posted by TheLowerLight:

    Just going to point out that this build is obselete since the latest update. There is now no reason to not build deep mines.

    Latest update with the GB second target bug fix? Now skipping deep mines gives you farm as GB target, while previously on the second last update we had GB ignores Deep Mines and Farm, so you skip Alchemist Lab for Inn targeting. So I don’t think the build is obsolete.

    Just tested and confirmed: adding Deep Mines retargets GB from Farm to Deep Mines, which is a dramatic drop in production.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Research builds - R16 to R25+

    Originally posted by artcrow:

    R26+ Druids for unlocking A305, 375, 400

    The Druid bloodline is recommended for reaching 5 days. Mana regeneration is a bit slow for other bloodlines making income combo casting a bit difficult.

    Description: Builds for unlocking research that requires 5 days as Druid. Also Reincarnation 26 and 27 Druid builds if those nodes are already unlocked.

    This build also casts just under 5 spells per second, making it a great way to get your 500,000 spells trophy in about 28 hours. That is with all spells going, not just TC on autocast, due to massive mana regeneration.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Ok, so I think we can all agree that the requirements for Christmas feats are pretty ridiculous.

    Originally posted by Metom:

    on the bright side, i think if you have the snowman, you autocollect a third of the incoming snowballs, meaning that it takes that much longer for you to get to 360 snowballs… Probably wrong in that thinking though…

    While I don’t have the Snowman Assistant yet, I would be surprised if that is how it works. I was reading it as a passive gain of 20 snowballs/hour, so potentially 80/hour. At 80/hour, you can get to 25,000 in 13 days. At 60/hour, it would take more than 17 days.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Event Thread - Feats and Quests

    Originally posted by Juunash:

    25000 snowballs? Guess I’ll have to check my game often :D

    Check in every 6 hours or less. With Snowman Assistant, you get 80 snowballs/hour. 25000/80=312.5 hours to complete it, or 13.02 days. That means 20.83 hours/day for 15 days, so you can miss a little less than 3 hours/day for sleep, work, and life.

    There is some plus or minus there. You don’t start with Snowman Assistant, so lose the bonus 20/hour for most of the first day. You still get those 20/hour even when you’re not checking in, so you’re running at 25% speed when the clickable snowball is capped. Add 50/day if you watch ads. I haven’t checked if the event time is exactly 15 days or some plus or minus on time, too. And maybe one of the presents will have snowballs.

    Or, you know, buy rubies.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Research builds - R16 to R25+

    Originally posted by RyuumaVinicius:
    Originally posted by themthe:

    I haven’t tried a non-unique build with neutral yet, but at least with only the 300 levels unlocked I don’t see how non-unique would replace the over 7k% bonus from W290


    Also, with unique builds you can enjoy the incremental potential of S250

    I’m playing Faceless. S251 is 25052%. Yes, U Faceless is nice

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Done!

    Originally posted by Nilloe:

    Guess boosting Druid Bloodstream might also be something to consider.
    As of now Hive Mind still doesn’t seem to get any use since merc runs are so quick anyway.

    “As of now” is the operative phrase. If you expect the next expansion to feature neutral research, you could reasonably expect to be spending some Faceless time in the near future.

    I’m debating between Faceless time and vanilla+prestige bloodstream time. I dream of someday really using Drow bloodline and turning off my computer instead of running Realm Grinder with autocast 24/7.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / what's good with research points after 250?

    Originally posted by Juunash:

    It increases your production and some of the research upgrades benefit from it.

    S105, C150, D150, A250

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Best substitute build for IGOT?

    I tried Elves with Demon bloodline for R20, and I was relatively happy with it. The build I posted above was adapted from here. I’d agree with MagisterRo that heading towards non-unique goblins is probably a winner.

    I think some of the differences folks are seeing are due to different starting points. People have radically different time with different factions, so your bloodstream bonus will be very different. Elves get a bit better after you complete the challenges. At different reincarnation levels you have different options and starting speeds. If you reincarnated right before work/bed and left Innkeeper running with an auto-clicker for 8-10 hours, that changes how fast your first research run is. And so on for all the things that are “total” variables rather than “this game.”

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Best substitute build for IGOT?

    That is about the point I have started using Goblins with Titan bloodline. Somewhere 8-12 hours in, you get a huge cascade as you become able to use Spiritual Surge in combos, along with hurdling up the research tree once you reach 105. It goes from “barely any gems” to Tvg in less than an hour once you reach the point that everything clicks. Upgrades I’m using (at R19, so not exactly what you have access to):

    Spellcraft: 30, 50, 105, 150
    Craftsmanship: 105, 120, 135, 150, 175
    Divine: 55, 135, 150
    Economics: 1, 30, 80, 150
    Alchemy: 10, 105, 120, 135, 150
    Warfare: 25, 120, 135, 150

    Also hearing good things about Elf/Titan

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / Challenges

    Originally posted by WhovianBeast:

    thobos, it is EXACTLY 666 exchanges with only the 5 non-demon vanilla factions (elf, undead, goblin, fairy, angel). Or at least that’s how I got it. you may also need to do it as demon.

    I just did Demons 2 and it was 666 of the 7 non-Demon factions, not just the 5 base. That may be a bug, but it worked.

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    Topic: Realm Grinder / IGOT loop

    This thread