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Topic: Swords & Potions / Suggestions: Swords & Potions

haggle then suggest

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Topic: Technical Support / swords and potions static dump

Been on this game for a while now the badge was a slow going one, and required interaction with other players, the server has decided to not let a bunch of people get into the game, i got it moving finally and now it says its getting static dump, i believe this isnt a kong problem, but not sure if anyone found a way to correct the issue, a guild leader til i get the last badge which would have been a day or so, but in the mean time there are people that are basically getting screwed til its fixed cant even give the guild to another player which is what i was planning to do after the badge any tips are gr3eatly appreciated

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Sign-In Trouble?

so, i suppose at this point i want to know if anyone has seen this problem go away or was all the time put in this completely lost and seeing as nothing works now period, is it a matter of writing off the badge aswell? and i have same problem as codehunter