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Topic: Galaxy Online / Prepare to Team Up as Space Raiders!

If it was split on ranks like league it might prevent people from using alts to intercept raids. The only way to go up on ranks is to use the chart itself, people wont waste it just to lvl alts on rank.

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Topic: Time World / Feedback and Suggestions

the arena point system works very bad, I was playing today and the same guy kept playing over and over, he had an average deck and near 1k points, I was on 3rd with nearly 1.3k. After around 10 loses he got luck and won one fight, I lost 18 points and he won just 2. This kind of thing makes room for alt playing on arena, since you get top you can use an alt to play over and over, to your alt it doenst matter losing and eventually you`ll get a luck deck against a bad one from your adversaries and make them lose a lot of points.
A suggestion to correct it is to keep track of number of winnings against a player instead of number of games played so in a situation like that when the player with tons of wins over the other loses it only lose the same amount he`s usually winning (in my case I was getting 2 points per win).

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Topic: Swords & Potions / Looking For A Guild?

LF guild, I have BS and sorc around lvl 20