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Topic: The Grinns Tale / 2-day Skull Mask promotion

Thanks for making all this garbage usefull!
And thanks for resolving the scarves problem.

Now we’re waiting for an awesome weapon crafted with 2000 broomsticks

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Topic: The Grinns Tale / a few questions

1) happiness allows you to build decorative stuff, xich allows to increase happiness… When two grinns talk, though, it sometimes gives you a health potion, wich for now is the only discovered advantage.

2) effects don’t stack :(

3) if you hit two ennemies, you’ll scavenge the two ennemies. But of course hitting an only one just brings 2x ressources. By the way, scavenge II gives x3 ressources, no x4.

4)equipment seams to be mostly luck based, but no one still is sure of the precise process. Using refined stuff to build some must increase the proba (said by the game itself)

5)to rotate and move buildings, go to “build” and click the small icones on the right.

By the way, does anyone knows what the “taproom artifact” is? A fifth level for adventurer building?

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Topic: The Grinns Tale / Suggestion

Originally posted by TheMageGuy:

Indeed. This game sorely lacks a quality option.

Actually, there is.
During the white loading screen => right click => low quality.

Fights are much faster on my laptop now, and so should they be on yours too ;)