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Topic: Collaborations / In Need Of Website Designer For MMO

Looking at the video it looks similar to is your client based around a client running off a ROM? like is using firered.

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Topic: Collaborations / Looking for Graphic Artists or Programmers To Help With Pokemon Game Development. (Need 1 of each)

acutally is better that all other pokemon mmos out. truly there shouldn’t be another one out because it seriously is the best that is and will be.

but if you do choose to do it why not just use a client that bases the game off a pokemon ROM, like but without actually including the rom or links to it. Thus you can’t get in trouble.

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Topic: Game Programming / Web Hosting?

you can find web host resellers that sell cheaper. if you go though hostgater you’re over paying for space and bandwidth you’re not going to use so you might as well use a shared host that probably has a resellers package from hostgator or another big named hoster.

I use to sell my hosting on in the marketing section, tons of others do the same and they have a websites which sets you up automatically. You can find $1/mo for all the space you need… some even offer unlimited because they know your not going to use up that much data.

hope this helps. trust me you don’t wanna pay 50/mo or more just for 1-5 websites, go cheap.

also avoid the free hosting, you get ALOT more for just $1/mo such as your website not being removed.

learn about FTP because its how most hosts allow you to put files on their servers.