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Topic: Call of Gods / [Suggestion] Have a suggestion? This is the place.

Hi, my suggestion is very simple, not much programming is needed. It has to do with the inventory. Often at times, people have full inventory and they accidently do dungeon bosses or get rare items. They later find out that they didn’t get the item because of the stupid full inventory. I would suggest that you should add a function that if u get something and you have full inventory you should be able to replace the new item with the items in inventory or dump the new item.


I lost an arctic light gem in d6h :( T.T

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Topic: Call of Gods / Destiny Pack


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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance Notice (November 8th)

Originally posted by DaemonVower:

They won’t take us seriously that purg drops have decreased, because people have cried wolf about purg drops after EVERY maint on one forum or another. All it takes is one person to have a bad run and be bad at stats to make a thread somewhere. But this time purg drops really ARE changed, for everyone, and they’re so used to the complaint that it’s just brushed off like all the fake reports of the past.

Go and enjoy time with ur family instead of wasting it on the forum, since u know the results :DDD

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Topic: Call of Gods / Multi Accounts

meh larry, dont use ur brain too much about people using multi accounts………….

it will malfunction eventually :DDD

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Topic: Call of Gods / Maintenance Notice (November 8th)

Originally posted by joe_carnage:

Thanks for updating us too bad it cost me about 40 tramp cards and 20 barks

lol very sarcastic. :DDD

“Do your job and answer our questions”. It was funny lol.

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Topic: Call of Gods / Anyone Knows when new server comes out

+1 to yoshiey.

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Topic: Call of Gods / [Tutorial] Helpful Information for Beginners

Originally posted by kidsnapback:

My hero only gets 1 xp and he wont level up

I_Grok is right. It’s not a bug. For example u are level 38 urself, ur heroes cant be any more than level 38 so (for e.g.) it stays at 39999/40000 exp and only gains 1 exp each time but that 1 exp wont add up though. so when u level up to level 39 then ur heroes will level up to 39 as well. hope u understood.