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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Shark Aid!

all my thought are with you sharky

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Chaos

The short version is lets be all talk cause we suck at the game and got ridiculed by 2 players.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Hey Pellets

Ok i’ll try to make constructiv feedback even if i’m new to the game (around 10 days).
First of all it would be nice to know why you made this changes in order to help you accomplish this goal.
At the moment, we dont know why you changed the core mechanic so i’ll try to adress most of the possible reason you had that i can think of.

1- you thought the development of dungeons were too fast and too easy to make wich might lead to some hardcore taking control too fast compared to casual players :
Your answer to this concern is a fail because now the casual lower level will never catch up on hardcore players.
Trying to balance a game between hardcore players and casual is impossible anyway.
If your goal was to make the game slower in order to give new players a bit of time to develop before getting smashed, its bad because the predators are already in the farm and well developped :)
One idea to protect new comers would be to make them start their dungeon in a safe area, safe zone so they can develop to some level (10-15?) and at the end, they can move their dungeons to the real world.

2- you thought that it was too hard for some players to collect everything needed for the next step so you decided to put steps between the big ones. Not a bad idea at all, but why did you higger the cost and the delay ?
If you want a system like that you need to let the delay and the cost as they were and allow ppl to level their romm as they do with their army : 1 by 1 or queue for everything if you can and wait.
The problem with this system is that you need to adress the tiles problem and a good answer to that would be that only the last level require to have the full tiles for the room.
For exemple i have a room that need 4 tiles lvl 5 and next big step that require 9 tiles is at 10, just let it be 4 tiles for lvl 6,7,8,9 and ask for 9 tiles when u want it to 10. That way it gives ppl with low ressources an advantage tile wise and doesnt handicap others.

3- you wanted to get some cash from ppl that wanted to upgrade faster.
Big fail, you cant change the mechanic if you want money. all you will get is losing customers. In order to get money you need to put new features or new stuff to buy. The survey dungeon feature is good, the price might be a bit high but can still adjust it if you dont sell much.

Thats the 3 big reasons i can think of regarding this patch. If its a mix of both 3, i would suggest those changes instead of yours :
Make a safe region where players start and lvl up a bit and give them the opportunity to move their dungeons to the real world at some point.
Give us the choice to upgrade rooms step by step or queue all the steps at once without asking for full tiles for 1 step.
Put some new stuff in the shop to get cash, if you need ideas, ask me i have tons.

What you need to understand is that you cant change the core mechanic at this point especialy the time one. You thought the price was the big deal, well its not, its a big problem but spending hours in front of your comp in order to do step by step is a no go. That was an amazing thing : being able to start an upgrade and focus on something else or just enjoy real life waiting for it to be done. Now we have to be there and we dont want to be, or at least we want to focus on something else.

best regards and please give me my game back asap.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Pitch fork time.

+1 with Shark, i’m new to the game, got hooked by it, spent money on it and one day i log in full of joy to build my stuff and found that total crap patch that destroyed the core of the game.

Friday = refound, bad rating etc if it doesnt get reverted