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Topic: Realm of the Mad God / FREE GOLD???

Originally posted by Joshmala:
Originally posted by danieldubois:

there is no free gold yet.

but maybe after this fourms post becomes big enough, it will happen :D

explain your reason why there should be a way to get gold.

maybe a threat like “ill stop playing your game and rate it 1 star”
But not something crazy like “Ill hack into the kabam servers and steal all the data and delete it”

my reason is: I quit because this is like a money vacumm its charging me almost minimum wage to play this game (I spent like $20 one day and it lasted 3 hours.)

I hope kabam sees how much the community wants some earnable gold :D

Originally posted by Deathbot101:

How about you can trade fame for gold. Like 5 fame for 3 gold or something.

Addressing daniel, in which way should they implement free gold that will not cause it to be farmed on multiple accounts, causing a MASSIVE influx in inflation, making the game’s economy based around players who always have tops, destroying the very purpose and idea of “earning” your loot. Restricting it to players who pay money is (sorta) fine, because this prioritizes extra vaults/character slots to people who actually LOVE and CHERISH the game, to the point they would spend money.

Addressing deathbot, how much f*cking fame do you think the people on the leaderboards would get. or the average joe? I get an average of 400 fame per character, so I’ll be rolling in tops by the end of a month, no? Inflation kiddies, look it up.

Ah, because spending money on an MMORPG is the very DEFINITION of cherishing. Much easier to spend money now than working a bit to find a pretty ring.

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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Coming out!

Originally posted by Jboy91:

It’s now only, about one month away, if it was 3 months to go on September, so it might be out on December, which is about a month away.


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Topic: General Gaming / Epic Battle Fantasy 4 Coming out!

Originally posted by HappyAlcoholic:

If it’s in beta, I guess I’ll try playing it.
Here’s hoping it’s better than the rest of them.

Hoping it’s better!? What, was it not completely EPIC before!? Well, high hopes are a good sign, I guess…
EDIT: Epic…Epic Battle Fantasy 4…that was accidental…