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Topic: Forum Games: Forum Games / [CYOP] Awesome Adventure

Originally posted by ilovekirby12:

-You inspect the door. It is laced with gold. Off to the side is a small oppening, shapped like a … spiked hat? or an upside down half starfish? idk you have poor picture skills. Looks like placing something in the mold will open the door.
ALL OF A SUDDEN! the door’s protector comes up. Its a ruffed up bear. It’s wearing techno glasses that transF02m5 7h1n95 1n70 1337
> c11m8 4 233
> 5
4nd Y0v2 920VNd
> P14Y d34d
> w41k 4W4Y
> cH4293 4+ h3 8342
> Y311
> v53 4n 1
> P3pp32 5p24Y
> 2vn
> jvmp 1N+0 w4+32
> cv21 VP 1n+0 4 8411
> 14+h32 y0v2531f W1+H 3%0+1c 5P1C35