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Topic: War of the Web / Best Soldier Names

Abe Love, and Emmanuel Lowery.

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Topic: War of the Web / The Kong Hitlist

Skillkill is after my research center. I contributed over 1000, and it’s all being shut down :A:
He’s a dingus armora, so watch out. He has tanks and all that other jizz. I wounded him a bit, but I’m too lazy to fight against someone stronger than me.

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Topic: War of the Web / Another hit-list thread?

Look, every man and women we have fighting this war, every research we steal, every single dingus we damage counts, and if you don’t think so, then all us “Noobs” can just leave you to die from their hoards. I have no level 9 anything, no 1 million strength or anything, yet I can gather research from our enemies and fight my wars to help Kong. If all you elites would realize…