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Topic: Zombidle / Ad issues reports

no screencap, but adventure capitalist ad played, said I got my reward, then told me I closed the window too soon.

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Topic: Zombidle / Skull value - why does it decrease

Originally posted by Hukutka:

Last zone gives more skulls then first zone of the next area. Except for the lvl 300 zones, they are somewhat another.

yea, that was my point. I’ve just never seen a game progress like that. I’m used to seeing difficulty and rewards scale together.

ArtyD42… You can’t see it if you’re insta-killing everything, and not comparing, say level 80 to level 81.

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Topic: Zombidle / Skull value - why does it decrease

Why does skull value go down when you move to a new area?

The auto-progressive nature of the game seems to be moving you constantly towards less-productive lands. A meter showing income rate would assist in finding the correct location for farming.

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Topic: Shop Heroes / City Raid Thoughts

So… and end-game feature for the people with piles of gold to level the castle with. For everyone else, it was a disappointment. We maxed out our potential with the first wave.

I guess that’s good in a way. If I stopped quests for two-three days I would have to stop crafting as well. I’m not at the level yet that I can make money crafting from bought supplies.

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Topic: Shop Heroes / Suggestions & Feedback

Originally posted by Kihene:

When you sell an item on trade there used to be a brief picture of what you sold. Sice the updte that has gone.
Please give it back.

Agreed. It was extremely useful to know what was sold.

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Topic: Shop Heroes / new update sucks

Originally posted by bkb24:
Originally posted by jooe15:

Wasted? How so?

because we used to be able to solo many mid level and high level quests. Now we have to send 3 heroes per quest due to them changing the power required. They based their power numbers required on what was required to send three heroes on a quest vs being able to solo. Before we could send one hero to do a quest with 14,000 power. (If you had sent three heroes of 12,000 each you could get A grade for the quest….but you could send one hero with 14,000) Now the same quest needs 32,000 power. You could still send the same three heroes to complete….but can no longer send one hero with 14,000 power. So where as before we had lots of heroes soloing….now we have 3 heroes per quest. We quickly run out of heroes and triple the chance to break gear….and heroes level quicker so that they eventually outpace your ability to craft equipment for them because you dont have recipes high enough in all 7 slots.


I used to be able to keep 7 slots running with solo missions. Now, I constantly have quest slots sitting unused.

Were I spending gems today, I would have no reason to even consider more than, say, five slots. So yes… wasted. Wasted real money for me. Wasted game time for those who bought them with coins.

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Topic: Shop Heroes / new update sucks


The bulk buy is interesting.
The graphics changes are horrible.
The real money I spent buying gems that went towards quest slots was wasted.

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Topic: Shop Heroes / Bugs & Issues

My money and gem count is no longer showing at the top of the main window (store view) on PC. I only see chest and heart.

[edit] they’re back now

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Topic: Shop Heroes / Repair is Annoying

Yes, the interface is a pain. Way too many clicks required when something breaks.

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Topic: Shop Heroes / Bugs & Issues

I have four quest slots, but I’m now only able to launch two at one time. Just started today.

[EDIT] Restart fixed it.

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Topic: Holyday City / Impossibly fast levelups

You quit playing a non-competitive idle game because other people are leveling faster than you?

Really? Or does that just sound better to you than “I got bored and quit”.

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Topic: Holyday City / No more clicks !!!! (Auto clicker)

Originally posted by SergS1:

Want to have a button for buy all available updates at once for all available money.

An idle game where you don’t even have to click a button… just stare at the screen and watch the numbers change.

Wait…maybe you should have someone to watch the numbers change for you.

Next up, the virtual idle game. Simply imagine yourself “playing” a game for hours and days, watching the numbers turn. Since it’s all “virtual”, you can participate while actually having a life. Includes a special bonus for time spend not thinking about your virtual idle game.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Louis Fittui - why?

Nothing like making you buy something that’s always been free.

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Topic: Redshift / this game would be better if

Originally posted by rockbison27:

They need to get Rid of the STUPID build time gimmick. If I just spent 3 hours farming the resources to build something or upgrade something, waiting ANOTHER 3 HOURS for it to build is the OPPOSITE of what i want to do. The rest of the game is awesome! The waiting just kills it man. Why, tell me, WHY DO WE NEED THIS GAME MECHANIC?!?!?

To get you to spend money. That’s the entire purpose of these types of games. They suck you in with quick progress, but it inevitably turns into a waiting game.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] Where is Lowland Falls?

The scenery changes at the beginning of the second room. If you don’t see new scenery and sweeper stu when you enter the 2nd room, just exit to town and try again. Seems like the percentage has been lowered. I just got him on the seventh try.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [The Grinns Tale] Bug daily quests

Yes, he’s still there, and yes the percent is much lower than 50%.

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Topic: Astroflux / 6 Crew Members

Agreed. Send them all, every time.

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Topic: Astroflux / i like the game, at first

Many of the low level PvP pirates are alt accounts of experienced players. They learned what upgrades to buy and how to maximize resources while keeping their level low.

This goes against the first impulse of most players, which is to try to level up.

Just wait though. When you hit level 16 you really get thrown in the deep end, having to fight all levels, on maps that I don’t think anyone likes as much as the first set.

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Topic: Astroflux / Percentage based stats for upgrades

Originally posted by hrs111111:

But have you checked this?

Also, I think the developers are not responding to forum posts on Kongregate! :|

Sadly, that’s almost always the case, though I did see the dev in Kongregate chat last night.

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Topic: Dungeon Blitz / Potions, why not use

Seems extremely random, which I suppose makes sense given the ridiculously low drop percentage of 0.5%.

I’ve run quite a few dungeons over 100 times to get an item. Some I gave up on. It’s kind of ok on the short runs which can be completed in about 2 minutes. Some though, take a considerable amount longer.

It just sucks that the end game here is farming for gear. It makes you hate the game and by the time you get all the pieces you were wanting, you’re ready to quit. What was the point?

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Topic: Dungeon Blitz / Any point in finding new gear ?

Your best bet is to look at the gear list, decide what you want, and look specifically for that one piece. [and ignore the rest]

I only play mage, but it’s pretty clear that some abilities are preferred over others. Just about everyone is running hail storm, making 2/3rds of the robes worthless to us. Actually, more and more I’m running into mages wearing the exact same gear as me. I know of several people with the same robe/staff/glove combo and I expect to see more. The word’s pretty much out on what the best gear is and where to find it.

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Topic: Dungeon Blitz / Classes and Level cap.

The official game forums are located here:

There is discussion there about items that the dev team is working on for the future.

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Topic: Dungeon Blitz / Cumulonimbus, The sky warden

Griffin’s Redoubt at the top of Stormshard – dropped by the boss. Picked it up yesterday.

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Topic: Dungeon Blitz / Suggestions towards Pets/Mounts

I agree, though it’s obvious that the design was meant to increase spending.

If there was a single pet that worked against all foes, I would strongly consider purchasing it. As is, I will likely never purchase one.

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Topic: Wild West Town / Amazon gear - come get yours