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Topic: Tyrant / [Recruitment] Better World

Originally posted by Mak12393:
Originally posted by hammythepig:

@BotoxAndBeer how do you know all this, and why are you complaining, when you havn’t even passed mission 66 yet?

You shouldn’t concern yourself with factions yet son.


Lies! Hammy was last seen on my BBQ around a year ago. Obviously a fake account.

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Topic: Tyrant / Interesting articles on Chip Hogan (a.k.a Hunter Hogan)

Originally posted by hunterhogan:
Originally posted by ladolcevita:

Apparently Tyrant’s HH was a “pro” at playing collectible card games way before Tyrant :D

On cheating (By HH):


respect (?)

(also keep up-to-date with his future plans:

Wow. That was so many lifetimes ago.

Some notes:

  1. I was the first professional player. My sole income for 18 months was from playing Magic. Mark Justice owned a card store—I didn’t. I played, I won, I sold the cards. I was married and we had a baby. My wife had a part time job as a waitress: I paid the bills by playing in tournaments before the Pro Tour. When I won $1000 at the Sorcerers’ Open is was the largest purse in the history of the game—until the first Pro Tour event in NYC a few months later. I didn’t make a lot of money, but it was my job (and it was a lot of fun for a 19-20 year old).
  2. The card list for my deck is plain wrong, and I did have a sideboard. Conquest magazine printed my deck on a card insert and I am sure there are images of it around the internet somewhere. My deck was also widely circulated on Usenet, so you might be able to find it there. The article also got the names backwards. I called it The Akido deck and other people called it a Winter Orb or Relic Barrier deck. I called it the Akido deck because the goal was to use the opponent’s actions against them. See Mana Drain, Power Sink, and Winter Orb: go ahead tap something, I dare you.
  3. The Dojo was created by Frank Kusumoto. We met and discussed creating the website together, but my personal life was hectic at the time, and he started it without me. Oh well.
Originally posted by nublex:

Sigh. A pro-player doesn’t make pro-game designer.

100% correct. Very few players (like Henry Stern) have any insight into how to design a game or run a game business.

Originally posted by Golden119:

I can’t help but think Tyrant should be “beneath” this Chip Hogan.

I started playing MtG for fun and then it turned into an income. I still love games, and no game is “beneath” me. In fact, playing MtG for money made playing other games much more fun. Before playing for money, I was so competitive that I wanted to crush every opponent in every game. Playing for my paycheck (and for my family’s food) put games into their proper perspective: when I play games for fun, I just play for fun. When I play for money, then I am all business. I’m now more relaxed about gaming than I was as a teenager.

First HH post I have liked. Quite an interesting read. +1 etc..

- Foppa, ex-MtG player.

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Topic: Tyrant / Xeno Singularis VS Blood Wall?

Originally posted by Addictorator:

Well, I’m not really lucky with wall cards. All in my deck’s gold but the wall structure _ Anyway I got a xeno air deck, and well, which one’s better? Xeno Sing. or Blood Wall?

I would probably stop playing before you get hooked. Get out now, while you are still in the startup phase!

Also, to answer your question; neither…

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Topic: Tyrant / Haven Sector + 1

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by Xyrus_G:
Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by BlackHole77777:
Originally posted by Crimsoneye:
Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:

You are open to anything?
And you are called “blackhole”….


you have to make a comment on everything dont you?

that was my original reaction but I wanted to put it nicely, shadow admit you love tyrant :P

I <3 the community here.

+1…to MY Postcount! Watch out Shadowhopeful! I’m gunning for you! 8D

Absolutely not. Look at my target.

We Norwegians know how to post and make it count!
(Postcount +1)

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Topic: Tyrant / Farewell, from ECB

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by masterluke:
Originally posted by Bascule2000:

Goodbye Entername_____

Goodbye MarioPartyWiz

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Topic: Tyrant / Chance To Have Tombstone Dedicated To You!

Foppa, died from injuries gotten from a botfaction gank.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Petition] BUFF T-46 LEONIDSA

Give one to every european player then they could consider buffing.. (not a Leonidas you dummies, a Cerealguy! A buffed Cerealguy is something everyone should want:))

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Topic: Tyrant / Entername looks for a faction: Hopefully with no more accusations after revealing the truth of the indcident

I would like to thank ECB for an entertaining thread to keep me occupied on the subway:)

Keep up the good work!

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Topic: Tyrant / Another one bites the dust.

Originally posted by JrJetu:

Foppa, my name is the same there as it is here.

Alrighty:) mine is LoLisLame..

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Topic: Tyrant / (World Biggest) Sawblade Spam

Originally posted by kingkai98:
Originally posted by Caad:

what if sawblade gets buffed and becomes spam material once again? …somehow

Pierce 3
Antiair 3


That would be the ultimate pod counter.

No, this is:

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Topic: Tyrant / Nerf Emanuel

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by Loop_Stratos:
Originally posted by Xyrus_G:
Originally posted by ManuelDevil:
Originally posted by RedJelloIsGood:

Legendary Poster
5000 HP (Hopeful Posts)
Pyramid Quote on Play
Spam Forums

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Topic: Tyrant / (World Biggest) Sawblade Spam

Originally posted by hammythepig:
Originally posted by inorix:

While sawblades are certainly powerful, a well crafted defense can catch them off guard, as it happened in this war:

Between this and the PAAA wars happening the day before, almost 2 million sawblades were killed.

I suggest to add Egors to make it impossible to counter this deck type.


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Topic: Tyrant / Another one bites the dust.

Originally posted by JrJetu:
Originally posted by kingkai98:
Originally posted by JrJetu:

After nearly a year of playing Tyrant and a couple hiatuses, I’m probably leaving for good this time. Though in the past, I left because I knew the game was awful and felt the devs didn’t care, I want to give kudos to Synapt and his team for finally taking steps in the right direction.

Thanks to all the great factions I’ve been a part of, like GoW, Aksala, my short time in Dragons, Swarm/NFB, and even those awesome times in DE.

Thanks to people like Disneymom and family, Deeeznutz, ChainofCommand, ex-player Frederikmini, Sly_Guy, Ralkk, and others for making this game enjoyable. I’d also make a list of those I’d give a giant middle finger to, but you all should know who you are.


~Jay Are Jee Too

Also jetu,will you still be going on elements,or are you quitting the interwebs forever.If so Goodbye.Cheers!

Elements and LoL all day.

Perhaps we will face off in LoL then.. I’d like to think so:)


Originally posted by Viiew:

We should have a sticky quitting thread.


There will still be more

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Topic: Tyrant / Another vet bites the dust..

Originally posted by bob303:

Then who’s going to take care of all the animals?

Btw this thread is bad and you should feel bad

No u

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Topic: Tyrant / Another vet bites the dust..

Thank you for kind words:)
I will probably stay to troll forums when I’m on the bus/subway, as they are boring as hell..

(Slightly disappointed about this thread not reaching 10 pages overnight).

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Topic: Tyrant / Another vet bites the dust..

Well, isn’t it just another quitting thread you just clicked.. It certainly is.
I haven’t logged in in quite some time now, and won’t be logging on regularly again for an even longer period of time.. Since this game is a shadow of its former self, I assume most of the people who know me left already.. To the rest of you; run while you still can!

I admit, I have had a great time playing this game, both competitively in the top, with several different factions, and playing casually with my friends in the former greatness that used to be Team AFK.

I started out playing this game around a week after its release. there were some good times. The last 6-8 months I only stayed for the sake of the community, trolling, and killing time with pointless grinding, hoping to get herc.. (and to be a part of 0hios last comeback.. Even that ended up being quite boring when played out..)

Now it’s time to say goodbye to you all..

Honourable mentions to the ppl who were worth my time, or entertained me in one way or another;



Semipro_carebear, my trusted alt.

(I’m sure there are others, but I’m on a bus atm, it’s cold, and I’m sure most of you haven’t even read this far..


Ps: To all of you trying to ruin this amazing and honest quitting thread:

No u


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Topic: Tyrant / wb tournys and keeping cards got no legendaries

Originally posted by reddread01:

How many people out there has been playing tournys with wb’s and come find out that u dont get very good cards . a few r but the rest are crappy. My example i just did an awakening. 2hr 100 wbs . did get radio officer and and 2 other good cards. heres the catch NO legendaries and no Commanders. what the heck is up with that I keep get getting the orig tourny commander imperial guy. Please change the way that wbs cards r done for tournys we pay big wb’s to get them, shldnt we get the big cards then????

I agree! I spent thousands of € on WB packs, and only got a few legendaries and commanders, and not even the ones that I wanted:( the people who pay for cards should get to choose whatever cards they want, since we are contributing so much to the game and the community! An auto- win button for 10wb should also be implemented.

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Topic: Tyrant / Siege...seriously?

Originally posted by PivotalDisorder:

EQG in vault :PPP

Originally posted by foppa44:

Less qq, more pew pew.

I was asking what you guys did to adjust, the QQ was secondary but ty for your contribution.

got more internet memes etc to throw my way? clearly you’re one of those unimaginative players

I’ve got more imagination in my middle finger than you have in your entire left hand.

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Topic: Tyrant / Who is Razogoth?

Originally posted by LokiofAshe:

Yep, you’re right.
Lost my mythology library to a crush around 6 years ago, so I had to (sigh) look at wikipedia to confirm; Jotunn seems to be a reference to ALL the giants, not just one, jotunheim is indeed their homeland. The particle -heim may be a suffix, since there are similar words depicting places in norse myth (I had this idea of seeing Jotun as an entity somewhere, along with Surtr; but probably that came from another source. It may also be the same case with Strum, I’ll check it out).

I don’t see Odin’s death as a defeat, because of four things, he was able to see the future, he had been warned of his death, he could resurrect himself using magic, and if all else fails, he knew his son would survive. Were it not for his efforts in recruiting the slain heroes; the battle would have been lost, but instead he succeeds; knowing very well that it will cost him his life.

This only makes me wish his designated card was stronger. He gives protect all and has a nice attack, but the winged valks are stronger and have better art. Maybe it’s just the Odin battle armor, as in a legendary battle suit for infantry units, but the difference is still huge.

You are almost correct. Jotun (jotne in norwegian),is indeed a reference to all the “giants” as you call them. They can be compared to the titans in Greek mythology. They are older than the gods (Loki, or Loke in Norwegian, is actually half , and always want to take over their homeland, Asgard (Åsgård). Jotunheimen (meaning “home of the jotuns”) is a range of mountains in Norway, which was believed to be their homelands. It is not a suffix, like you believed, but simply a word for “home”.

-Foppa, the scandinavian scoundrel

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Topic: Tyrant / Siege...seriously?

Less qq, more pew pew.

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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant celebrities

Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by lolizard:
Originally posted by AbyssllChain:
Originally posted by foppa44:

Who is Tyrant’s most famous/infamous persona?
Explanation: Who has been mentioned the most in the forum? (posted himself/quoted by others/been mentioned in posts/thread titles).

Devs, highly respected members of the society, trolls and self- righteous pompous players alike, have all had their 15 min/couple of months/nearly 2 years of fame. Who will it be?

Shadowhopeful wins in postcount, no contest.


Popularity probably goes to Cerealguy.

This is all very well, but would you vote for as a winner overall?

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Topic: Tyrant / Can I promote someone to leader?

Originally posted by hauky:
Originally posted by OOHnirav:
Originally posted by TTekkers:
Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by Roki123:
Originally posted by Twax:
Originally posted by skolu:
Originally posted by lol0lo:
Originally posted by FistO_FuriouS:
Originally posted by Redlaw:
Originally posted by armagheddonman:
Originally posted by ConfusedTentacle:
Originally posted by catepillar:
Originally posted by inorix:


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Topic: Tyrant / Tyrant celebrities

Originally posted by Moonfrost:
Originally posted by foppa44:
Originally posted by kadlerkj:
Originally posted by ElMoldovan:
Originally posted by XRRRX7331:
Originally posted by Shadowhopeful:
Originally posted by skolu:
Originally posted by lonelyterrorist:


I realize that this thread includes people from all throughout tyrant history, but Pescado has been gone a long time and i doubt that many players know much about him anymore.

Still a whole lot more famous than shian or any other newer character.. I’m surprised noone has nominated inorix, LDV, Shadowhopeful(because of his ridiculous amount of posts), or even captain_catface..

Edit: damn, ninja’d by Shadow

I mentioned all of them on first page. :P

Well yes, but you kinda played the same role as Alan Davies from QI there, yelling out all the possible options.. Even though the answer might be right, you still receive minus points (plus, a lot of people would never understand what you said, where is the translation Shadow?).

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Topic: Tyrant / Are you hanging onto Tyrant by a Conquest thread?

Like many before me have mentioned, they need to make a major counter to summon, remove it, or nerf it. Then continue on that path to make tyrant more balanced, instead of everyone having to use power creeps. I have played since they released the game, but have barely bothered since the release of summon.

Also; I miss you Ralkkie:)

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Topic: Tyrant / Is a tireless vetran spam a viable idea i got 3 tireless vets

Originally posted by OmegaGuardian911:

……/facepalm/ Yes, this thread is ridiculous enough that I deem it necessary to pull my usual reaction to a show of idiocy. Can I request for a forum moderator to put a lock on this topic? Until then, I’ll be using my cannon network… /fires sonar cannon network/

You must be new here:) welcome to the tyrant forum!