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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Multiplayer Nightmare server kick,WTH

Originally posted by Zevilembire:

This is perhaps a client-side issue.

This game does require a decent internet connection speed and device/PC.

Like this for example:

Make sure you have the following requirements for a decent/smooth gameplay.

To find out how decent is yours, check & run a test right here.

That’s just like legit 10/10 Maximum quality internet you’d get from living right beside your ISP.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [SAS4] Hacker Report Thread

Originally posted by Sylash:

So pretty much this guys says he got all of this with a Credit card and etc. But I know for a fact, Red Titan gear and Supermarines don’t drop when you are only level 33. He also has Black gear..? Without getting into Nightmare mode..? Not in the least suspicious..?

From my experience Nan boxes can grant gear you’re not meant to get for another 10-15 levels, so a level 33 getting a gun that’s well modded for a drop at 100, it’s definitely a hacker.

Originally posted by diamond1killers:
Originally posted by ThyThunderous:
Originally posted by stealthkiller1:

Level 91 with very little MP matches

It’s not really suspicious, he could be just be playing Solo matches a lot, the only thing that would make it suspicious is a relatively new account at that level.

woah., didn’t i tell u guys i play solo? i mean i understand you didn’t believe me but., i rather enjoy solo greater chance of winning :) (less lagg, no glitchers, no wall jumpers, no slow loaders, i can pretty much guarantee a win since its just me playing :), plus u do lvl way faster(just a tip):P i mean i do enjoy the new nm mode but i unfortunately ran out of tickets playing in public. hopefully after hearing my side of it u dont call me a nerd :P

Oh and if you want to clear things up you should probably provide a sreenshot of your character K/D in single mode.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [SAS4] Hacker Report Thread

Originally posted by stealthkiller1:

Level 91 with very little MP matches

It’s not really suspicious, he could be just be playing Solo matches a lot, the only thing that would make it suspicious is a relatively new account at that level.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / pvp

Yep, let’s just kill each other.
In the middle of an Apocalypse.
Sounds like a plan.
Yup great idea.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [SAS4] Hacker Report Thread Pretty sure there’s a foreign force at work for someone to get several well augmented weapons that have a drop level of 100 at 42 right?

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / grenade damage

RED Grenades do 2000 DMG, Masteries add 5% onto the amount, Maxed out Grenade Damage gives +375% DMG, should be over 7K DMG per Grenade, seems alright and I don’t think they were made for clearing out massive mobs.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Z.A.P. The Zombie Annihilator Patrol

Originally posted by Torianator:

I concur with this statement

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / What is the "Late Game"?

I would say that Late game is when you’re still running but have the multipliers on Heroes capped out level (4100), at which point you must move onto other heroes to continue on levels.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Morgulis needs some care.

I’d like to think of Morgulis as an Ancient that you just pump HS into in the Late-Game rather than a Ancient that’ll out class the Ancients that separate the Idle and Active Play Styles such as Siya or Bhaal, think of it as a Safety Net or such.

However I don’t oppose the buff, but lets not make him OP.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Chat Room #11 is the best - Come Visit


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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Tier list for Ancients, v1

Originally posted by eternel:
Originally posted by RedeemedWahrior:
Originally posted by olinn:
Originally posted by RedeemedWahrior:


If you want your treasure chests to live long enough for golden clicks, both Bhaal and Siyalatas can give you that in addition to being awesome:

Siyalatas boosts your DPS while you’re not clicking, so the moment you click with golden clicks your damage falls to nothing (in comparison to the zone you should be on) and you get to spam golden clicks forever on the chest.

Bhaal boosts your crit multiplier to ridiculous levels.. to the point where you do no damage at all (in comparison to the zone you should be on) when you don’t critical. Which means unless you activate Lucky strikes, nothing will die (because you’re about 50 zones ahead of where you would be without Bhaal). So again you can spam the hell out of the golden clicks on a treasure chest without needing Thusia.

And everyone should get either Siya (idle play) or Bhaal (active play) very early on, so you will never need thusia.

one thing about using bhaal this way, you kinda need to ignore the +3% crit chance upgrades because otherwise you’ll kill the chest long before the 30 seconds are over.

Certainly you can ignore the +3% crit chance upgrades to use golden clicks better, but I’ve never found the need to.

When using skills, you do >60x as much damage as you do without skills even if you get all the +3% crit upgrades. So as long as you actively murder the bosses, you’ll quickly get to zones where the golden chests won’t die that quickly.

Bhaal+Frag build cannot be apply to a thusia+pluto build. Bhaal+Frag = fast active kill, soul farming. You can advance so far that your idle will take more than 10 minutes to kill one mob.

Thusia+Pluto is more toward the idle build, such as endurance run. Click like crazy, gain crap load of gold, level up a few time and afk offline. I’m not saying Thusia is by any mean worth getting, but it is quite powerful when used with pluto and the other 60s ancients.

I’m not even sure pluto is even worth it with Frag+Bhaal. It might be somewhat noticeable above 20%.

I’m sorry however I think you have it the wrong way around, at higher levels the Active Play Style is far superior for “Long Running”, Libertas and Siyalatas is better for fast runs, the disadvantages towards the Active Play style is probably that you’re losing out on another multiplier.

Soul Farming Min Combo : Libertas + Siyalatas.
Active Play Style Min Combo: Bhaal + Fragsworth.

I can tell you from experience once you get Bhaal high enough, and once your Idle Play Style stops Insta-Killing Mobs, you can easily kill the Mobs in 1-2 Clicks, Thusia in my opinion is a hero not worth getting as he almost negates the efficient Idle Speed runs for Souls, with that Pluto’s HS Cost increase is linear, which far surpasses the boost gained from Libertas’s gold increase.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

A New Type of “Dark Hero Souls”, that can only be given along with Hero Souls from a Satanic Boss, that only becomes available after level 500, introduction of a “Corrupt Atman”, that increases the chance of a Satanic Boss, that will cost HS + Dark HS to upgrade.

Bonuses : 100x the effect of Primal Souls.
The power of the Dark Souls allows you to surpass the Maximum Level on certain Ancients but costs Hero Souls as well as the Dark Hero Souls, it’s capped at 1.5x the Max Level, For example Dora’s 50 Will be capped at level 75.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Suggestions for next Update

Daily Rewards, such as
Day 1 : 5 HS
Day 2 : 1 Free Gild that can be chosen.

and so on.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / super super 10k+ soul late game idle combo

Each playing style is supposed to have their own Strengths,
Idle Has Siy which increases Idle DPS, and Libertas which increases gold gain, in the short term Idle is good for Speed running for HS, I can get about 35k HS Per run without slowing down due to the gold constantly coming in.

Active play style has the Buffs from Fragsworth and Baahl as well as Active abilities that can be extended and have their effects increased, which is better in the long term for long runs, however you don’t get the benefit of extra gold from Libertas.

Overall: Idle Play style should be the first style chosen by Players as it’s most efficient when farming Hero Souls.
Active Play Style shouldn’t be first, but rather come in later once you’ve racked up a fairly decent amount of HS turning yourself into a Hybrid setup, and using Clicks when you slow down, opposed to constantly clicking through all the levels.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Compensation

If you’re going to nerf the **** out of Speed, can you not add on a Free Respec?Personally, I’ve most of my build into speed and with this Nerf I am far inferior to others at my level.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / Most Powerful Weapon

In my opinion, every weapon has it’s drawbacks, the HIKS is really powerful, I usually 4 Shot Minion Pods at level 30 without any Augmentations, however that is with premium ammo, the Red Version does 3,000 DMG Per shot, and can be increased to 3750 through the use of Premium ammo, but it costs 12.6k, it’s a good bossing gun but the CM Gigavolt with a pierce just literally hits everything, and the Stripper’s Red Variant is extremely powerful due to the amount of bullets as well as the stacking, the HIKS’s only weakness is it’s ammo price as well as the fact that the bosses you encounter later on with the Savage Wicker being most common being able to resist the Thermal damage from it, the HIKS is only good at lower levels, and the Stripper takes it over once you’ve found the RED Variant

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Media Rebirth

Did some calculation earlier, and if it is to stack, Newspapers could potentially give the highest profit in the game,
Media Rebirth : x *7,777,777
Internet Integration : x *7,777,777 * 7,777
Printer Ink Discount: x *7,777,777 * 7,777 * 777, so once you’re a “Completionist”
Your Newspapers will be the original figure multiplied by 46,998,998,633,433 unless that’s the incorrect order of operations for the game.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Next update speculations

Originally posted by HyperHippoGames:

I can’t wait!

Welcome back from your Holiday.


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Topic: Epic War Saga / Questions? Ask here! ( game tips )

Originally posted by BlueBolter:

ok… let’s begin, I have to complete 5-6, i already have ninjas and staves of holy empire, I only need to upgrade my market from lvl9 to lvl10 and then buy 1 AOD and 2 dimes. So i was thinking how to get enough money, mission loots are not sufficient , and getting acheivments is getting harder. if the calculation is good (109K+ 700K X 2+ 400K) the total cost is going to be :1,909K. How do i get that much gold!

Game is more about grinding, so go grind 5-1 For Ninja Marks+ Cash.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / How to Beat all of the Last Missions for Each Chapter Part 1

Best Strategy for 1-6 is Goblins, personal opinion.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / New unit ideas [2]

Originally posted by linkhoang:

Ultimate Aeon hp 650000 attack 9999 defence 5000 cost 9990000 gold or 9999 crystal

Ultimate Aeon+ hp 999000 attack 15500 defence 5550 cost 9999900 gold or 10000 crystals

Ultimate Aeon recipe Aeon and Aeon+

Ultimate Aeon recipe Ultimate Aeon and fire dragon iginz 99 Red dragon eye

Funny isn’t it 900 Gold difference between Ult Aeon and Ult Aeon+.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

Awww, king you didn’t have to quote all O’Dat now to fix that mistake Lol.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

Not going to even bother Quoting as it would make it massive, let this argument over the Crystal>Gold end, the person who started it should’ve though about company matters and profits more.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / Suggestion and Ideas

Originally posted by hurricane112233:
Originally posted by Kingdweeb1:
Originally posted by VforVendetta:
Originally posted by hurricane112233:

I think Every Thing should be buyable with Gold, perhaps a little bit more expensive than with crystals.
Like, with 200 crystals I can exchange for 15,000 gold.
So something that costs like 100 crystals should be sold by 7,500 gold too… or a little bit more.

That would be nice.
The thing I liked about the past Epic War games was that you could potentially buy any and every unit without having to pay real money.
If you think about it, we do give more gameplays to the developer when we go back to play it more and unlock all the units for free. (paying with just our time)

I don’t know, I completely support Rudy and I love his games, but I’d really rather see donations/payments be optional rather than necessary to unlock every unit.

its not necessary, you can simply rebirth.

also, if it were to that ratio, then you could get seraphiel for wayy less than 1million gold, which is REALLY easy to get. the same would happen with tiger god.

Actually Seraphiel would cost 2,625,000 gold (3,500 crystals)… But as I said, it could cost more.
But to get 3,500 crystals you have to buy the option of 500 Kreds for 7,000 + 1,400 crystals.
In other words, you have to spend 50 dollars to buy it. (I think it is too expensive)

The Tiger God would cost 4,125,000 gold(5,500 crystals)
To buy both, you would have to spend 100 dollars/1000 Kreds for the option 15,000 + 3,000 crystals (WT#!)

Maybe 20,000,000 Gold for the Seraphiel and 35,000,000 Gold for the Tiger God…

I would NEVER spend $100.00 in a flash game!!!
With this money I can buy 3 or 4 games!!!
Or 6 months of WOW

This is a pointless argument, first of all Kholai costs more than Sera meanwhile Kholai is actually a weaker hero, so is Khronos, tiger god would be a bit too cheap aswell as that it won’t take too long to actually farm them, crystals however are a special currency in the game. If you were to make a game wouldn’t you want money to come along with it? Honestly what i s the point of this when you know that nothing will prevail after, I highly doubt it would ever happen as that would completely wreck profits which they’re already low on Units such as Sera/King of hell/Tiger god would have to be at least 70 Million+, anyway let this end as it’s pointless argument throughout, Crystals are a special thing to the game so let this end. There is a way to get them but slower, Doing caves, achievements if you don’t want to buy.

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Topic: Epic War Saga / we should get to sell things

Originally posted by coolboy183:

we should sell things because some of the stuff we have we don’t want it anymore and please put a selling option on the game

Bad idea as it would completely wreck this game to bits.