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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Bugs

Theres a new and frecuent bug that says " Fatal error in gc Too many heap sections " and crashes the Unity Web Player every 5 matches or so, ive researched a little and it appears its an issue of memory leak due to bad memory management in code:

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Release Notes - Version 4.33

Also , now that ive covered the aesthetics.. the celebration animations.. its nice to be able to display a custom animation after a goal.. but Cybersport went over the board with the gold prices (10k expensive) and its a very questionable price for a very questionable quality ( not even the fingers are animated and they all feel unfinished), this animations also evidence a lot of skinning issues in the shoulders , jaw, and hands of the 3d model.. specially the static fingers drive me crazy.. watching it feels the hand its some sort of robotic shovel instead of a fluid celebration .. as it should be..

Due to all this reasons, in my opinion.. i think this game its just a Cybersports side proyect with a lot of " quick works" experiments, in order to make simple money.. i really dont feel you care about quality on the things you are selling.. just to implement easy things ( most of them improvised) and get some quick money on them.. and well .. im disappointed, this game could be so much better with a stricter quality policy.

Quality that its not found on the forums either , this forum posts are good as dead.. and ill stop making any comments here , its pointless. I think the kongregate community rated very well this game 3.4 out of 5 , u dont deserve nothing more , nothing less at this point

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] New stats guide

Could you please CyberSports, give us a detailed information on every stat ( the new names they have now ) how they work , when they are effective , and when not ?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Release Notes - Version 4.33

About the 3d hair models i think in general they could be improved, some of them only look decently good at the sides, but extremely unnatural on the front and the back views ( i feel like my character is wearing a helmet ), perhaps a little more work on the shapes (despite the polygonal budget that appears to be very limited) and also more detailed base diffuse textures on them.. due to this problems mentioned above , most of the portraits of players with custom hair dont look very appealing graphically as well ..

In addition, i think the hair gallery could some some more normal/natural haircut variations, why not researching some standard haircuts in famous soccer players for an instance?, my point is that when choosing from a drastic Afro style and a huge Tomahawk i think players could use some in between variations, here are some ideas:

Overall, i definitively liked the custom color options it added a little bit of personalization
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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Kreds to Credits Issue fixed

No problem CyberSports, keep the good work and one eye on the feedback !

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Charging a kick ¿does it make a difference?

Wow , so that means u get penalties for everything haha no wonder this game is very hard for new players

And wow, also surprises me that even the body position before shooting affect that much ( even if the animation shows you turn around and shoot frontly, wich means that and a fancy blind back heel kick would produce just the same results..)

Knowing now this i think the charge bar should take fewer time to load power.. they way it is now its just takes too long to reach 80 % or more quickly, specially whilst under pressure situations, imagine you are triying to : Move towards goalie area careful enough before the goalie steals the ball from your feet, but not so slow in order to avoid tight defenders that are just 1 step to tackle you, aligning yourself and aiming for the widest area.. most of the times all i can do is pull a 1 click quick shot since the chances happen in matter of seconds .. also the most accurate charge levels should be reflected graphically more heavily i think in order to make it more intuitive for players that something special happens there ( perhaps a contrasting color area or white space), because otherwise the charge bar meant at least to me the folowing: Green = Weak , Red = Strong

But everything seems much clearer now thx for the clarifications and examples !

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Charging a kick ¿does it make a difference?

Excellent post! very informative, since i posted that ive done many changes to my stats and playing style and its much more effective now, and its all reflected on what u are telling me now ( Anticipation and 45 degree part is the key ), still there are some other things that are not mentioned that ill bring later , for now i just have some questions about this last post , here i FIRE !! haha

  • IF 1 click shots and passes are 100% charges but suffer a greater degree of inaccuracy over a charged shot/pass:
    -Why it says on the game hints that if i over charge ill get an inaccuracy penalty as well?, summarising , if i dont charge its penalized, if i fully charge is penalized, then whats exactly the best to do?

-Also what happens on the TOP DOWN view when theres no charge whatsoever ?

  • If I receive a ball to my feet with my back to goal I turn and shoot with high SA and KP however my Anticipation is poor –Why The likelihood is my anticipation is going to heavily negate my SA and my shot will not go on target? if i turned and shot with my front aligned to the target ? ( thus the 45 angle is facing the target )

All in all it explains why my Top corner shots were missing one after another, i used to shoot from much wider angles than 45

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Several Game suggestions Chapter.2

Thx Vladonu ! i hope that too..

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Release Notes - Version 3.52

Also , why is there a " boost item " section ? ( at the down part of the inventory ) i have no idea of how it works whatsoever, and what it does..

Hoping a response soon..

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Release Notes - Version 3.52

Will there be other consumables other than drinks later ??

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Several Game suggestions Chapter.2

Again trowing some more feedback ideas for the game.. i may be going overboard on this one .. but as ive said earlier im a feedback lover and im happy to support Indy games or any kind of game development, thats the least i could do from a player’s perspective and ill keep doing this feedback if players or developers find it useful.

Hoping somebody reads it :P ( there isnt currently much activity on this forum site apparently). My main focus on this feedback is on ideas on how to achieve more fluidity on team creations and matchmaking.. i hope i point something cool and useful.. starting with:

  • Expand chat lobby functions and utility=
    The chat lobby is the main communication/match making channel in this game, and so far ive tought a whole bunch of cool things that could be added to it to make it more functional and interesting..

For starters, i think the Lobby Chat deserves its own tab ( such as inventory,shop,etc) or a complete screen, currently downside on this channel being a little bottom bar is that it cant show many messages at once.. as well as the player list (think about 80 players being shown 5 at once)..
Given that its really important to see whos playing and whats going on.. i think this channel deserves its own complete space ( and you could fix the toolbars poping up from the background in the process), in addition due to the small size you cant scroll smoothly trough messages as well ( if u missed a certain message from a friend, sometimes its hard to scroll up accurately between the message pool to find it since the bias jumps many at once).

If the chat lobby could get its own tab it can benefit from having the extra screen espace to show extra information.. and given that i have these ideas:

  • Enhancing the forming/queuing teams information:
    Why not showing some detailed data about the forming/queuing of teams?

For starters i think we should differentiate (with an icon) from players that are just forming/being in a team than of those that are already submitted to queue.

In reality teams on assembly process are not ready to play yet, and they shouldnt be counted towards real queue (or have a queue symbol) until they submit (thus more commited to play).

In the case of queuing data it would help a lot for example to be able to see if a team with 3 people submited for a 3v3, it would mean that if i gather quickly a team of 3 people i could go against them.. or for example to see a player is queuing 1v1 ( or quick match ) , it means that if i go quick match as well i might play against him .. the idea here is to set up matches quickly.. and with this aproach of information players can choose quicker their desirable path to take ( assembling a team.. going solo.. or asking for being incorporated to a current team ).

Another kind of cool information could be to mark formation/queuing events with a string text in the chat such as " Player Coltx initiated a team" to inform players that Coltx is forming a team (so players adress him for further invitations perhaps).. or something like " Player Powder submitted a team" to inform the player Powder submitted a team of X members.. this would help players to be even more aware of team creations/queuing and as of wich players are the creators.

At this moment , a player in the lobby can have 3 diferent status ( online, queuing , playing ), why not going a bit deeper with this information to be able to show:

  • -AFK (away from keyboard) status: a status either triggered manually somehow, or achieved by 5 minutes of no activity whatsoever.. ( daily there are lots of " online " players in the lobby who arent even actually there.. and the team forming is affected by this since u cant diferentiate wich players are ready to be invited from those who are taking a cigarette on the roof ).
  • -LT (looking for team) status: a temporary status triggered manually by the player that last 20 seconds or so ( this could help team creators to identify even quicker wich players are one click away to accept invitations.. the temporal nature is to avoid players entering this state and going to smoke to the roof again.. we could assume players that are on this state are fairly active and available and thus more desirable to be invited )
  • -IT (inside team) status: to recognize the players that are already inside a team group
  • -ITC (inside team creator) status: same as IT but slightly different to recognize the players that are the team creators ( so players address them more easily )
  • -Playing (estimated time of arrival) status: this is an addition to the actual “playing” (ball icon) status.. but it could also show ( if mouse hovered) how many minutes are left of the current match they are involved ( this would be really cool to see if its worth to wait or not for friends or oponents to come out .. at least u could check how much they have left yet , thus better player coordination and more fluidity in team formations/queuing)


  • -Suggest player function: It would be really interesting for a player inside a team to be able to suggest players to the creator, suggestion made with the right click menu ( over the desired subject nick) and later accepted/rejected by creator via window pop up.. there are circumstances where a player inside ur team is connected to some more players around and you could benefit from their friend pool to assemble teams even quicker, all players in the team could help to invite more players as well !

However the suggestion pop up to the creator should include the level and rating of the suggested player, in order for him to decide if its desirable for the team or not .

  • Friend management: Finally but not least.. a small suggestion for the Friend management, under a month of playing this game ive been able to produce some kind of large friend list… (sadly most of it, around 90% are offline players anyways) i would like to be able to hide under a tab ALL the offline ones for clean habits, it would be interesting as well to be able to sort the list by level or rating .. so i can keep track or picture wich ones are the most skilled and constant.

Well.. i actually have even more feedback, but this is all regarding to matchmaking.. i hope its interesting.. Thx for reading !

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Charging a kick ¿does it make a difference?

Ive been with really strong doubts recently about if charging a shot or a pass really makes any difference in the result (compared to just quickly click it away with no charge at all).
Ive found that what matters the most is just where are you aiming ( thus the force or distance the ball will travel), charging it does not produce any noticeable result for me ! on both passing and shooting or even preloading … so heres the big question .. Whats the purpose on that charging bar?..

If theres any, could you explain at least what are the effects at different power levels?( ie, lowest.. maximum.. medium.. perhaps theres a sweetspot ???) i dont know anything of this yet.. and i already played around 200 matches but.. i still cant figure this out accurately..

However i sure must add that at my begginings at the game i used to charge all my shots to the fullest (whilst running to the goalie area).. and i used to score 3 out of 10 shots at least… ( aiming at top corners) … in the last 30 matches that i switched my technique to just do quick click shots ( with no charge ) i think im scoring 1 out of 15 !!at most ! but my shots still look as potent as before..(perhaps a little less accuracy, but i like being able to shoot much quicker than charging) so its been interesting .. if not annoying that each match im doing around 15 or even 20 failed attempts with goalie catching it up ! ( i sure never give up triying) and still unable to score properly.. Its bad for a strikers soul to actually rarely strike :( … after 20 failed attempts .. u rarely have team trust anymore to receive any further passes.. thus killing my spirits to play :(

For the record, I have 78 kicking Power and 76 shooting accuracy..

And talking about accuracy .. this attribute states that the greater .. the closest the ball will be at the center of aim.. i still see about 5 out of 10 shots go wider than the center of where i was aiming.. ( sometimes 1 or 2 shots from those a whole lot wider ), since i like to do top corner shots.. this is really annoying.. since i depend on my shots being accurate to dont just send the ball to the moon everytime.. so my question would be .. ¿how many points are actually really needed to REALLY .. like REALLY REALLY REALLLY get to shoot always at the center of aim?..

Having said that im starting to feel that most of the stats are not that much influential in the game (if none at all), comparing myself from being a level 1 player to a level 24, around 70 stat points later the only noticeable ones to me are Movement rate, stamina, and kicking power (a bit).. and just decently noticeable.. considering each point takes hours to develop.. and 70 barely are noticed (at least to me) .. well, its kind of demotivational to me..

what are your toughts on this ?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Release Notes - Version 3.52

i dont get the " Changed consumables to drinks throughout UI " what that means?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Several Game suggestions Chapter.1

Excellent! im glad i trew something useful, about the Xp animation, absolutely, to be able to take them in one go would work just fine im sure ( i like the feeling of accumulating that it brings.. however its not really practical to wait for that too long, whilst unable to do anything else..), and about the tooltips i absolutely agree on their usefulness, however they tend to get annoying after you already read them 20 times each and just happened to move the cursor around one (again), so thats why i tought their appearance could be controled from the interface with a special button herpaps ( like the one marked with question mark ) thus turning them on and off to users content and for clean interface sake :D
Still its just a small detail that can be ignored, there are other cool things in my mind regarding to lobby information that could be really interesting.. i will post those later to see what you guys think.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Striker Superstars] Several Game suggestions Chapter.1

Hello, ill get straight to the point, im a feedback lover and i liked this game.

Having said that ive been coming up with some ideas while playing it (from lvl 0 to lvl 20 at the moment), and i hope to point small problems and contribute practical, simple ideas to further improve the strongest aspects in this game :P, so here they are listed in an pseudo ordered fashion along with a brief explanation…

- Ingame Information

  • Checking Opposite team=
    I like checking my opponents team specially looking for high level players to be extra cautious with.. having said that theres only 2 short chances (one at begging, one at midtime) in the whole match to check the enemy stats and level, however i think it wouldnt hurt to be able to check this information anytime the player wants ( you can already check your own team so , sounds feasible).

-When a match finishes

  • Extra Team chat time= It would be nice to have some extra chat time when the match ends to congratulate my team for the effort on the match , regardless if we won or lost.. i feel kind of censored limited when the game finishes and i just cant write " Well done guys "

Clearer match stats windows (show Teams compositions + Accurate Portrait + Rating Earned)=

  • Team composition=Ive said it once and i may be incredibly dumb BUUUT haha, i often confuse the team stats since they are listed only by team color, the situation here is that after 10 or 20 games ive been on any dang team color, try picturing something like being blue , red, blue , blue again.. red.. red again etc etc, after many games i just cant recall back what last color my team was and i have to closely observe to find the stats that clearly diferentiated us.. like goals scored for instance .. ( not useful in draws though haha ).. So something like a summarize of the team composition along with the stats would make it perfectly clear ( you could even use that information to right click add friends from there if you liked how they played thus avoiding having to remember the nicknames of them and save further searching ).
  • Accurate Portrait=With the last thing in mind, my first instinct was to look at the second tab ( the personal stats) to see wich uniform my portrait was wearing and confirm the team color haha, sadly the portrait avatar ALWAYS uses RED shirt.
  • Rating earned=Finally but not least, it was a mystery to me how rating points were calculated from the matches, needless to say for new players they dont even know what rating is for, i think for starters players should know how many rating points they earn per match and whats their purpose ( perhaps even showing a little quick animation of the rating points being calculated? that would be interesting to enhance the good effort put into generating good passes/tackles/shots )

-Returning to MainLobby

  • Shorten/Disappear won Xp and Dollars animations= I dont think is neccesary to sit down and see how each single point of Xp and several chunks of dollars acumulates little by little to my stats ( specially if you have Xp boost that can raise up to 15 the XP! thus enlarging the animation) and specially since i already knew how many i won at the end game screens, even more if im eager to start quickly another game before other players in the queue start, one cant use the chat, or make a team or add a friend during this.. and it should be something skippable or at least much quicker i say.
  • Eliminate/Control HoverMouse descriptions= It frecuently happens that some descriptions pop up from the background to the front if you hover your mouse over them EVEN if you currently have the chat lobby open, these pop up descriptions annoyingly tend to block lobby information. I think they should be able to be turned on and off when desired.. or be vanished to the moon forever.

And thats it.. thats all my suggestions so far.. :P and i hope they make any sense for being considered, if not.. well.. im just a fool mortal..

Keep the good work!