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Topic: CS Portable / Playing for fun! [Cedarxarana & Kolorfish]

with the lack of textures the skeleton stands out a little better, but it’s still easier to see and shoot players with the default skins.

stupid skeleton skin.

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Topic: CS Portable / Disabling Body Physics?

-There isn’t an option to disable the body physics.

I just want them to disappear when they die. Instead they fly around the map and take ages to slump down. I’m constantly shooting at corpses who are killed a split second before my shot is fired.

How do I disable this!?@-


Ok found it, it’s in the settings menu before you decide which server to play on.

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Topic: CS Portable / Playing for fun! [Cedarxarana & Kolorfish]

jesus why would you have skins enabled? shooting at a skeleton skin? stuff that.

good duel tho ^_^v

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Topic: CS Portable / A new gamemode idea

Seems fairly straight foward.

Classic mode, each side has 20 barricades. Destroy the 20 barricades to win the match.

If you kill all players perhaps you get 2 barricades back as a reward? Otherwise what happens, the map just resets and you try again?

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Originally posted by varnine:

Try Private Messaging Vile about this, or at least leave them an e-mail.


You jest sir. Jolly good gag.

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Topic: CS Portable / Clan Agony

In-Game Name: fuzz_
Kongregatte Name: prakka_
Kill Death Ratio: 3.22 i stopped giving a crap about this ratio long ago, lets 1v1 and you can be the judge.
Kills: 158k
Deaths: 49k
Previous Clans: ACES
Why You’d Like To Join:

Havok said you were going to war and be a competitive clan. I want to war and play with people who aren’t a bunch of useless noobs. You will accept my application and we shall train. Hard.

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Originally posted by Mic0712:

@Prakka_: Everything you said was true, but by “respect Igor’s decision”, I was obviously talking about respecting him in taking a risk on making such a controversial decision. Heavy criticisms on the developers won’t get your requests anywhere.

I still don’t see why it should be respected. He took a risk and it is not the correct choice.

What you should be respecting, and cannot at this point in time, is that he took a risk – which was the wrong choice – then after realising it, removed it.

Being wrong and correcting your mistake in a public space is worthy of respect. It is never easy to be shown to be wrong like that. So people who are able to say ‘yup, screwed that up but now it’s fixed/I learnt my lesson and here’s how I’ll do better next time’ — they get respect.

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Topic: CS Portable / Moderators Job

It’s odd but I haven’t seen any moderators for months now. Literally months. And in the last week I’ve seen them at least 3 times.

Which is pathetic. Not that they are pathetic, but that there are so few and that the majority of them so inactive that this is the most contact I have had in months.

We need to be able to summon them quickly to servers when the GA or other script kiddies launch their assaults. Some kind of menu in the player list with a drop down that gives pre-written contact reasons.

So for example:

1. Cheaters
2. Spamming/Vulgarity
3. In-game support
4. Other/Write your own


The priority of response should be obviously, according to severity. People who abuse the system need to be temporarily banned. The length of which determined by some reasonable metric. Maybe 15mins for someone who needs in-game support, but uses the cheaters priority reason. 12 hours if they do it again, 24 hours again, a week etc. Escalation is the name of the game. There needs to be reasonable deterrents to abusing the system.

Otherwise, mods need to be forced to use the game via Kong and thus be logged into the Kong chat whenever they are online. This is the most reasonable way to accomplish mods being accessible and useful which doesn’t require any effort on the part of the dev team, taking time away from their other, more immediate priorities.

Just get it done for crying out loud. How is this or a similar such policy so difficult to implement?

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What is this ‘respect Igors decision’ nonsense.

He made a decision and it is wrong. Wall spying is cheating. It doesn’t add any dimension to the game other than to cheapen it. There is no need to respect it.

I respect Igor for making something fun that I have spent a large amount of time enjoying. Not for allowing essentially an exploit into his game that only benefits one side and has no counter.

Wall spying does not enhance the game in any way, shape or form. It is detrimental to it because players who spend the time becoming skillful are automatically undone by noobs who camp in a corner with a shotgun and can, with impunity, spy on the unsuspecting player up until the moment the opponent rounds the corner and is obliterated.

There is no counter. There is no technique to level the playing field. It is developer-authorized cheating.

Varnine is right, there is enough hacks out there without the developer implementing more as ‘features’. The same can be said for the glitch that allows AWPers to look over and around corners/boxes due to the backwards shift of the camera POV as they get closer to the surface.

I’m aware that this is not easily fixed, but again, this isn’t a ‘feature’ it’s a bug/glitch that needs to be removed.

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Topic: CS Portable / Dedicated game server download

Vile get this stickied up top. And preferably fix the dl link.

mediafire, mega, any other file locker will do and save you on bandwidth.

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Topic: CS Portable / *Seeking Support Volunteers*

I’m applying for game mod status.

Full disclosure :-

- I think pg13 is nonsense for a game revolving around shooting people in the head.
- I’ve been a continuous player for over a year
- I have a personal vendetta against script kiddies
- I will uphold the code of conduct (though I think large portions of it nonsense)
- There are never any mods for the servers I play on — servers and game types
- I would be a better mod than most of your invisible, uncontactable and elusive mods
- This game is full of mods who either do not exist or are on at times nots GMT +8 a d beyond
- I have skype, but email is sufficient, considering that you do not take constructive criticism well (historically speaking).

In summation: Do yourself and your game a favour — make me a mod. Give me the power to kickban dumbass’s who exploit/"hack"the game. There is no reason to allow them to flourish when you can allow me to lay the banhammer smack downl



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Topic: CS Portable / [Official News And Updates Page]

Originally posted by varnine:

You don’t have to quote the whole post. Just put “@CSPortable_Vile” to tell that you are replying to him without the post being to long.


Sounds great. Keep up the good work, Vile. :3

^ Doesn’t it seemed tidier? Of course, if the post you are replying is short, just quote it. Just saying since you are new.

Tidier, but doesn’t your tongue taste funny? ;)

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Topic: CS Portable / Add map function

People were uploading maps that in part or whole violated other peoples copyright. Studio On Mars were getting themselves into turbulent and expensive legal waters.

Also they were including images that were age-inappropriate (porn).

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Topic: CS Portable / Spam Hacking?

Originally posted by shivam00100:
Originally posted by itsKittyKat16:

There seems to be some kind of HACKING ingame…
A message shows up and Floods the chat section ingame with a link for “Hacks” and I’m not too dumb to follow that message,
But, There’s no name for the sender…

[Click the Pic Link]

Stop promoting it please I know you want to help but this will just promote the website.So please edit your posts and remove the screenshots(and devs already know about it)

Every player knows about

It is spammed continuously on every server and every map that one of these script kiddies joins. Thinking that the mere mention of it on these forums will exacerbate the issue is like saying throwing a tiny cup of gasoline on a bush fire will suddenly turn it out of control.

It’s nonsense. The cat is out of the proverbial bag and the exploitation is already out of control. Trying to censor peoples discussions about it will have no effect on the spread of this exploit kit.

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Topic: CS Portable / HOW CAN WE FIX THIS HACKING? mjmcpher thread

He didn’t call you a kid, you moron.

Do you even english comprehension?

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Topic: CS Portable / [Official News And Updates Page]

If you’re on PC/Browser you use right click.

Otherwise go look in your configuration and set it to another key/button.

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Topic: CS Portable / Suggestions Topic!

Originally posted by shivam00100:
Originally posted by kanishka123:

They won’t even look at this forum this is not official wtf

Rocket launcher wouldn’t be possible.(also would increase the lag)
Android players can’t buy guns when disabled it is AUG which seems to you as Ak47 but it really is Aug which is not in the settings and which you can’t disable.
The prepare 5 secs works so +1.
Stick grenades-I don’t think so.
@7hands you crouch by left ctrl or x not by shift(that is strafe)

No suggestions in the forums are ever accepted or on the odd chance they are, are ever credited to the person/thread they originated from.

That aside, why would having a rocket launcher increase lag, exactly?

shivam you can reconfigure the keys to have crouch a shift – which just happens to be my configuration.

- I like the idea of having rocket launchers, but they are not a weapon suited to CSP.
- The sniper zoom is fast/slow enough as it is, I don’t understand this suggestion
- Claymores are a good idea, but they will inevitably increase camping
- Why stick grenades? Because they bounce differently? This makes no sense to implement.
- C4 is already implemented — it’s called Classic mode
- There is no need for prone, this is CSP a clone of Counter-Strike which is a fast paced FPS with a focus on teamwork and accuracy and speed. Prone is unnecessary and runs contrary to the spirit of CSP.
- Heli-Carrier as a map or as a usable vehicle? I’m prepared to +1 the idea as a map, but not as a vehicle.
- So Classic and Deathmatch combined… you mean 1 person attempts to plant the bomb whilst simultaneously killing everyone else? Oh and everyone else tries to defuse it whilst also trying to kill everyone else? Yeah that sounds pretty silly. Almost sounds like Juggernaut + CTF with C4. Fail.

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Topic: CS Portable / Suspected abusers list

Without any corroborating evidence – ie bandicam captures or screenshots that show them with unlimited hps or inside the map etc – all of these people are being labelled as guilty in the kangaroo court that is this thread.

This thread should be deleted until such time as evidence of guilt is forthcoming.

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Topic: CS Portable / HOW CAN WE FIX THIS HACKING? mjmcpher thread

To be a mod you need to engage your tongue and service vile.

Being active, competent and useful is not a prerequisite. The major prerequisite is to consider CSP and its creators/developers/associated staff to be infallible.

If you can manage that, then more power to you – you’re a ‘valued’ member of the team. A ‘team player’ if you will.

If you have a legitimate gripe about CSP then you’re excommunicated and banished from these forums; like slixxtrixx.

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Topic: CS Portable / Hacker (Please Read)

I saw this player last night doing all of the above on multiple servers.

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Topic: CS Portable / HOW CAN WE FIX THIS HACKING? mjmcpher thread

As I stated in the other thread, we need more active moderators and a massive banhammer.

And just to state it again categorically WeaponsDealer – the cheat client spams the web address continuously. So quit crying about people typing it on the forums.

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Topic: CS Portable / Too many script kiddies

Originally posted by WeaponsDealer:

gj promoting hack website

you question the company of what they’re doing to help, when you’re part of the problem

Oh like everyone who looks on this forum and plays the game isn’t already well aware of this website?

Are you stupid or just trolling?

Every person using client spams the website the entire time they’re active in the server, so don’t give me any nonsense about being part of the problem.

There aren’t enough moderators online and there is no way to signal for one when it is necessary.

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Topic: CS Portable / Too many script kiddies

Studio On Mars – why are you not mentioning or combating the massive influx of script kiddies using GameAnarchy cheats to ruin your game?

I haven’t played in months and yet tonight I log in and 5/7 servers i join have people running around with a combination of unlimited ammo, speed hack and wall hack getting 49 and 50/0 scores.

Go to [link removed] and download their client and figure out wtf it is they’re doing and implement a patch ASAP.

It doesn’t even matter if it takes a couple of weeks for them to figure a work-around, as least for that tiny period of time the game is fun again.

1. Get more mods.
2. Get them from different timezones
3. Give banhammer
4. Get them accessible/requestable in the game to respond in a timely manner to this kind of nonsense.

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Topic: CS Portable / Found hacker please kick

Originally posted by Wooddude:

His name is theandroid his clan is called [Kill] he does a hack where he spawns near his enemies spawn and kills them he also has a speed hack.

He was playing on Western. kick please

You need screenshots and/or a small video recording. Then find Vile’s email address, if I recall it’s something like rvelosa@somethingsomething but check one of the sticky threads.

Then sit back and watch as the guy makes a new account and does it again.

Rinse, repeat, enjoy.

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Topic: CS Portable / Clan system Ideas (MUST READ)

Fair point, a different metric like “Levels” might be more appropriate.

It’s a shame that there is almost no care given over to the social aspects of CSP.