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Topic: General Gaming / Official Enigmata Stellar War Thread

I have 2 Bases, one hacked and the second not hacked…
On the not hacked base i have a score of 36 mio.
On the hacked 20 M.
Tesire is the only Map, where i found Aries, Legend,Vira Ultima,Thor and LVL X.
Gold Generator is very usefull, if it is full Upgrated.
The game don´t schow 102.. coins, but in the end of a level U will see it.
Best unrare Units are:
Nova turrent full Upgreated to Galaxy turrent( this Turrent do the most damaged of all Units, but it is unusefull vs Shields)
Nyon Exist ( It can makes your Enemys to Ghost, than they will fight for U.