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Topic: General Gaming / Last Stand 3 Union City Guide/Walkthrough + Cheat

OVERRUNNED I think you got a few things wrong with stats and upgrades;
SMARTS-doesnt matter if you start with 1 or 10; once you upgrade to 100 you will get +7 when you read a book, and what is more important the price of items will be much cheaper.
LUCK-very important to find weird items, as well as extras (more money, books, bullets…)
BLUNT,BLADES,FITNESS,SURVIVAL-personally I dont touch them, as with just the books you will upgrade lots.
It depends of what sort of game you want t play; if you play the “long” version, I upgrade LUCK to 20 before I search anything, just level up by killing people. And obviously at the end of the game, you can kill as many as you want in the dock (I use only katana until this point), but the problem is that you can level up until LEVEL 30 only; so after that you will not earn any extra experience points