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Topic: Off-topic / Any stories/movies/games/shows where air or water are the antagonists?

Waterworld or underwater levels when you can’t breathe underwater. Frostmourne hungers.

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Topic: The Arts / Just some art-ish stuff I have

Cool, haha, I like the watermelon one!

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Topic: The Arts / My noob work with Pixlr :D

They look cool to me. This one’s my favorite

probably because of the colors in the BG and the text colors are nice together, and that part where the foliage design is in front of the text, that looks cool.

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Topic: Game Programming / Free game creation engine

Flixel and Adventure Game Studio are two engines I’m checking out, trying to learn.

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Topic: Game Design / Dakija - Turn-based Browser RPG [Demo Online!]

Yeah, right off the bat the game seems too complicated, that’s a lot of stats right away. I agree with those above that you need to start having fun immediately, jump right in and show off a bit right off the bat. And music will certainly amplify the whole experience as well.

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Topic: The Arts / -= Ramos Art Corner II =-

Yeah, fantastic work. Very crisp UI especially, I really like your stuff, keep posting!

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Animal Rights

I think the argument that you’re still killing if you eat plants doesn’t really hold up, because you don’t need to kill a tree to eat its apples, or kill the potato plant to eat it’s potato-y bits. An animal however needs to die if you want to eat it’s breast tissue.

Also, Uncle Alfie said you are what eat. Eat fat pigs and cows you end up living amongst a bunch of fat pigs and cows.