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Topic: Off-topic / Good movies?


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Topic: Off-topic / Is Soul Eater NOT! good?

It’s what Soul Eater wasn’t which is ecchi, harem, and three new characters.

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Topic: General Gaming / What 3DS games should I get?

Originally posted by Beny071:


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Topic: General Gaming / What is you fav pokemon game

Pokemon Crystal it was great having to catch Suicune.
Pokemon Mod games would have to be so far Flora Sky.

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Topic: General Gaming / ps4 or xbox one?

Originally posted by Epicnes2:

I do have a 360 but I hate having to get gold to watch netflix.

What about just watching it on your PC?

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Topic: General Gaming / i achieved 2000+ badges

Originally posted by Outcast_Gamer117:


May the kong be ever in your favor.
Ugh bad reference. :/

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Topic: General Gaming / What's Your Favorite Mario Game?

Super Mario Galaxy 2

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Topic: General Gaming / WHICH ONE IS YOUR FAVE

Ps4 from what Xbox one is doing it seems like a better option.

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Topic: Off-topic / If they'd make a movie about a game, what game would you want it to be?

Bioshock 1, 2 and Infinite.
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed.

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Topic: General Gaming / games that suck

Resident Evil: Raccoon City

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Topic: General Gaming / Your favourite game trailer

Bioshock Infinite

Halo 4

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Topic: General Gaming / Battlefield 4..seriously EA.

I really don’t mind the idea of Battlefield 4 there better equipped with the Frostbite 3 and it’s bug fixes, to me this sounds like Battlefield 3.5 but either way these games are great.

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Topic: General Gaming / Favorite Game Console Of All-Time


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Topic: General Gaming / What What The First Video Game You Ever Played?

Crash Bandicoot.

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Topic: General Gaming / Is Halo 4 worth buying?

Truthfully no, I haven’t really even played it.

*Awesome new texture and design for the game.
*New games modes for multi player.
*Decent campaign.
*Lots of choice of emblems, skins, and armor.
*Infection is a lot better including that those infected actually look like flood infected Spartans.
*New enemies
*New weapons along with cool animations kill if you kill someone with that certain weapon.
*New armor abilities.

*More faced paced, so people die more often and a lot easier.
*Short campaign.
*Spartan ops ins’t all that great, it’s like fireflight just weaker.(I’m not including DLC for I haven’t bought any)
*One doesn’t get all the types of armor some are unique and are unaviable due to you the idea that you had to preorder then
*Those with higher ranking might get a advantage over you.

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Topic: Off-topic / Lifespan extension

Sure I’d do it to, but how long will one’s lifespan be extended to?

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Topic: Off-topic / What Game Should I get from the Xbox Ultimate Game Sale?

Originally posted by ThetaPrime01400:

Halo Reach, Bioshock, or Might and Magic: Elements

Bioschock, long story mode with tons of exploring, wonderful story telling, and decent graphics for being an old game.

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Topic: Off-topic / A Black Guy Whooped Obama's Ass SO HARD.

Originally posted by ThetaPrime01400:
Problem, racists?

Thanks, love politics.

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Topic: Off-topic / impeach obama

Originally posted by SocialSynergy:

he refuses to take away every gun thats unconstitutional also he wont raise taxes on poor people

Raise taxes on the poor? Why not the rich?

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Topic: General Gaming / the irate gamer sucks

Originally posted by PvZpro:

the irate gamer reviews his games terribly! (complaining about abu in the Aladdin game, something that has no effect on the overall gameplay. or wierd weapony in th ZAMN review, one could start a drinking game about how many time he complained that “levels get harder as you go along”) he misleads the veiwer (if you look in the exact place anybody knows he CHEATS!)

Agreed started one video didn’t get pass 10seconds.

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Topic: Off-topic / Anyone going for Level* 65 or All Badges?

Might as well I only got to level up 9 more times.

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Topic: Off-topic / We should ban guns to stop all crime

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Topic: Off-topic / Super Bowl XLVII poll and predictions

Why can’t I vote 49ers? ;(

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Topic: General Gaming / greenmangaming

Thanks but I don’t buy stuff online.

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Topic: Off-topic / Do you flag posts?

Only if there pictures of asses, racism, or killing, besides that I don’t care.