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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Task Master

that was end of November, ofc

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Task Master

Funny thing is, a player that talked with me a lot told me end of December he would quit and he did. He hasnt got half my power level by now, but he is still level 4, while I am level 3. I am in the top 100 weekly leaderboards or close for exploring, raiding, crafting and attacking since I started.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Suggestions Thread (December)

Oh, something else would be extremely useful: The ability to deny stuff from being sent to my dungeon, so my valuables cant be raided out of my safe storage by sending me 10k Leather first. I think thats a game balance issue, as it practically makes locked cellars useless against pvp.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Suggestions Thread (December)

Have I mentioned, I want a pony?

Also, a way to save, mark or fix certain Battle Reports to prevent them from vanishing in the constant stream would be handy. Real gravy would be an option in Mountain View to access the latest battle report recieved from a certain location.

To the empty levels, I had one more exotic (and laborious, if considered) idea. At certain levels players could get one random piece of a set. A complete set would allow to produce one node of a certain type in a dungeon of choice.
Say, for a primordial fire node, you would need a fire node inducer, a fire node compressor, a fire node igniter, a fire node controller and a fire node whatchawonnacalltthenextgimmickyitem. Now the only way to collect a set would be to find other Overlords that recieved the matching pieces at reaching that level and buy, coerce or steal it from them. And, off course, an ice node inducer wouldnt help setting up your fire node, which would complicate the search further.

Advantages I see:
The impact on balance would be low, as it would be a real task, to get even one additional node started, the additional player interaction would be considerable. And, well, if some level 50-60 dude actually manages to add one or two nodes to his favorite dungeon, after either buggering his complete alliance or interacting with other medium-level players for weeks, that wouldnt break the game. One more long-range task to keep the high level guys from getting bored.

Possible Disadvantages I see:
Some new items and graphic sprites needed. New possibilities for additional bugs and glitches have to be worked out. If I misestimate the player pool and nobody is willing to go through all that effort for a single extra node, that extra work could be in vain.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Suggestions Thread (December)

Oh, maybe some shop items could be a good idea as level reward. I especially think about free keys for mistery chests every once a while, plus an option to trade the chests on market. I dont think NoG would cut too deep into its revenue stream by doing so, and might even animate more players to occassionally buy one such key themselves.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Suggestions Thread (December)

Hmm, a way to give some Level rewards without endangering the game balance could be to offer a bonus in materials. Like an additional daily reward chest, once, for leveling up. Maybe a bit of a material, that for an average player of that level is just out of reach to be mined or crafted. Or even a free piece of furniture, that the more advanced players of that level might have already, but that might give those, that dont really understand whats going on, one more clue. Like, why do I get a free quiet study from the game? My 8 lvl 1 warlocks dont need that!
Or, I didnt realize how useful firetraps can be against elves until I got my free one at level x.

There would be nothing that could really accumulate in an unfortunate way, players would probably still be rather unenthusiastic about getting, say, a free slug enclosure at reaching a formerly empty level, but it would be a gesture of good will.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Buggy bug reporting

Lets be real, Dungeon Overlord, as fun as the game is, has issues with a myriad of minor annoying bugs. Gold not accounted after dungeon raids, Overworld Events that seem to vanish after a refresh, Thieves botching the retreat after they fail to kill a ranged opponent, and one thousand and one reasons to refresh the browser, because something just glitched.

I dont see that as an extremely shameful fact, given how young the game is, and how much effort the programming crew puts into making it work better and improving it. Now, I, completely naively, assume, that feedback from the gamers about when and where all this countless minor bugs occur would be valuable for the programmers to fix them.

But, at least in the in-game forum, there is a prominent notice, that NoG please does not want broad discussion of bugs in the forum. Instead, please use this totally awesome Bug report feature, that will, as first order of business tell you, that its OK if your PC warns you, that you are about to be cracked, and in the end leaves you staring at a grey screen.
OK, I might be willing to hack myself through that nonense, if the game suddenly denies the existence of my main dungeon, but short of that, I certainly wont do that to tipp off a programmer to a minor glitch, that could be probably fixed with one line of additional programming code.

I think a more sovereign way to handle the current state of the game would be to have a moderated thread, were all known bug and glitches are listed, where people can report additional bugs, and were the programming crew might validate their own efforts by giving notice which known bugs were fixed in the latest update. It should admittedly be moderated by a competent moderator, who can, after a player report on some uncouth browser behavior, give a good estimate, wether that was caused by an already known problem, that is on the crews schedule already, or by something, that hasnt been realized as problematic yet.

If such a thread already exists somewhere, I didnt find it. If someone could point me to it, I would be glad. If it doesnt exist, my opinion is, that it definitely should


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Suggestions Thread (December)

What I would totally love to have is a search option in the leaderboards, that allow to sort players by the region of their starter dungeon. I mean, its nice to know, that Sharkhunter and Hestaby are really fat cats in Solace, but occassionally I would prefer to know, who is the local head honcho in research, say in Burning Woods, or how the competition in DeathMarsh is doing, without having to check a few hundred player profiles.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Woodyz

Has anyone of you a hunch, when Mod Woodyz will be in the forum on top of the screen?
I just registered and still have my first post to be sanitized by him. Happy Weekend, Mod, but do you perhaps know any trustworthy players, who might volonteer to assist you in your Mod duties?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] A guide to razing elven villages

On raiding and razing

The one way to gather leather from the start of the game is, off course, to raid elven villages.

The three orcs from the tutorial are strong enough to do it, kill one or two guards and come back with 450 units of stuff, some leather and randomly either more leather, gold, primordials, or occassionally a piece of furniture or a steel chest.

But, Orcs are slow. Even the shortest trip to the nearest village will take over half an hour to get there, and the same amount of time to get back home and be able to raid again.
That allows for less than one raid per hour. Beginning with Dungeon Lord level 12, you will be able to send out two attacks simultaneously (level 2 orcs to 8, and they will be easily capable to raid a village alone), but really, 2 raids per hour is still much too slow. Waiting till level 27 to get a third simultaneous attack is not an option.

So, the first thing the wiley aspiring Overlord should invest his newly gathered leather in is Thieves.
Research Creature Mastery IV, “Ways of Subterfuge”, upgrade your workshop and your Tavern to Level 3, craft a Trapdoor and place it in the Tavern, wait some time, and welcome your very first Thief.

Thieves move much faster over land than Orcs and can reach the village on your front porch in 10 minutes, so they can make 3 raids per hour per thief, allowing for 6 raids per hour per dungeon.

Constant question in chat is, “how much levels does my Thief need to solo a village?”
Actually, you can send him out, once he reaches lvl 6. He wont succeed to raid half of the time, and might occassionally come back badly hurt, but he is already too clever to get himself killed by a village guard, if he is given enough time to heal before he is sent out gain.

But, the biggest disadvantage of Thieves vs Orcs is, that they can carry much less. At level 6 he can carry only 250 stuff, which means, he will leave half of the booty behind, while even looting a lowly village. So, better get a second Trapdoor, and send in 2 lvl 6 Thieves as a pair. They will carry out all that is there, and will get hurt much less, if they come up against anything other than a pair of footmen. While your thieves are at that low level, you can continue to use Orcish labor for your second attack.

To carry all the possible loot from a village alone, a single thief has to be lvl 13. To get to that level a Dark Nook has to be placed into the tavern, but the ability of your thieves to solo a village is easily worth the crystal for the nook and all the reinforced leather for the training.

As I said, with 2 grown-up solo Thieves, attacking simultaneously from your dungeon, the village can be raided 6 times per hour, which is nice, but not as nice as burning the village down.

To burn down a village, 20 of its defenders have to be killed in raids, and it has to be done quite fast, as 2 defenders per hour grow back. Given that even on a successful raid a lowly lvl 13 thief is about as likely to kill only one defender as he is to kill two, and will still very often not kill any defenders at all, but instead get hurt in return and need a healing break, killing that amount of elves is hard and can drag on for several hours of sending the thieves back in over and over, only to then watch how some noob from the hood has send in a couple of orcs, and killed the last defenders you had left and snatched your rightful loot from you.

The trick to efficient village razing is to have thieves in two dungeons, that are close to the same village, so either in the sme mountain as your starter and in an adjacent one, or in your 2nd and 3rd dungeon anywhere on the map, but close enough to each other. From lvl 12 to lvl 27 you can send out only 2 attacks simultaneously, but luckily that is per dungeon. So, two dungeons can send out 4 attacks. With thieves attacking next door, those are possible 12 attacks per hour.
Lvl 13 thieves kill an estimated average of 1 guard per attack, so it can still take two hours or more for them, but with the massive amount of leather you will gather over time now, it shouldnt be a problem to lvl your thieves higher and higher, reducing the amount of time they have to spend to heal their wounds and raising their kill efficiency towards 2 kills per raid.

Approaching lvl 25 for your thieves, that darned village should burn within maybe a bit more than an hour. And with the possibilty to send out series of raids at Dungeon Lord level 17, you only have to check their progress after about all 40 minutes.

On serious loot

Burning down a village will make it inaccessible for new raids for a few minutes. (Refresh your browser, if you want to start a new series of attack, else the burned icon will be visible for much longer), but, and this is the reason, why you are doing this, it will give you a guaranteed

500 primordial Water
500 primordial Earth
1000 gold

plus usually more than 1000 food, 500 leather and 100 iron

Oh, and off course on top of all the loot from the prepriatory raids.

Great thing is, all of that bonus stuff your thieves dont have to carry home, it just pops up in your dungeon.
Here is the solution to all your crystite and steel ingot needs.

Oh, btw. The elves will totally hate you for burning down their villages. But this guide was about getting the optimum loot out of raiding at low levels, not about surviving the reaction. I might do another guide to that problem soon, or you might just ask panicked questions in the chat, about what to do, when the first angry elves appoint themselves for a visit in your dungeon.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] The multishocker - a useful tool?

Shocking locks regularily is the easiest way to keep research levels high. Shocking the locks in a full lvl 4 library is a chore, I don’t want to imagine, what shocking all the 8 locks of a fully staffed lvl 5 mine feels like.

First, you have to hunt each of those little buggers individually down. When you click the shock button, the browser takes half a second to think about how dealing shocks to warlock has to look, lags a bit, the button is greyed out, then comes back. I usually hammer on the mouse button 10-12 times, cause I wonna get it done. The shocking animation, while funny to look at, almost freezes the screen for a moment, and repeated over and over badly tortures the Java Plugins.

Can I please get a library furniture, that when clicked at electocutes all the research personal to 0 happyness, calculating their boost in effectiveness, as if they would have been shocked by hand?

I am willing to build up the Forge to level 3 to get it and spend Chrystite to craft it, but please, oh noble programmers, give the idea a long thought.

The alternative fix, that has been proposed, was to put the shocking procedure into the creature tab. That would at least spare the aspiring Overlord from having to chase his warlocks around the dungeon, like a farmer, chasing a herd of chickens. My solution would also circumvent, the constant annoying lags, and, I like the fluff of it.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Suggestions thread

Well, I am a bit confused, wether suggestions, should go here, or in there own thread, or possibly both, so I will just try both.
As I elaborated here , I think the interface for market sales could be greatly enhanced, if all empty market slots were greyed out or otherwise marked as empty. This would save potential sellers from frustrating clicking through empty slots, and enable the sale of unexpected goods, like refined materials or furniture.

Ah, yes, on a completely unrelated not, I want to support LopesPipe’s suggestion: “add the shock button to the creature panel”, and, maybe reduce the shock animations to keep the game from freezing if several shocks are applied in a row.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Improvement for regional market

At the moment, for all practicality only raw materials are traded on most regional market, at least in low level regions.

One major practical reason: Nobody expects any furniture or crafted materials to be sold there, so nobody goes through the paces to click on all those items just to confirm, that nothing is there.
On the other hand, if someone would like to sell some old furniture, or even produce furniture or crafted mats for sale, he is almost chanceless, because noone will ever know, that something is for sale, unless the seller starts to spam in the chat.

IF ONLY ….. all the empty items in the market, where nothing is for sale, were greyed out or otherwise marked, so that any interested person could check with one or two mouseclicks if any furniture or crafted stuff at all is for sale, this could possibly get better. Nobody clicks through 40 or more empty slots, but if it were possible to quickly check wether the slots are empty, maybe a few people would start looking into the manufactured sales.

I don’t know for sure, wether that would be a silver bullet, that immediately starts a massive increase in trade volume, but it could be a step into the right direction, and as far as my little programming knowledge is concerned, this doesnt sound like a very complicated task to implement.

If you read this and are not from NoG, but agree with the idea, please answer to the post to show your general interest. Thanx all


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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dungeon Overlord] Minor tweek

I tried to check my creatures stats in game and found them only available, while sending them for a raid. Now, OK, there is the wiki, where they are, but I wonder, why they dont show up in the creatures tab. It shouldnt be a great change to the game, to show them while the mouse hovers over the creatures name, just like it does in the attack box.
Feels like something, that just belongs there.