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Topic: The Last Stand: Dead Zone / the BEST wepions 1-10

2) Nuclear Bomb

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / [Official] Got ideas? Post them here

Weapon Name: Rancor Diamondback

Damage: 50.0
Pierce: 1.0
Critical Chance: 1.00%
Rate of Fire: 40.0 RPS
Damage over Time: 225.0 HP/3 seconds (75 Chemical damage/second)
Clip Size: 500
Reload Time: 5.30 seconds
Movement Penalty: -35.0%
Automatic: Full Auto
Category: Concentrated Damage Weapon (like the Rancor Hotspot or Ronson WP Flamethrower)
Damage Type: Chemical


Damage: +10% per level
Rate of Fire: +10% per level
Damage over Time: +10% per level
Capacity: +10% per level
Pierce: +10% per level
Movement Penalty: -2.5% per level
Critical Chance: +.75% per level
Reload Time: -.45 seconds per level

Normal: Level 50
[RED]: Level 100
[BLACK]: Level 100


“Like that of the deadly snake, the Diamondback sprays a super-concentrated type of liquid composed of lethal venoms from around the world and a highly-potent acid designed to combat the skin on zombies, regardless of armor or no armor.”

Took me about 25 minutes to make this. Please take into consideration, NinjaKiwi.

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Topic: Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra: General / Loyalty Bonuses

I dunno ‘bout you guys, but if I am going to spend my LP’s on one thing, I want to know the stats. I have over 6K saved up, and I don’t want to hit Diamond or Alexandrite and be super disappointed in what I can buy. It’s not that fair that you can’t see the items till you’re a rank behind.

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 4 / SAS 4 memes!

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Topic: Tyrant: General Tyrant Discussion / Game Breaker Card?

I’ve been thinking about what the game-breaking card is, and I’ve gone with the Vergadain from the Full Apocalypse pack simply because of it’s skills. What are your guys’ “game-breaker” card opinions?

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / What?

Sometimes I’ll do an action, then my max energy will be lower. For instance, it’s at 232 instead of 250.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed: General / free wbs for f2p vs p2w

The fact of the matter is that the people who play, win. They should at the very least create free offers and/or give WB bonuses for leveling up.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / When and why did then war start?

Maybe because balloons can kill you because if you choke on them?

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Topic: Kongregate / Vote: Your Favorite Kongpanion [ends 7/15/14]

Jack! He’s so adorable, but he looks adorable-er with a crown on his head :)

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Topic: SAS: Zombie Assault 3 / SAS4 is Finaly Here!

Won’t let me log in, keeps going to the registration page for some reason when I try to log in.

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Topic: Run Mobile / Bugged

Whenever I finish a path, right as I finish the game crashes. Help!

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / How do I equip the Tyrant Mech?

I was recently given the Tyrant Mech for playing Tyrant:Unleashed and it’s not letting me equip it.

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Topic: Tiny Dice Dungeon / Lost my save data for no reason

It’s happened to me too. We are all feeling pain.

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Topic: Pirate Clan / Noob Guide [ Please contribute ]

While fighting may help you gain XP fast, you can get a lot by fighting bosses. Make sure like the others said, that you attack world bosses for better items, and make as many friends as possible, especially higher level people. They will give you some of the best bosses thus far in the game.

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Topic: Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra: Get Connected / Need Help for a boss? Post it here!

If anyone needs help with a boss, this is what’s here for you outside the game.

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Topic: Mob Wars: La Cosa Nostra: Get Connected / Syndicate Link Thread

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Nowadays in the world of TDP4

OK, now that this has been going on lately, I need to give in. All these whackjob n00bs in the game are trying to purchase every weapon they can lay their hands on. That means blowing away hundreds of Kreds to buy artifacts. Then, you’re up against a n00ber who has a friggin’ Barrett, a PG Mark II, and an Assassin. It’s not fair to us who actually play the game for fun, then these n00bs who all they want to do is ruin the experience for all us LEGIT gamers who want to have fun. They will even buy items to advance making our gaming hell, such as Kamikaze, where they kill people, die, EXPLODE, and get a “MOOONNNSSSTTEEERR KKIIILLLL.” It’s dumb, because I’m only a level 7, but I legit play the game. I saw a guy who was level 5, and he had an M202A2, and was dominating the game. I think that Kongregate should help us out to earn free Kreds, so we can at least compete with the overpowered fledglings. Who else thinks this is unfair? Reply so we can share opinions.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / TDP4 Corrupt-A-Wish

Granted, ajbarr is wearing Velcros.
I wish for over 9000 Kreds.

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Topic: TDP4 Team Battle / Got an idea for a new gun? Share it here!

Name: F13 Gradder
Type: Assault Rifle
Ammunition: 40
Damage: 350
Price: 15000 Coins + 6 Cash
Skills Needed: 5 Accuracy, 4 Strength, 1 Explosions
Shot Interval: 0.15 seconds
Look: Slick body with many mechanical features, energy bulb on it.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Earn Kreds

I do think that Kongregate should be handing out free Kreds, but also I think it depends on the activities on Kongregate that we do that should help us earn Kreds, like viewing videos more than once and showing them often and other fun activities to earn Kreds, because everyone has that one jerk on a game that needs some sort of special ability to pass through, and sometimes, playing the game just won’t cut it, so, Kreds will definitely cut it to defeat this opponent.

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Topic: Technical Support / Games I've Played

All the games I played recently, like Crush the Castle 2, Gravitee Wars, and Infectonator 2 all got reset, and I have been playing those games very much, like CTC 2, I got all the weapons, Gravitee Wars, Sector 3, and Infectonator, I beat that 3 times and got most of the Premium Content. WHAT DO I DO??