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Topic: General Gaming / Domain Of Heroes - Browser Mmorpg

I’ve played just about every free 2d, 3d, and text based mmorpg I could find off of I am addicted now, to one unique free browser based mmorpg because it doesn’t seem to be a rewritten peice of crap like most browser based mmorpgs. You know the kind; Buggy code that people with no php knowledge buy and trade every day online, with a turn based system and no new updates. These games are terrible. Anyways This game, which is so unique, is called Domain of Heroes. Taken from their homepage, the description can be as:

Play anywhere, anytime, for FREE.

Domain of Heroes is a FREE browser-based massively-multiplayer web RPG. What a mouthful!

You can play at home, at school, at work (yes, we condone it), or at the coffee shop — as long as you’ve got a browser and an internet connection, you are ready to be a Hero!
We keep growing, and growing, and growing…

  • Join one of 3 factions: the noble Knights, the insiduous Legion, or the mysterious Brotherhood as you quest for fame (or infamy)!
  • Choose from 27 classes and master over 150 skills — from ninjas to pirates, from dark knights to druids, from necromancers to chemists!
  • Pick from 30 races, including dwarves, elves, demons, werewolves, dragons… Dohria is a truly diverse realm.
  • Fight over 300 monsters as you explore 200 dungeons!
  • Millions and millions of items, plus the ability to forge your own!
  • Play solo and enjoy a novel’s worth of written story, or…
  • Start a guild, join in on PvP Faction Battles, and conquer the land!
  • Socialize in the real-time in-browser chat, or join the forums!
  • Play fun mini-games! Blackjack, anyone?
  • Enhance and customize your gaming experience with upgrades.
  • No silly “expansion packs” — new quests are added regularly, with more storylines to come.
  • 100% browser based — no plug-ins, downloads, or installation required. No Flash, no crazy Java applets.

Domain of Heroes

If you guys would use my referral link (The game has a pretty good refferal reward system as well), and sign up, I’d appreciate it. Thanks.