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Topic: Kongregate / Official Voting Thread for the Best of 2010 Quest

Not exactly a great choice of choices in my opinion…

Stick amorphous+ up there, that game needs credit…

Otherwize, I guess I vote for the enchanted cave…

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version - Messaging Edition (CR 2010.04.21)

Nooo, wait a minute, I know why they did that comment rating thing… Think about it, since YOUR or MY comment will never get to be seen because someone else’s comment was rated +1000 because he described the game accurately, it discourages people from even wanting to post a comment at all (Regardless of how “Accurate” it is), since it doesn’t give you points (at least at a certain level). And I bet that saves kong a bit of space and heartache…

“Then the child will get in trouble for being on Kong in the first place. And if a parent is complaining about their child being directed to a website with a few swears on it, they need to get real and look outside. I’ve ranted about this before though, so I’ll stop here.
Well that’s all fine and dandy, if the child doesn’t wreck his computer by clicking a link to a dangerous site, which is what I obviously implied.. I mean cmon, I know it’s the kid’s responsability to.. Uh.. Do that when he wants to..

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Topic: Kongregate / New Kongregate Version - Messaging Edition (CR 2010.04.21)

Iunno, it all seems so uneven.. I mean, comments for shouts? That’s like one of those things that sounds and looks realy cool when your thinking of it, but turns out it’s kinda wierd.. And the comment rating system? Why? Why?! Some idiot could just post something about a meme or beg for badges and everyone would rate it high, and it’d get stuck on the dang page whenever I wanted to see REAL comments… and the “Message system”?..
Seriously? All you did was take the perfectly fine “shout” feature, and blow it up into an entire new page of complicated mess I don’t want to deal with… You know what improvement you should make? How about an optional “Classic style” button on the corner of the kong page, doesn’t have to be big.. Make it where people have the option of undoing all these annoying new features, and having it just bare-bones practicalness like it used to be… Also, don’t wanna put salt on the wound, but allowing links to apear on chatrooms is asking for trouble, we all know there’s people out there who will click on anything before thinking, especially children, and it’d only have to happen once before the staff get a tsunami of complaints from angry mothers and fathers….

I do have a knack for over thinking things, but the way I see it, nobody in this world thinks enough for my liking… Just saying…

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Topic: Kongregate / Hardest Badge

Ring pass not hard badge is pretty darn tough, I dare you to pass it..

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Topic: Kongregate / The Official "Give me weapons for DAF" topic!

Give me something and whisper me asking for a mace, and if I have one, I’ll proudly return the favor.. :)

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Topic: Kongregate / Request: Expand the "Top 25 Kongregators"

Seems like a spur of the moment suggestion to me.. But then again, consider it from us, the gamer’s point of view… We spend our hard lifeless hours playing games, and all we have to show for it are badges?… Don’t get me wrong, I think they’re just dandy, but technicly, how much trouble seriously is “Bragging about their points” gonna cause to the community? Why else would that list exist if not to show off the developers?…

And yeah, the community already knows there are people without lives, and the people without lives know the community knows they have no lives… You make it sound like 60% of kong’s population is filled with blondes… It’s as the old saying goes, Either everyone’s happy, or noone’s happy…

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Topic: Kongregate / Thank you kongregate!

A good example of how the system works…

My name used to be mispelled, and it was realy bothering me…
The reason that makes my exuce valid is that…
1. I’ve been with kong for years.
2. and so had my mispelled name.

And of course I am also taking responsability for this comment, which means, please PLEASE don’t just start flooding the feedback with petty complaints, it is only for serious problems, so follow the rules, and please for my sake, be good.

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Topic: Kongregate / Thank you kongregate!

(For Kongregate)
Thank you for all the help you have given me. You have definetly suprised me with how much you care aboute your community, thus, I will be as loyal and respectful as I can in and to your community. This doesn’t mean you will stop hearing from me, because I am always on duty to help out the people!

(For random people viewing this)
People, do not be afraid!
There is help out there!

If you feel as if kongregate has let you down, or if you see SERIOUS injustice at foot, or if you have a very big problem on your back (all kong related), do not fear! the feedback buttons works!

but here is HOW you get it to work.

1.Make sure to spell check your problem/complaint.
2.Make sure your reason is something worth complaining about, and is not a petty issue.
3.Make sure it is something that is out of your power to deal with, do not complain with a personel issue that just needs DIY fix…
4.Make sure to be polite with your complaint/problem.
5.REMEMBER to issue the complaint in the correct SUBJECT CATEGORY.
6.Do not send more than 1 of the same complaint, I promise, they got it.

Even if you follow all these rules, and you don’t get a reply, that doesn’t mean that it wasn’t resolved, check up on it to see if they fixed it…

Ironicly, most of the rules are found in the Feedback page.

Good luck and have fun fellow kongers!

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

there needs to be an update page, where you can see a list of all the new features coming this next week or month or year..

A second feature that would be realy neat is advanced profile customiztion for users level 10 and above, like perhaps name color, or some other neat features to allow on a users profile…

and another feature request: A name change feature, for level 20 users and above, because when you haven’t expected to play on kongregate that long, you kinda wish you didn’t have a stupid name… (no offence)… and as it goes, they should tell you to wait one month before they agree, plus it also gives you a chance to think it through… and after the month passes they either e-mail you and change your name, or they disagree(which doesn’t have to take a month.)

and ANOTHER request: perhaps some kind of system where if you spot a user being a complete dimwit, you can go to his profile and there would be a “naughty or nice” button, and the more naughty buttons he gets, the redder his name gets or something, so that way when your in a chatroom, you automaticly know if your in a chatroom full of polite people, or if you just entered a “trash” room. and of course his name goes green if the people like him… i know this is abuse sensetive, so thats why perhaps when u press either a naughty OR nice button, you have to write a reason, which would be recorded in a 3rd (shout being 1st and wisper being 2nd) little window… for example you go to a guys profile, and you see a green thumb with the reason “helped explain a game to me” or a redthumbs down with the reason “was constantly spamming and insulting people”…

gasps for air ok.. im finished…

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Topic: Off-topic / Anyone Interested In Role Playing?

rp threads almost always fail for the one main reason…

random people acting like complete retards and ruining the entire effect…

As much as i like rp it truly is a fantasy.
If you ever find an rp paradise of such, gimmi a call.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Um, here’s a suggetion, how aboute a “harder” badge for 45 points. That way you could fine-tune certain challenges so they don’t see too easy or hard. I’m suprised you haven’t done it yet, the whole badge system seems a bit incomplete.

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Topic: Off-topic / The Introduction Thread

uh,so do i just write aboute myself,i guess so…

my kong. name is squishybrick

i live in the middle of nowhere

im lonely as hell and only get to be on the comp a little

and i am level 16 because i like things like this,you know…leveling up and gaining the respect of the people who made this site,to me,respect is like a good luck charm,it’s valuable
to have and to save,and one day it just might come in handy