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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / help me PR2 players.

Kong users are worse than Sparkworkz users were lmao.


It doesn’t work anymore, I tried it. Sorry man :\


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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Character Contests

This actually used to be an official weekly contest on Run by Gram (the mod) and named “Styler of the Week”, any member could submit a character design, and judges decided which one was the coolest. After the first few weeks of running, the contestants had to make a character design that best matched a theme set for that week. The contest ran for about 20-30 week if I’m correct, and the prize (before EE ;-;) was the Epic Stick parts. It no longer runs because the prize is no longer relevant, the hosts had no interest, and the site is down indefinitely.

Source: I was there ;P

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Report the scammers

If people are actually gonna PM someone their pass, they deserve to be scammed

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / I'm making a game in roblox Called "Platform racing: The revival"

ew roblox

i want the game to be alive, but not alive with roblox players

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Topic: Platform Racing 2 / Favorite activities of pr2

DontMoving>Racing>Traps>War>Frust>Glitches>everything else

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Topic: Forum Games: Continuous Games / Corrupt-a-Wish

granted, but the version sucks.

I wish for nothing.