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Topic: Galaxy Online / Introduction to Space Raids

the charts come from trials and a new constellation, so unless they come from low trials then I think its gonna be for high lvl players

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Topic: Galaxy Online / What's best weapon: maxed out

Originally posted by Kalkara:

PVE balistics directional then missle shipbased.

PvP ballistics shipbased then directional.

Ballistics : fires every turn lowest dmg but eats least he3. Horizontal scatter and light breaker

Directional: slightly more powerful, fires every second turn but uses low he3. Debuffs opponents fleet

Missle: big he3 use, long range and 3 round fire cycle. People prefer this cause late game it has whole fleet scatter.

Ship-based: Huge dmg, Huge he3 consumption. Basically tank breaker. Set these to eat durability and you counter most shit. 4 round cooldown but usually breaks through any shields leaving your directionals/ balistics to mop up unhindered (damage negation only affects shields) With fortune lowers cd to 1 turn quite alot of the time, demolishing fleets

One HUGE point for ship based > missiles, ship based weapons carry an intercept chance, IE can reduce missile and other ship based damage that is fired at you. So your offense aids in defense.

but thats not all my friend. You need to counter opponents fleets too

t t t ||| c c c
g g g ||| c c c
g g g ||| c c c

these are the common formations, where t is a tank, g is glass cannon and c is a multi-role.

You use missiles against the first formation, due to whole fleet splash, because while you just hit the tank, the splash mauls the glass cannons. Therefore you have missiles set to highest attack.

Ship based are better at multi-roll killing due to being able to eat through the shields and negation. They also excell at tank-killing.

Directional and balistic are mopups, set them to target close and have high engines and they will hold the front line and kill weak things.

Was abit of a rant but there ya go.

FOr a newbie i suggest reaserching deep into balistics first, getting max lvl hop bombs for instance farming.

Hop bombs? no, just not… The whole reason to go into ballistics is to resarch victory rush(up to +220% damage) and range extension(up to +2 range). Also, another thing to note about missiles and shipbased is that they can be intercepted by anti air cannons, and have a lower hit chance then ballistics or directionals.

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Topic: Galaxy Online / What's best weapon: maxed out

for instances go ballistic and directional. for pvp go ballistics, missiles, and directionals(in that order)

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Topic: Galaxy Online / kongregate tags

I agree, the game is at its heart a time management game. Do I spend 72 hours on this research, or the more expensive one that takes 100+ hours, or do i spend the FARMED resources on ships instead? Do I spend my time attacking players, or farming instances?