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Topic: MythBorne / suggestions

Here’s a suggestion…Make it possible to recycle gear you don’t need. Like from Green and up gives you either refinement stones or radiant ore. You put the sell value as 1 gold and that ridiculous. Even make it possible that the gear that you have spent gold on to upgrade to refund some gold back to you if you sell them. But, 1 gold really..really R2

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Topic: MythBorne / Where the Hell is the Incentive Shop

I have two cards to be used in Incentive shop a Mount card and a gem card. But where is the incentive shop

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Topic: Knight's Fable / How do we obtain the card Morai

How do we get the card Morai most of the stuff on Carnival needs that card. We have no way of getting it. If there was a option please let us know.

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Topic: SwordSaga / Maintenance

It’s released and still on maintenance…

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Topic: SwordSaga / [Emergency Announcement] Servers down Issue 11/28

Aimma, it wasn’t much of a P2W game yet and most of us didn’t spend any money on the game and were in the top 10 ranks but we devoted huge amount of time and spent tons of gold we had gotten from scrapping and grinding and getting those orbs was hard and to lose everything is kinda heart breaking.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Yitien] Mt. Hua Tournament

I’m really curious how does the inactive people getting automatically entered into the tournament but the active players if we don’t register we don’t get to enter the contest? How does a person who been inactive for more then 2 months make rank to the finals? How does a person rank in mortals who been inactive for more then 8 months?

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Topic: Pirates: Tides of Fortune / BUG - Sending sketches

The same.. We got the same. We got the same bug that your support team been trying to fix on the mainsite.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Yitien] New bug for 4/30/2014

Hey after you all did maintenance what the hell happened to Gleaming Summit. It no longer on our screen the icon is gone and no way to access it..What gives?

 photo missingGS_zps6fd7d576.png

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Yitien] What the point of R2 Support

What the point of R2 Support that pops in and checks on the game but the moment someone pm them a question. They vanish in thin air. We have posted many issues here and none have been even answered. It seems all they do is pop in to tell us “Maintenance is scheduled”.

Would at least like a answer or reply to our post and re-assure us that either it being looked into or fixed.

Half the time you release new content to the game and give no explanation except for a little flag that pops up in the game telling us of what is new. This new Accolade event. The Br accolode seems to be broken. 3 people were able to claim but the rest of us who are 120k BR or higher it seems we are not able to as it shows as Incomplete. It would be nice if you could at least give us a idea of how many people need to be a certain BR for the rest of us to qualify instead of using the words:“When there are enough people” that doesn’t tell us anything. It could mean any number we may be a small community but we are faithful supporters of the game. Please at least make it possible where we can have a up-to-date forum on events and info that actually explains them instead of leaving us guessing.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Blade Hunter] Brief Guide

(This is just a brief guide to the game some of it may change if R2 update the game or changes the operation or mechanics of it)


There are so far three classes that we know of so far.
Knight,Valkyrie and the Rogue...Who knows if R2 will create any other.
(Skills Upgrading):

1. Click the button icon which is represented by a book at the bottom of the screen to enter Upgrade Skills Panel.
2. Select skills you wish to upgrade from the left side of the panel.
3. In order to upgrade your skills it requires both Gold and SP. It seems that Max skill level depends on character level.
4. As I have seen so far there are five ranks of skills represented by the following colors (lowest to highest): green, blue, purple, gold, orange).
By upgrading skills to a certain level will supposedly advance them to the next rank.
5. Skill upgrading has a 100% success rate and after upgrading the skill of course should inflict more damage.
6. SP (Skill Points) you can obtain there skill points through Nightmare Dungeons, Hero Dungeons and other events


At the bottom of the screen you see a icon that is in between the book and what appears to be a knight helm that is where you find the forge.
1. Click on the forge icon to enter the Enchant Panel.
2. Select the equipment that you wish to have enchanted.
3. The purpose of the enchanting is to improve the quality and attribute of the item. This has a 100% success rate.
4.. There are 6 levels of equipment quality:( common (white), uncommon (green), rare (blue), epic (purple), legendary (orange) and heirloom (gold).

Once you enchant the equipment to a certain level it will transform to the new rank. With each new level achieved from the enchanting the attribute bonuses granted by equipment also will improve.
5. One thing to remember that you can only enchant the equipment up to your level. So with each level gained is another level you can enchant your equip to.
6. You can also click "1-Click Enchant" to enchant it to the current max level.


In order to reforge a item or piece of equip you need certain items or Reforging stones there are 3 types:(Lesser,Greater and Superior)
Lesser Reforge stones can be found in Nightmare Chests which are obtained when completing any Nightmare Dungeon or may appear in Mystery Shop.

The stones are sent directly to your inventory after claiming a chest. Do be aware that you won't always find one in a chest. So far it seems that the drop rate is somewhere between a possible 30%-40% although some have said it's less of a chance of obtaining them.

It takes 10 lesser reforging stones to create a Greater Reforging stone and it takes 10 Greater Reforging stone to make a Superior Reforging stone.

At level 40 the option will appear and allow to you join a guild. If you want to create one it seems you need to be level 48 and have about 1 mil gold.
Creating or joining a guild, clicking the “guild” button will open up the main guild interface. This will allow members to access various events and guild functions as well as collect Wisdom. Wisdom is used to level up Energy Crystals which increase character attributes and can be gained via various guild events such as the Guild Pyre and Adventure.
Guildmasters level 2 and above can empower the guild to increase the Guild Tree’s aura. This will allow all guild members to receive 5,000 Guild Pyre, 200,000 Gold and 200 Star Pts. once the Aura reaches 30.

(Scepter Defense):
All guilds may sign up for Scepter Defense, with the top 30 guilds in terms of battle rating having priority if more than 30 event applications are received.


1. The event takes place on a guild-by-guild basis, with the most powerful guilds having priority. 2. All guild members can apply through the “Scepter Defense” interface on behalf of his/her guild during the sign-up time 20:50 – 21:00 (server time, daily). 3. The event is open from 21:00 – 21:30 (server time, daily); each guild can have up to 10 players enter the event. 4. All guild members will win if all 30 waves of monsters are defeated and the scepter is protected. The event will end if the scepter is destroyed or time runs out.
1. For each successfully defeated wave of monsters the guild will receive points. The faster the guild defeats the monsters, the more points received. All guild members will be abundantly rewarded if their guild points rank in the top 3 by the end of the event. 2. All participants will gain rewards according to the points their guild gains.

(Atrributes Definition):
PATK ---- Physical Attack
PDEF ---- Physical Defense
SATK ---- Skill Attack
SDEF ---- Skill Defense
Crit DMG ---- Crit Damage
Crit RES ---- Crit Resistance
AP ---- Armor Penetration
DR ---- Damage Resistance
STR ---- Strength
INT ---- Intelligence
PATK: increases normal attack damage
PDEF: decreases damage received from normal attacks
SATK: increases skill damage
SDEF: decreases damage received from skills
Crit DMG: increases critical hit damage
Crit RES: decreases damage received from critical hits
AP: decreases the effect of targets' DR
DR: decreases all damage received

Devotion increases when doing daily events. Players can collect rewards when devotion reaches certain target levels:
20% gives you 50,000 gold
45% gives you 80,000 gold
70% gives you 120.000 gold
95% gives you 10 diamond

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Yitien] Current Bugs after Maintenance 2/14

Please report any current issues with the game here and hopefully R2 support will see it and try to address the issues we are experiencing.

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Topic: Wartune / [Promotion] New Years - Recharge Gift Extended

I know this is a bit off-topic but for the mount description – Cloudcaller
Sylphs of air and water dance around this harbinger of storms as it soars through the sky.
Attributes: +40, Max Attribute Level: +10. I wonder how many of my guild mates will have it and will they be able to fly high and circle around the guild tree…

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Topic: Wartune / [Event] Christmas Day - Rune Refining

Another spend your money event…

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Yitien] [Guide] Card System

Would of been nice if you created a event where you could obtained the card from other then purchasing in shop. But as usual another item or system for the cash players. I know you got to make money too but you should atleast make a alternative way of procuring those cards with a low drop rate for non casher players. I t would also bring more people to the game then there are already but I guess you have no idea that it’s already a dead game with only a few or a handful of faithful of us non and cash players still playing it.

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Topic: Dragon Pals / Has anyone else Experienced theGuild War Bug

We have also experienced another guild war bug where the top row freeze and people from both sides can’t do anything. we tried to back out and re-enter and we still frozen. I refreshed and when the game re-loads and I enter I’m in same place frozen. Today we had a guild war with DragonFire I will post two picture that you see the time lapse between the two and neither side have the people moved they are frozen in place.

 photo secondclip_zps384d3f06.png

 photo firstclip_zps172528fb.png

this is LolCats vs Dragonfire added to the people on land it may say 7 but really on our side there is 10 of us in queue and we can’t do anything and we losing out on points just as people on DragonFire are too.

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Topic: Dragon Pals / Has anyone else Experienced theGuild War Bug

My in-game name is Legolas and we are server 1

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Topic: Dragon Pals / Has anyone else Experienced theGuild War Bug

That not it Lithare there is no death cooldown counting down. No way to know and everytime i get the go icon. It keeps telling me i’m on death cooldown. I sat there literally for 20 min and still in death cooldown.

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Topic: Wartune / I'm Curious what the Conversion rate on Vouchers in Bound Balens was

I had over 70K Voucher and only got 1k bound balens.. What was the conversion rate?

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Topic: Dragon Pals / Has anyone else Experienced theGuild War Bug

I experienced a Death Cool down bug in Guild war. Where I can make it all the way across and not get killed and then when the “GO” icon appears i can’t redeploy because it say:“I’m under a death Cool down” and there is no time counting down to show me how much is left before I can deploy. I been constantly leaving and then re-entering in order for me to place my myself in queue.

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Topic: Dragon Pals / Low drop rate in Dungeon NM level

Server 1)

Has anyone else been experiencing a low drop rate of equip to recycle or purple shards. For the past couple of weeks. I have Done Level 55-60 NM Dungeon and only gotten enchant stones, sacred stone, feldheart, meterorites, feathers, gems stones, roses or bounty charm. Hardly do i get any purple shard or equip to none.

Today finally 1 piece of equip has drops out of 3 attempts.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnant Knights] Bugs or glitches or other issues

I downloaded the Kayldo Player and the game has loaded to 100% after about 1 min of waiting I get a message that tells me that the Kayldo Player is unresponsive of Mozilla. Is the Player compatible with Google Chrome or does one need to play this game using Firefox or IE?

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Remnant Knights] For any who experiencing the HMAC

I just tried to load up the game myself and got the Hmac invalid message followed by a need to install a plugin called Kalydo Player. Once you install that the game should play.

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Topic: Wartune / Suggestions #3

Suggestion….Seriously, I think many may have brought this up but I will again. It be nice if we had or have a Auction House. There many event that come out that most of us will agree that they are mostly for the people who spend money on your game or the ones called “Cashers”. But I think it’s also unfair to them who buy mass quantity of box, or packages deals in hopes of attaining good items. The majority of items they score or doubles,triples and maybe more of the same item. There no trading system and like I said “Auction House” that they sell them like really what are they gonna do with 2 or 3 and even 4 pieces of the same clothes that they are already equipped with. I believe the amount of gold you may give in exchange when they sell to make room is not equivalent to the balen rate. So, in a sense the one who support your game also feel like they been crapped on. Personally. I think that by having a auction house it will not only be beneficial to us your faithful players but also for you the R2 game community and Developer as well.

I do ask one thing that if you do ever plan to make a “Auction House” Please, not like the way you did in Dragon Pals that is absolutely absurd..To charge for posting an Items I can see…But, then to charge a fee for selling the items as well.. That is quite unfair.

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Topic: Dragon Pals / Auction House

I sold a item for 45 gold and they took 10 pieces of gold out as their fee.

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Topic: Dragon Pals / Auction House

Really. I don’t see the logic behind it and it quite dumb to. To post an item it cost Amethyst and when the item is sold. There is a fee they take out of your profits. Really , so you paying twice. Also, it would be nice if it would of stated in the Market or Auction house that a small fee is taken out of your profit from items you sell.