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Topic: The Arts / Voice Actors Needed

If you would like to apply for an audition for my new animated series, The Void Cube, post a reply below, or messag me on kongregate, OR message me through this email. “”. The Void Cube is a 14+ rated animated series. There is occasional foul language, with voilence and blood. The gist of the story is that there is a man, Tyler Alchey [AL-CH-EE], who possesses the most powerful object in the universe. The Void Cube. Developed by decades of compressed magic voodoo and mana from ancient indian tribes, The Void Cube can do literaly, anything. This is why it is called the Void Cube. It voids everything, physics, gravity, etc. A group of government agents called the Immortals raid Tyler’s house, kill him, and steal the cube. Tyler’s son, Robert, must now go after the Immortals to avenge his father and get the cube back before it falls into the wrong hands.
When auditioning for a role, you can voice act one, or multiple of the following lines.
A.) [If you want a hardcore top role] Required to be sad. Sobbing, crying, etc., Line: Why did you have to kill my dad? Just to get that stupid cube?! WHAT KIND OF A PERSON ARE YOU?!
B.) [If you want a semi-top role] Required to be Furious. Line: My parents could be alive, dead, undead, or WORSE, SO JUST GIVE ME A ****ING BREAK!
C.) [If you don’t care what role] Simply dull, uncaring line. Little to no skill required. Line: So if this cube can do anything, why doesn’t the government have thier filthy paws all over it?
When you’ve recorded your line(s), send the file to. . .
Also, if you have any questions or concerns, send them to that email.
Good luck, and thanks for sending in the applications.