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Topic: Wartune / [Guilds] Guild Recruitment Thread

•Name of Guild: HentaiLand (Giggle)
•Server: Server 1
•Requirements: Be (semi)active and considerate among other guild members. Any level may join!
•Description: I started off with little confidence of having my guild popularized within the game, using a ludicrous name like HentaiLand is bound to capture the attention of most people, and I use that with a passion! And I had felt like this guild had no competition against the other guilds. Some players left and some stayed just for the funny conversations we have together. I soon conceived a goal to make HentaiLand a guild worth knowing, not by being the strongest, but a guild that everybody knows is cool and pleasant to be in, so this post can probably help spread the word of the guild. We mostly joke around (if you’re into that kind of stuff) about anime, manga, school, anything actually. Aside from the joking, we help our fellow guild mates with utmost concern, so don’t be afraid to pop a question every now and then! Our guild isn’t far behind, but we aren’t far ahead in the race. With your power, I hope we can reach the front lines. If you want admission, just PM in-game DearDrop, HentaiLand (me), LoliHunter, and Pearce. Or just click the guild icon and type in our name.

HentaiLand is a great place for starters, well, for everyone (hopefully). I hope you take the time to read this and consider joining. It makes me happy seeing newcomers. Who knows, it could even make you happy!

Upgrades of the guild (if you’re wondering):
Guild Level: 4 (almost 5)
Vault Level: 4
Altar Level: 4
Skill Tower: 4
Guild Shop Level: 2