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Topic: Off-topic / Marry, Fuck, Kill

Do you expect me to marry somebody online? Yeah, no. I should not be bothered to post in this excuse for a thread.

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Topic: Off-topic / mouthbreathers READ

Originally posted by DexterSwag:

0/10 virus

Exactly, the complete reason i will not click the link.

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Topic: Off-topic / How tall is Kongregate?

And why do our heights matter? You should worry about your own life and get out of mine. Now.

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Topic: Off-topic / Oh Nelly

Oh boy, with my money, i could buy your pathetic worthless life!

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Topic: Off-topic / The most viewed youtube video of all time

I said it before. Whoever listens to these songs, which are discourages to the music industry can jump off a bridge.

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Topic: Off-topic / What do you want, money or pussy?

You don’t have either so you go online and ask me. Congratulations failure!

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Topic: Off-topic / Are women actually good for anything?

They cook for you since you obviously can’t cook for yourself. They probably clean after your overweight self. And you probably act like Peg Bundy.

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Topic: Off-topic / american people who say "mate"

And tell me why it bothers you about what others say? No? Oh i am so sorry you don’t point out the other places where people say mate. I am sure making a thread on a forum online is helping so much! You need to learn to deal with it.


Topic: Dawn of the Dragons: General / Echthros WR 11-23-12

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