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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Extraordinary CW Players!

Actiwex: Devgru OSM
DefectoR: Devgru
maraklov: OP in HC
капер 3: Really skilled
- =ImperatoR=-: ACR

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Completionist Log

I like.


Achievements: Currently 45 (including weapon mastery)

Contracts: 167 Completed

Bronze: 81
Silver: 48
Gold: 38

W-Tasks: 42 Completed (43 bought MP7 task)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Stacking is a understatement...

happens to me all the time… and it pisses me off

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Team stacking

Originally posted by Wakom:

The only way I can see stacking solved is if….

1.) Remove the incentive to stack.

Currently players stack to complete contracts and w-tasks. This would be the most difficult adjustment, and probably will never happen. It is the foundation of CW, and what makes it unique. Perhaps more teamwork oriented contracts and w-tasks (i.e. point capture) can be added in the future, rather than replace the current system.

2.) Remove the ability to choose.

With the exception of joining your clanmates, the ability to choose which side you join should be replaced with just the auto-join feature. It’s currently in game now, but in all honesty, who really uses it? This also could move towards the lobby system, which does a fairly decent job at balancing pre-match so you cannot see how well a player is doing in game.

3.) Penalize the player for leaving prematurely.

There are many ways that you could approach this. Losing all EXP from the match, removing the KD potential, etc. However, I think that using the reputation system would be the best way to go about penalizing players. It currently has no use besides showing you’re in a large clan or you’ve played for a long time (or you happen to be the #1 rank and get bugged votes). Perhaps a percentage of your total reputation is penalized for leaving a match early, for any reason. Going AFK to remove poor match statistics is a common practice, as well as leaving as soon as one side has a slight advantage. When the latter occurs, it actually enhances the stack further and speeds up the process. Where as if the player on the slightly weaker side had continued to play, more than likely a better player would have joined up with them, evening out the play.

You sir, nailed it.
Just went into OSM lobby, 3vs8.
I going to assume that when Player A makes Player B “rage,” most of the time, it’s because Player A is on a stacked team. I seriously pity those who boost their egocentric stats by stacking. I pity their lack of skill, that is.

Sometimes I tell my clannies when it’s 8vs2, “Let’s go to the other team,” and then some idiots not in our clan, but on our team join the 2-person team.
Then…. it becomes 2vs8. So when some of us try to balance a game, it backfires.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Gold Contract #33 Help

Resort to 19-39 HC OSM…. did the contract in an hour.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Deal with it


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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Gold Contract #33 Help

Gold Contract #33
Do 5 double headshots with desert eagle pistol
How? I can’t even do one. This is awfully hard.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / The Wall Of Legends


And Useless!

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Poll about CW

1. a. Game isn’t overwhelmed by hackers; the community immediately reports hackers/potential hackers.
b. Most bug abusers have been dealt with.
c. The game is mostly fair play. P2W doesn’t dictate the game. The game still makes money though, allowing it to proceed onward with development.
d. Not necessarily good or bad, but a sense of competition. Notice all the people who instinctively, “hate conflicting clans.” People who play this game are really into mocking other clans. “Boo, you’re in such and such clan, you must suck.” The upcoming clan wars almost enforces this. As long as the game is still fun, exclude this.

2. None really, I think the game is fine as it is. Buggy contracts is all I can think of.

3. a. More armstreaks, please!
b. Please focus on making new game modes, and league! Please, not new guns. You’ll probably make more money by focusing on game modes and league, rather than guns.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Many clan abusing alts

Originally posted by MikeC268:

So I am watching clan who had the capacity of 320 two days ago now have capacity for 650 I made an alt when into that clan and checked history. Over 100 alts donated 190 gp to 210 gp in one day. So i will be walking through every clan now checking history and see if they are abusing alts and expanding clan and buying clan skills I will take print screens and turns these in hope to see the majority of these abuser lose their clan and see clans get disbanded.

This is Basically ripping off the game as no one is actually buying GP which hurts the game. I look at it as a Unfair advantage as My clan legitimately been buying GP and so many other in matter of just a few days is having all clan skills that can be bought with GP being bought and expanding by the hundreds in just a day or two.

I got my clan banned for doing this.
I know of 10+ other clans that did the same thing, and no penalties were enforced.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / NEW list of contracts with rewards and changes from CW Russian Wiki

Originally posted by firebreathz:
Originally posted by Vityaz:

I did this not long ago when I did it it was “kill 1 enemy with above level 40 with PROKill from PM pistol” im only on 39 now… cant believe they made it that much easier.. after I do it lol..

maybe they just changed the text by accident and it’s still set to the pro kill.. as the pic still has a pro kill symbol on it..

did you check they were above lvl 40? as you killed them?

I can confirm that this contract is defective.
I did the contract both in vanilla and HC, and it didn’t count.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Such a shame!

Irrelevant info
I join this lobby and this is what I find:
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Stop Letting Grenades Ruin The Game.

Ruin the game?
Seriously, deal with it.
Get nades yourself if you aren’t satisfied.
Also, get grenade protection for 2 SP.
It might just save you.

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Topic: KingsRoad / Free Event Token?

Originally posted by bogdan_smen13:
Originally posted by Zhly:

Is there any link for us for the 300 gems 10k gold gift? i have it for FB and RG but i cant transfer it to KG.
Have fun :)

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / TheDutchSoldier in 10 years.

That was hilarious.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / 2 Trips with Beretta

Originally posted by noone6:

I currently have the silver contract “2 triple kills with Beretta”.

I have tried to use Izh/KAC PDW and then rapidly switch to beretta to shoot down a third person, but it doesn’t seem to happen quickly enough, the switch takes so long.

I have also tried to flank on OSM repeatedly until I can find three enemies to shoot in the back of the head.

It is extremely important to me that I get at least 3 more sp. I can’t really afford to be stuck on this contract.

I haven’t had much luck with either of these. If you have done this contract, how did you do it? What should I do?

Thank you for your help.

About a month ago, I got 2x contract from roulette, so I decided to do this contract.
I went to OSM, and used nades.
I didn’t use the w-task; honestly, it obscures your vision.
The spawn behind the rock on the hill is an easy place for multi kills.
I threw one nade at the spawn, and I headshotted two guys next to me.
You gotta be real patient, good luck doesn’t come quickly.
Use only beretta.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Kreds hacker?

Originally posted by xzr25:

Don’t worry it’s not a hack, I need less than 30 secondes to do same.

I can literally do that in 5 seconds :P

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / legcw recruitment

Just had a 3v10 OSM.
It was originally a 4v4… then one guy joined the other team.
Then, 6 guys from spectator mode join the stacked team. (I’m on the 10 person team. I was originally with another LeGcW member in the 4v4.)
So, I tell my clanmates, “Let’s join the other team.” (Heathrow joined our team as a spectator.)
We join the other team.
1 or 2 minutes later, it’s 8v3.
I left shortly.
Seriously, what has this game become?

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Suggestions, opinions and feedback

Please bring back the 30-70 or 20-70 servers.
This whole, “balancing act” is making it worse.
Or, just make it so you’re forced to auto-assign a team.
Spectating should be a whole, individual concept. To spectate.
If you want to play with clan members, then fine, you can wait for a spot to open.
These new servers are making this game worse.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Clans / legcw recruitment

Originally posted by noone6:
Originally posted by Kyuss_:
Originally posted by SilentStalker08:

Hello dear Contractors,

LeGcW is a clan created by the best contractors across all networks, for the best contractors here, on Facebook and Kongregate. Each and every single one of us is ready to fill our dearest enemies with lead! If you think you have got what it takes to be among the best players in Contract Wars, APPLY NOW!
But first, you must meet the following requirements:

- 18 years old or older
- Kill to Death ratio of 3.0 or above
- Regularly purchase GP (For weapons, skills and boosters) The following picture shows the absolute minimum you must purchase
- Be level 65 or above
- Must remain highly active with at least 2 or more hours played per day
- Lastly, be able to hold your ground against the best of LeGcW’s contractors in a tryout.
pm me for more info or check out our fb at

respect the forums categories….

pay attention

LeGCW has no respect for any players in game. Why would you expect them to respect the community out of the game?

Can you read? He is telling him to respect forum categories, not the community. You keep using the, “common opinion,” and assuming that we are “impudent,” to make yourself seem correct to the other people. Why don’t you actually play a LeGcW before making ludicrous assumptions?

Can you read? Hold your ground does not mean win.

I respect many people that play Contract Wars, FYI.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / The Fall of 007

Originally posted by MikeC268:

this is old news he was caught posting on hack sight begging for cheats for his clan.

No, but he’s finally banned is my point. He wasn’t banned until now.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / The Fall of 007


Image and video hosting by TinyPic


If you don’t think this is very relevant, put it this way; Despite the preposterous amount of time we wait for updates, the developer team is at least using some of that time to remove hackers and/or enhancing the auto-ban system. So don’t think the developers and testers are lazy or hesitant. There is a reason for everything.

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Topic: Contract Wars: Bugs and Unofficial Tech Support / Wrong name and PIC on profile

It has happened to me a long time ago… and still happens frequently.
I’m Maggie Coe
Whatever. It goes away after awhile.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Under 3000 kills at level 65..... how?

In ratings.
Prime example of going all out HC.

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Topic: Contract Wars: General / Contracts Wars (Person Hacking).

I didn’t want to make a new thread so….
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
Nothing suspicious right?
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
13,000 headshots + longshots out of 20,000 kills.
206 contracts completed.
81 hours.