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Topic: Tyrant / Ghost Walking Reaches the Pinnacle

Originally posted by TheGil:

i think, in order to show something to this entire community, to show who really should hold 1#,
devs should remove all points that both BW and GW ever got using conquest (and probebly all the factions), in all 4 diffrent maps, then we see who is 1#.

also jose, i got one thing to tell you :

Originally posted by jose919:

haters gonna hate

Post of the year

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Topic: Tyrant / Ghost Walking Reaches the Pinnacle


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Topic: Tyrant / Please Hover! blue orbs not Orbo

Originally posted by VaultKeeper:

No not Orbo we all know Orbo already.

I can seeing my awesome Stormrunner. It does have the capacity for 2 blue orbs but i dont know if it is worth getting another storm runner to make the one blue orb into 2 blue orbs because I cant see what the Stormrunner will be stat-wise untill I go to upgrade store.

Please do the the interior of this game so to be able when hover cursor on a card that has capacity for blue orbs that the 2 blue orb version is shown along side the one blue orb.

420 was yesterday man, you still baked?

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Topic: Tyrant / Grinder Upgrade Petition


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Topic: Tyrant / [Recruitment] Ghost Walking

Kudos to Linx and all those who have stepped up!

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Topic: Tyrant / This Forum's Future

Originally posted by MSUSpartan3096:

What the crap is going on here? I have been away for a bit but I see one player was permabanned for offensive behavior in a chat room….WHAT? I have seen players post extremely offensive things on the forums and get away with it with little more than a silence.

We can no longer question why long lost players are randomly returning to the game? Deedle is a quote unquote legend (I would never call him that because I beat him and his friends :) ). If HotShot or BeefHouse3D randomly showed up in a faction I would hope someone would bring it to everyone’s attention.

Mods…I love you…but seriously…what rules were broken here except for the “calling out other players” thing? I once made a fake apology thread dedicated to Showza18 that was never touched by a mod….so I am confused.

You forget you silly monkey

When I lead MoM

IFS was our bitch

I only came to talk to faction mates, and jumped in for one war my score didn’t make a difference but I think some folks were happy to see me, some motivated maybe. It’s nice that you can come back for 2-3 hours and have practically 2 threads about you posted.


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Topic: Tyrant / Who were truly the greatest factions?

Originally posted by fgfgfg:
Originally posted by SeanDougherty86:

The listed wars took place before the advent of surging though.

No Those wars were all in the Surge Error, Cloud 9/Rust Company were not founded til after.

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Topic: Kongregate / K+ Issues

Well to cut this short prior to Jan. “my K+ didn’t run out (didn’t expire)” , in January I got a message saying “one free year blah blah blah” It changed the date to one year from the message on January 14th, then later the date was re-changed to never expiring.

Well in March, I got a message with a free year, but now I have no k+ ?

March 2014
After this message I’ve not had k+

Jan 2014
Before this message I had k+ on my profile, as never expiring.

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Topic: Tyrant / thank you mods, you're my lucky star

He “quits” again

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Topic: Tyrant / Saying goodbye and good luck; to whom it concerns

Crazy – you post quite a bit for a “Retired Player”

Kondif, it’s been real mate, see ya around.

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Topic: Tyrant / Show of support

Damn man to much fapping. :)

In all seriousness I wish you the best mate, let us know how things are going.

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Topic: Tyrant Unleashed / [Dev] Guild names

Originally posted by Pats133:

55.5 million plays vs. 1 million downloads… .hmmm… (though i will admit active WM Tyrant playerbase has gone down)

I downloaded TU, realize it was a POS and removed it.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Reactiongif] Reactions when GW beat BW

This was more like mine

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Topic: Tyrant / Ghost Walking Reaches the Pinnacle

Nad is a great leader.

Hes diplomatic, and very involved he goes above and beyond to ensure our faction is happy, the morale is good and to get everyone’s opinions.

When Ghost Walking and Modern Slaves merged I gave up leadership, I felt that this could make or break us in the future, a lot of the Ghost Walking side was highly against this but it really is what made that merger happen, part of the merger deal was that Officers would be involved in decisions of the faction and minus a few things here and there pretty much we’ve all agreed on everything.

A lot of things were involved to reach this level, and one person that always pushed us and kept the rest of us going was Kondif, I’ve been ready to quit Tyrant again for sometime but he was absolutely right I couldn’t leave what I started I tried but this group is to awesome, the chat room and communication we have is the best part of the game.(Now I left MoM when we reached #2 ages ago, but I was going through a custody battle and had less than an hour a day online to play Tyrant)

Better World put up a hell of a fight so far, no doubt in my mind that these two factions could hold their own with any faction of the past.

Personally Id like to see a few factions merge to make a couple more really strong factions and bring the competition. It would be nice if the top 10 or even the top 5 were strong enough to all beat each other at any given point.

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Topic: Tyrant / [thegil] event points contest 3# (neocyte cache)

Originally posted by CapdriveR:

a small screenshot lol

Could be from an old event.

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Topic: Tyrant / Ghost Walking Reaches the Pinnacle

Towards the end of May of last year I decided it was time to start completely fresh. Elpi, Munchtime, and Yoink012 were on board.

Ghost Walking’s intended purpose the reason it was created was to reach the top and being legit. Countless people were very skeptical this could be done, and was told that this would be over a years plus of work.

Yeah we had mergers, and big waves of recruitment, no top faction hasn’t. Being on top always has it’s perks while most factions were struggling with activity Better World thrived, GW vs BW was the first real hardcore competition in this game in months. The wars were epic (Yes they did get repetitive after some time).

I hope that Ghost Walking has shown the community that it can be done, with passion and dedication you can reach the top no matter were you start in this game. (In other words come get us)

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Topic: Tyrant / [Congratulation] GW is the new King of Tyrant

Originally posted by crazyeye2011:
Originally posted by Deedle:

You’re pathetic crazy

are you not happy about your greatest achievement in your life right now

Originally posted by ElMoldovan:

Thank you!

you’re welcome

You’re a sad little man, that is so butt hurt this is quite epic.

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Topic: Tyrant / [Congratulation] GW is the new King of Tyrant

You’re pathetic crazy

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Topic: Tyrant / [GW vs BW] Will history be made or denied?

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Topic: Tyrant / Greatest War of 2014 (BW v GW)

BW has taken quite a few top players from top factions as well to include MoM. And over the course of time has been able to select players from factions being the top dog has perks, so the argument of people uniting is not a strong point. It (being top) also puts a target on you, and when you’ve pretty much pissed off and lost the entire respect of the community it’s whats forced GW to be as good as they are. A lot of our folks are fueled just by beating Better World.

Ghost Walking already had former MoM members when we started, a lot of them wanted to continue the fight with BW but the time it took to get there was a nice relaxing process for most. A lot of them just wanted to continue playing together.

Modern Slaves merging to us was major the guys here had the passion and desire to reach the top spot in Tyrant, while the remaining GW members were mostly game vets. Pendulum we got a couple players, then a couple more later on wasn’t much of a merger. Honestly the Sub Zero Merger we got players that are dedicated but where it really helped was leveling out our time zones.

If you really want to know when GW changed for the best, and the real quest for #1 began it’s rather quite simple the first time we declare BW and gave them their first legit loss in some time was a game changer, the energy in our chat room and the high that it left us on we realized how much more potential we had.

Regardless how much BW and GW hate each other, it has produced some very intense down to the wire wars. The game may be dying but there is no doubt that both of these faction could challenge any top faction in the past. It’s quite lame seeing crazy try to put GW down this way.

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Topic: Tyrant / Favorite Tyrant Card

The Original Troll

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Topic: Tyrant / Greatest War of 2014 (BW v GW)

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Glad in logged in 4 minutes after you declared

Crazy leaving, hmm will believe it when I see it.


Topic: Tyrant / 32 tiles?

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Topic: Tyrant / 32 tiles?

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Topic: Tyrant / Returned player, what to do?

Hit Alt+F4

Never load it again