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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

Spike Waster

HP: 11
Speed: 10
Immunities: Anything that can detect camo, and anything that is hot (including fire, explosions, dartling guns, and white hot spikes)
Children: Thankfully, none.


HP: 2
Speed: 1
Immunities: Anything that does more than 1 damage is reduced to only doing 1 damage. Immune to fire, light (including sun god and magic) and explosions.
Special: Heals itself whenever it gets hit by a sharp object, except boomerangs, and including bloonchippers. (glaives make it heal.)
Children: Absorptibloon x1

In case you were wondering, it’s weak to snap freezing and tempest tornadoes.


HP: 1
Speed: 5.2
Immunities: Glue, freeze, wind, fire, explosions, magic.
Special: Halves the size of each spike pile it passes.
Children: Chemical Bloon

Chemical Bloon

HP: 1000
Speed: 12
Immunities: Glue, glue damage, wind, sharp objects. (includes arctic wind)
Special: Freezing it does 1 more damage than normal. Slowing by Perma-Frost causes it to take 1 damage per 2 seconds. Wind causes a duplicate Chemical Bloon with the same health as it to spawn and be blown away by the wind, but will not affect the original bloon. (except arctic wind) Fire speeds it up and removes any perma-frost damage. Explosions are recorded and each explosion causes 1 more red bloon to spawn inside it when it gets popped. Light is nullified and the bloon takes one damage (animation should be lightning around it); persistent Laser Cannons and Rays of Doom however are nullified and the bloon takes only 1 damage every second. Magic bolts cause it to crackle violently and regain all health and double its speed, while inflicting 7000 damage to everything on the screen and their children (except chemical bloons), while disabling that wizard apprentice for the rest of the round.
Children: 1 Red Bloon, 2 Pink Bloons, 2 Zebra Bloons, 1 Ceramic Bloon, 1 BFB, 6 Camo Regen Ceramic Bloons

True Camo Bloon
HP: 3
Speed: 50
Immunities: Slowing effects
Special: is invisible.
Children: 1 ZOMG

King Bloon

HP: 9000
Speed: 3 (green)
Immunities: none
Special: After you kill it, all the bloons will be enraged, camo, and regen.
is a pink bloon with a crown
Children: 199 Red Bloons

Enraged Blue Bloon

HP: 1 + 2 from enraged
Speed: 2 × 1.5 from enraged
Immunities: Ice (from enraged)
Special: Takes 2 less damage from all sources due to enraged. (thus negating a ton of sources as possible damage)
Children: 1 × 2 Red Bloons from enraged

Enraged King Bloon

HP: 9002
Speed: 4.5
Immunities: Ice, Fire
Special: Takes 2 less damage from all sources. When it dies, all future enemies become enraged and regen, but not camo. They also gain 1.5x more health and 2x more speed.

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

Originally posted by 1azer:
Originally posted by myskybluecap:

Metal bloons=Immune to sharp and explosive.Contains 2 lead



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Topic: Cloudstone / Ruby->Coins/Coins->Ruby

Originally posted by mini_medex:
Originally posted by joshmullen:

1 ruby = 1000 coins and vise versa
5 ruby = 5000 coins
10 ruby=10000 coins
and so on

Vice versa would mean I can get 15 rubies a day, and i’m only level 26. Keeping it exclusive is the way it should be.

At Level 26, if I were to use all my vigor for gold farming in a day, I could get 42 rubies a day. 8D

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Topic: Cloudstone / Quck & Easy Gold earn.

Originally posted by LightBearerAlpha:

i’d like to add another way of gold boosting (for med-to high lvls)

as lunatunaman mentioned; if you get a good spot on lucky door start your gold boost. after that, go to cragtooth caverns (with the queen bloop on sassafras island) and hit her with all you got (it takes me two or three hits since i am higher lvl) and after defeating her get ALL THE PILES OF GOLD!!! it’s good income :) that can take less than a min depending on your lvl.

then go do ‘boxy troubles’. the cooldown of this quest is one min. i don’t stay until 10 sec to complete quest before aborting, i stay there for about 58 sec, exit, go to ‘help needed’ again and start over with boxy troubles.
the reason i do this is because there are always a few piles of gold at the start. this counts as ‘a perk’ if you quit the quest after 57-60 sec and restart.

in grotto isles, if you’ve unlocked ‘octopus garden’, enter and quickly collect the piles of gold.

another nice detour before (or combined with) ‘boxy troubles’ is going to narwhalimbus ‘jungle deep’ and ‘turtle encampment’ (high med- high lvl) if you have speedy armor/haste/charge, that’s a bonus. just run through these maps. there are MANY piles of gold and chests throughout these maps. it takes 5-10 min to run them.

there are maps with gold piles in the other islands (mondo has many but can be very time consuming) i still haven’t figured out the numbers and which map is worth it. maybe ‘glaciella’ minyeti rescue?

after doing all this i stay the last 5-10 min spamming ‘boxy troubles’
i find this way to be less ‘grinding’ than spamming ‘boxy troubles’ over and over for 25 min. sometimes i can do ‘cragtooth caverns’ or ‘octopus garden’ again.

another cool ‘help wanted’ quest is ‘overgrown’ if you have these two quests active DO NOT COMPLETE them, as some of the ‘overgrown’ maps have big piles of gold. these two quests plus ‘trouble lands’ are my faves. (map#2 [desert] on troubled lands ALWAYS spawns and epic chest in hidden path)

*NOTE: it’s not worth the trouble having more than one ‘boxy’ quest in ‘help wanted’ as same quests automatically share the 1 min cooldown. so one boxy quest (novice is best) is enough.

hope this helps! :)

I wait for 52 sec. This is cooldown in my experience

I normally have the following quests in my missions:

Normal: Overgrown: To farm materials. Tree materials are very helpful. I Firebat any Loggernauts that come my way and ignore everything else; quit at 29/30.

Adept: Boxy Troubles: This does have epic chests quite often in my experience, and obviously I farm gold there. Monster killing priority is Pyrites → Fat Bats → Treasure Chests → Spit Flowers. Quit at 2:09. With this routine I earn about 20k for my 12.5 vigor.

Veteran: Troubled Lands: Epic Chests. As it’s on Veteran the chest will give the nicest stuff. First, if you get the muddy map, and are dedicated to farming Troubled Lands, cut down some trees and quit after around a minute. There’s a chest on the top left that gives you a potion of power for killing it. If you don’t care about farming Troubled Lands and are juggling Troubled lands and Overgrown, quit immediately and do Overgrown once. If you get the desert map, shatter the pot at the top right, cut down all trees, then move to the bottom and cut down the middle dried growth (in a group of 3 dried growths next to a tree). if you can’t get through, cut the dried growth to the right. Then walk off the island and follow the light black circles, and you have a treasure chest. Killing the wild grass and weeds there is optional. It also gives you some gold, but judging by how it takes over a minute in my experience, it’s not worth boosting for that.

Back on topic: When you start the game up, go to your home and harvest everything you have. Sell all the plants if you want. Then get the mystery gift if available. Then go to Lucky Rooms and pick whatever. If you end up with lots of gold piles at your feet and/or an epic chest, use a gold boost. Pick it all up. If you’re a wizard, kill any monsters on your screen before doing this. If not, kill anything you can and leave. Then do Boxy Troubles for the next 24 minutes to maximize gold income. If you get any equipment, don’t waste time by selling it right away; look at it AFTER THE BOOST HAS ENDED and sell if you don’t need it. Try not to use any rejuvenation plants. Cragtooth Caverns rush is optional; however it does seem like a nice source of income. If you’re doing 2 periods of gold farm, start with that for your second one.

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Topic: Cloudstone / add pets that fight

Make it overpriced. Does 5000 sound like a good asking price for 2 DPS pet with +1 bonus for main stats and 10 HP?

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Topic: The Gate / 4 Star Disciple Tier list (Standard only, event excluded)

i go bump in the night

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / lvl 2000?

i wonder if InfinK hero souls is possible

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / anyone seen Kappa before?

Originally posted by rockdust:

Nobody ever saw Kappa before.

Seriously, try a forum search before you post next time.

You should link those spaces too.

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Topic: The Gate / Ultimate Guide (WIP)

Rage amulet: that annoying thing that covers boss’ hp bar during raid. Hence the name.


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Topic: The Gate / Show Off Thread

do you mean to tell me that I didn’t evolve my arg right

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Topic: The Gate / Ultimate Guide (WIP)

Originally posted by yanish0000:

Itchy: convert runs are dropped by bosses in the normal map.EDIT: Sry, misread: u can use them through disciples, exchange.

Things I wanna see: Optimal upgrade material farming locations (sorted by element? idunno)

farm primo
get disciples

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Topic: The Gate / Ultimate Guide (WIP)

I’d like to see the following things on here

1. Raids and Rood
2. Gold use tactics
3. Exchanging and Convert Runes
4. Equipment and Hell Forge farming
5. Arena
6. Missions
7. Collection rewards
8. Long-term strategies

And by the way, my level 25 argestes CAN NOT solo isla mare at level 17, so I’m sure that you’re wrong about this:

FUN FACT: A level 20 (3x Evolved) Full Argestes can completely solo Isla Mare when you are level 18!!

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Topic: The Gate / Ultimate Guide (WIP)

Originally posted by Achilleus993:

1. It is not proven yet
2. No, you don’t, you unlock it after the last boss on Articum
3. Already covered that, even with pictures
4. You can get more from Daily Rewards (King Purson on day 45 and day 500 and King Rimmon on day 200), and from bosses

and thanks for the rest of the information ThatsANiceGuy

1. I thought the GAME had told me that…
2. Really? I must have unlocked it early.
4. I was just talking about the rewards from inviting friends

yw and good day sir

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Topic: The Gate / Ultimate Guide (WIP)


1. Mare is dependent on the strength of all cards in your inventory.
2. You unlock Hell Forge around the 1st or 2nd boss of Articum.
3. Marestones are used only for nightmare evolving. For each card you need 3 different types of marestones. And you need a lot of them, so I’d suggest getting up on mare farming fairly early on, about level 20.
4. Specifically, you get 2 Lili Scorch Healers, 3 King Pursons, and 2 King Rimmons.
5. The card that helps is whatever card you picked. Its health will be in yellow so you can distinguish it from your enemies (red), you (green), and bosses (purple). Friends have a cooldown of 5 hours after you use them.
6. Upgrading with a card of the same element gives a bonus that varies depending on the rarity of the feeder. 1.5x for rank 1, 1.33x for rank 2, 1.5x for rank 3, and 1.4x for rank 4. Upgrading with higher level cards gives a bonus that varies depending on the rarity of the feeder; the higher the rarity, the higher the bonus (but it’s fairly hard to measure. My estimate is that it’s 1 exp per level for rank 1, 1.5 exp per level for rank 2, 2 exp per level for rank 3, and 2.5 exp per level for rank 4, rounded down). Upgrading with evolved cards gives a bonus that varies depending on how much it’s been evolved; no tests have really been done on this. Just remember to evolve rank 2 cards before feeding, it gives more than feeding the 2 cards separately.
7. Rank 1 cards give 10 exp. Rank 2 cards give 30 exp. Rank 3 cards give 60 exp. Rank 4 cards give 100 exp. Rank 5 cards have not yet been tested, but let’s assume it follows the pattern and say it gives 150 until proven otherwise.
8. I would rank up the skills of the other monsters a bit too, because in later levels ranking up skills takes a while.
9. It matches you up with other players based on level thresholds divided into levels of 10. 10-19, 20-29, 30-39, 40-49. The levels are updated during the daily server resets.
10. You need either 80 or 111 Marestones to nightmare evolve something.

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Topic: The Gate / Ultra Rare L1 stats (Help called for)

Originally posted by aj2000:

Thx Niceguy, that will come in handy.


I’m sure it won’t, most of the things there are event items

but still I had nothing to do so I made that

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Topic: The Gate / Ultra Rare L1 stats (Help called for)

o i didn’t see dat man

brb gonna go see some stats

oh uh by the way, here are the ones you haven’t had yet:

King Barbas
Prince Barbas
Behemoth Golru
Leviathan Golru
Vortex Succubus*
Fiery Soot Claw*
Horned Arach*
Queen Mariana
Mariana Succubus
Lu Bu
Cerberus Lord
Cerberus Howler
Prince Chax
Ocypete Harpie
Aello Harpie
Jahi Slag Heart
Fluttering Nybras
Boreas Horn Sword
Diao Chan
Succubus Pi Pa
Ox of Difu
Zhong Kui
Tomb Nymph
Zavdie Kahn
Marabbecca Baron
Queen Octopain
Notus Gale
Stormy Vellamo
Riled Aoao
Howling Aurai
The Molten
Queen Tefnut
Dark Lord Lucifrex
The Carnal Queen
Gorgon Queen
King Cerberus
The Terasaur
Lord Surtr
Devil’s Duwende
Sindarus Firecloak

*The wiki says it’s available in shop, so I’d look out for those (as in I saw an Enki’s Archer in mare shop once)

i have nothing better to do right now

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Topic: The Gate / Ultra Rare L1 stats (Help called for)

This looks fun!


Wailing Crispus – 7554/646/399/FAST/X

Well, you seem to have most of them, can’t find any more new ones, but I’ll try harder when I have more time to preview premium summon over and over again c:

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Topic: The Gate / hi

is my ose infinte squall supposed to be spelled like that

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Topic: The Gate / 4 Star Disciple Tier list (Standard only, event excluded)

i find it ironic how princess succubi is better than queen succubi

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Card Ideas

Originally posted by Gonkeymonkey:

Eye of Truth

Continuous spell
Special: Reveals what cards does the opponent put in play before you hit bam. (Good for best strategies)

that is overpowered dude

I’d suggest nerfing it like this

Eye of Truth
Continuous Spell
Special: If your opponent plays a Spell, he gains 2000 Life Points. If not, he loses 2000 Life Points. Takes effect on channel activation.

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Card Ideas

You know they aren’t gonna put these ideas into this game anyway Gonkeymonkey

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / selling

Originally posted by ReeferC:

“Shop” button on bottom right, then click “sell” tab on the upper-middle of the page.

Oh you troll

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / Just sandbox the game devs.

Originally posted by konamikg:

As you can imagine, there will be neither new content, nor new features until the termination date.

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Topic: Forum Games / Picture Wars (6)

The name says it all

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Topic: Yu-Gi-Oh! BAM / If you was a Dev how would you give back to players for closing this game?

I hear they plan on transporting our old decks to the new game.