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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Create Your Personalized K Shop Items

Ok lets put some fairness up in here. Really… why do people make stuff like this? A MEGA MONKEY SUPER HACKO LAZER PLASMA NUKE monkeyy and cost one MM thats really OP guys..heres somthing that should be added: Each tower and agent can pop 6x better! cost 50 kreds

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

um how about some new badges we all are challinged by badges for exsample a badge for learn to fly 2 its called so close! you hit any objectives but you didint breck it and a badge for earn to die 2012 you go in the air for at least 4 seconds and an all button when you look for games and make a place for great new downloadable games or games you dont have to download like plants vs. zombies or a horror game thats not retarded but i know its alot but it will make kongregate and chat simblys!(:

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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / Think of your own bloons!

how about a bloon that when you pop it turns any bloon but does not turn into:a M.O.A.B or a B.F.G or a camo bloon and a bloon that can split into a red pink and blue and a drak green fastist bloon and a bloon so called"B.F.A"bloon filled air craft with 1 of each non moab like bloons