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Topic: The Arts / The Darkest Corner

I guess I need to tell this folk story about them folks getting kilt as I am not aware of anyone else who knows about this story anymore.

I had first heard about Dark Corners when I was about 9 years old…..

I was at my grandfathers farm that lies near Mount Ida in Arkansas, we had been bailing hay since sun up that morning and had decided to take a break to eat lunch when I saw my great uncle Clayton driving up the dirt road that leads to my grand fathers farm,
My uncle Clayton had a small flat bottom boat behind his old Chevy pick up so I figured he had been out at the lake again fishing , he was retired and was around 75 or 76 at the time , he got a support check from the military every month as a little after WWI Clayton had been kicked in the face by a US army mule and had lost his left eye and had his face was somewhat disfigured by the large scar running across the left side of his face.
He pulled up and told my Grandfather Earnest that he had been out on the lake fishing and had caught a large catch of White Bass out by dark corners and had decided to drop by to get some drinkin water as it was a pretty hot Saturday morning.
After he got out and got him some water out of the well his wife Mildred came over to talk my Grandmother Catherine who had just gotten through making some baloney sandwiches and was handing them out ,
as my grandmother handed me the sandwich I asked her where Dark corners was and she told me that it was out on lake Crystal , I asked her why it was called Dark Corners but she told me that her grandma had told her that she wasn’t really supposed to talk about it but she did tell me it had to do with ‘the war of northern aggression’.
This got me very curious as a nine year old boy as I knew Claytons grandfather had fought in the civil war for the confederacy and I was wanting to know if there had been a big battle up by Crystal Lake so I decided that I would mosey on over to where my grandfather and Clayton where talking and sat down beside them on the old stone steps that where all that was left of the old house that had been there so many decades ago.
They were talking about what most older people talk about in Arkansas in those days weather, politics, church socialism and so on, I waited for the right moment when there was a break in the conversation and asked Clayton “you say you got them Bass over by Dark Corners”?,
to which he replied “yea me and Mildred come across a shoal where we had some luck”, I then asked him about his lure trying to ease into the subject of dark corners but it was difficult to steer the conversation to that subject as they started talking about other good spots around the lake to fish at so I opted for the direct approach and simply ask about Dark Corners hoping that I wouldn’t be simply told “oh thats grown up stuff Kid’o” , so I asked Clayton in my most casual voice I could muster “Why do y’all call that spot Dark corners?”
He told me “Ah that was long time back and it had to do with that bitter war that was fought awhile back”,
My curiosity got the best of me and I just had to ask “Was there a big battle up there on the lake or somethin?”, he laughed at that and said "Nah had to do wit dem soldiers commin back home and some things needin to be sorted out ".
I have to say that I was pretty disappointed to find out there wasn’t a battle fought up there but I guess I was still a little curious about the name since it sounded so mysterious so I egged him on a little and got the whole tale.

As best I can remember it, this is the story he told me of Dark Corners.

At the start of the civil war the state of Arkansas under then Govener Henry M. Rector had put out a call to arms to all able men of Arkansas to defend their home and family from the unionist forces and join a county regiment or if they didn’t want to volunteer they were just conscripted into the army under the new “The secession convention conscription law”

So the men folk joined up to fight weither they wanted too or not and mothers kissed their sons goodbye and fathers hugged there wives one last time and joined up into lines and marched for Pulaski county to join up with the battalion that was forming there under General Solon F Bolard .
A regiment from each county was mobilized under Gen. Bolard and marched off to Fort Smith, Arkansas to seize the Union stronghold there
only to discover the military post had been abandoned by Federal Troops the day before.

However there were some who did oppose the war in Arkansas and refused to join the confederate army as they were abolitionists (normally called ‘copperheads’ ) and fought a Guerrilla style war behind enemy lines as they were against slavery,
Only one Militia Regiment, the 45th Arkansas Militia Regiment of Searcy County, was mobilized for service during the war.
In the fall of 1861, Governor Rector called up the 45th Arkansas Militia Regiment to deal with a potential threat to the Confederate government from the anti-war/anti-slavery ‘Copperhead/peace societies’. The militiamen arrested suspects in the Ozark Mountains of northwest Arkansas , and many of them were forced to enlist in Marmaduke’s 18th Arkansas Infantry Regiment .

The four brothers that this story is about are not of this antiwar/antislavery militant sort…..

The Brothers lived by a city called Mount Ida about twenty miles from Crystal Springs River and about 100 miles from Little Rock the capitol of Arkansas , as my great uncle Clayton would say ,“they lived so far back in the boonies you had to pump in the sunlight from somewhere else just to find the outhouse in the back yard”.
They were of the poorest kind as none of the members of the family had any real jobs and mostly supported themselves from selling coon hides and varmint pelts.
They were the type to keep to keep to themselves but they did on the rare occasion make the 30 or so mile trip to the city of Hot Springs to sell their pelts and buy provisions(mostly supplies to make whiskey)
Even though they lived as about as far out of they way as you could get and none of them could read or write it did reach back to them of the upcoming visit of the 45th Regiment which was coming to the Ozarks (now called the Ouchita Mt range) to round up the any miscontents who hadn’t already enlisted or been conscripted.

When they found out about Colonel Samuel Leslie and the 45th Regiment showing up on the outskirt of Hot Springs County they sent the brothers off to hide out up by Crystal Springs River , an area in what is now known as Crystal Springs National Park.

Nobody really at that time took to much notice of this action of the brothers refusing to serve their state in a time of war as most people in that era and time usually just kept to themselves and for the most part people around here just thought of them as yellow and that the south would easily beat the north but as the war drew on and more and more people were told of their kinfolk dying or being sent to hospitals with the most grievous wounds from which very few recovered, people here abouts started turning heavily against them so it came about that folks took to giving them glares and stares of the harshest types when on the odd occasion they were seen.

Now the war was as good as lost by 1863 as Union troops had already captured and were occupying the Capital of Arkansas, Little Rock and when people lose a fight for whatever reason they look for scapegoats and they found an easy mark in the four brothers and their immediate family who they felt hadn’t done their part in the fight and had cowardly hidden away while others fought and died so it came about that the family was shunned by what little remained of the population here in Hot Springs and Mount Ida and most folks wouldn’t even speak to them, much less sell them any of the increasingly sparse provisions when they needed supplies.

Well, as I said before people around here in those days mostly kept to themselves and being the outcasts of the community wasn’t that much of a concern for the brothers but in the winter of ’64 the boys had their mom come down with Scarlet Fever and she passed away a few weeks later so the boys after years of being treated like pariahs and having their mother become sick and no one willing to sell them the medicine they needed blamed the local people for the death of their mom and pretty much any and every piece of bad luck they ever had and started becoming drunkards and getting very belligerent and violent towards anyone they felt had slighted them in any way, shape or form.

Now the four brothers would have never been too much for the local community or law enforcement to handle in normal circumstances but any and all state and government men were already engaged up in North-East Arkansas fighting with local rebel Indian tribes, copperhead militia groups and unionist saboteurs and as all the men had gone off to fight in the war the boys pretty much became the local despots of Hot Springs county.

When the war had first started the boys themselves were of age between 16 and 21 years old but by the spring of ‘65 they were all easily grown men and it came about that local live stock started dis-appearing and the boys had become the regular bullying types,
by now the four brothers had takin’ to horse theft, lootin’ ,ransackin’ and having ‘indiscretions with the wemon folk’(what they called Rape in those days ) and and pretty much burnt down half the buildings up in Hot Springs .

The south finally surrendered several weeks later and the men folk came home by the end of may of ‘65 and when the men found out about the brothers actions and what they were up to while they were away, they weren’t in any kind of forgiven mood toward these yellow bellied boys who had refused to fight and had then taken advantage of the situation while they were gone so they organized a posse to hunt them down.

When word got back to the boys that the returning soldiers had come home and were organizing a posse to come out to Mount Ida they decided to hide out at their previous spot out at Crystal Springs till things died down.
It took the soldiers a week or two to track the boys down but they were eventually found out and cornered in a deep gulch area on the outskirts of a river where it was met by the Ouchita .

When the soldiers returned from their outing they told their wives that, “those boys wouldn’t be botherin’ no one else and not to speak about it to no one” as the south was occupied by Union forces and martial law was in effect so the wives of the men started calling it ‘the dark corner incident’ and the location where those boys met their end became known as ‘Dark Corners’.

I don’t know if those boys where ambushed and shot or were just simply lynched and hung from a tree but it is known that they were buried at that location in a shallow grave.
I have never been able to find out the exact location of the site as in 1931 that whole area was flooded when Carpenter Dam was built , creating the largest lake in Arkansas, Lake Hamilton.

My parents always go camp out at Crystal Springs every year and even though my nieces and nephews spend most of their time swimming and boogie boarding out on the lake I don’t go swimming out there no more as I know them boys are still out there buried under all that muck and water.
A few years back a scuba diver drown out by where Dark Corners is supposed to be .
They say he must have gotten tangled in some underwater brush or fresh water seaweed and got held under till the air in his tanks ran out but I can’t help but wonder if that was what really happened.

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Topic: The Arts / The Bargain

Janice shivered slightly and turned the thermometer up 2 degrees, she could hear the wind howling outside and see the snow falling fast, a few months ago she would have just put on a coat to save money but everything in her life had changed after she had her baby Kathrine,
she walked into to the small room where her baby was sleeping, she didn’t have to worry about her footsteps on the old creaky wooden floor waking her child up as her baby was born both blind and deaf.
She looked down into the crib at her only child, the small baby barely a month old was sleeping soundly, she turned and walked to the closet to get another blanket for her.

She was not rich by any means and could barely afford the rent on her small apartment and being a single mom her child would never have the type of things in life she should,
she wanted more than anything else in life for her child to have the things in life that she never had when she was young but her job at the factory was just barely enough to let her make ends meet and the cost of having a baby sitter when she was at work was almost too much for her.
She reached up to the top of the closet to get the small blue fleece blanket , it felt soft and comforting, she turned to look at the crib that she had been given to her by her neighbor after Katherine had been born and worried about what she would ever do if the plant closed down, business had been slow lately and they had been reduced to less than 40 people after after the lay offs a month ago.
She could feel the warm tears flowing down her face as she wondered what she had ever done in her life for her baby to be punished in such a harsh and cruel way, how could any merciful god do this to an innocent child.
She lowered her head and closed her eyes and prayed that her child would be healed and spoke out loud “Please lord, I would do anything for her to be healed.”

ANYTHING?”, a booming voice queried.

Janice looked up in shock and disbelief to see a demon standing over the crib, he was over 7 seven feet tall and had red scaled skin with yellow serpentine eyes, his long tail swayed back and forth as he leered at her.

Her eyes widened and her heart slammed in her chest as she stared at the thing standing over the crib, unable to even think of what to say or do.

The demon was unclothed and easily visible as a male “I will heal your child if you agree to 3 terms” the demon said with a malicious smile.

Slowly , she came to her senses as the fear ebbed from her and she realized that the demon was real and that her baby actually had a chance to be healed , she looked from the demon to her baby and back again and asked meekly ,“What do you want?”.

“The first term is, that you will become my bedroom servant every night, you will adhere to my every wanting desire without refusal”,
a broad smile crawled over his face as he saw the disgust in her eyes at what he wanted,
as he looked Janice up and down he told her the second term.
“the second term is, that you will bear me a child every year for the rest of your life”.
Janice could only stare at the demon in horror at he wanted.
“The third term of the agreement you will not be told of until you agree to the three terms, it may be anything that I desire , weather I demand that you will never be able to see your child again or that I demand your life in exchange for the baby to be healed.”

As emotions flooded through her, she stared down at her feet and then to her baby and realized that this was her babies only chance and whispered the words “I agree”.

The demon waved his hand over the crib and said “SO LET THE BARGAIN BE SEALED

Janice looked at the demon and in a shakey voice asked, “What is the third term?”.

The demon looked her in the eyes and said " The third term of the agreement, is that you are absolved of the first two terms" and as he said it the horns disappeared from his head and the red skin started pealing off revealing the smooth flawless skin beneath as his white feathery wings spread out behind him.

He then spoke to Janice with a soft caring voice " Janice your love and prayers for your child have been heard " and with soft flash of light the angel vanished .

The baby woken by the flash of light opened her eyes and for the first time saw her mom.

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Topic: Kongregate / Chinablue888 has lost her battle with cancer.

My wife and best friend has passed away.

Her name was Jacqueline Roma and she fought very hard against her cancer for 2 years but died on 11-03-2010.

She had got me started playing at kong and the happiest times in my life that I know of were spent with Jacq playing games on kongregate. We would take turns playing levels on games on each other sites.

We were married for 6 years and they are the were the most joy filled years of my life.

Jacqueline turning 1 year old.


Jacqueline at her first dance recital.

Jacqueline at age 14 going on her first boat ride, she is in the white shirt.

Jacqueline at age 15 (she is in the grey shirt)

Jacqueline at age 18, meeting with her cousins for a get-together to celebrate graduation.

My favorite photo of Jacqueline.

Jacqueline right before the start of the cancer treatments.

She will be missed by everyone who knew her.

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Topic: The Arts / Grilled Cheese - A Short Story [CC Welcome]

I thought it was awesome ,don’t change a thing :)

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Topic: The Arts / A Halloween tale.

This really is not a short story but a re-accuring dream that I have often , I’m not sure what it means though.

I am back in the dessert in nevada ,it’s the after-noon of a hot day and I’m riding my bicycle down the rail road tracks as I take the same little short cut home from school everyday.

The rails are always bumpy and it’s tough going but the sand is too soft on the ground and will only mire my wheels down into the fine silt.

The wind is starting to pick up and I pedal a little faster as I dont want to get caught out in the open, I have to pull my shirt up over my nose and mouth to keep out the sand.

The wind picks up more and the rail road tracks are starting to get buried and I’m having a hard time seeing in front of me.

I can see the faint outline of a house off to the left of me and I drop my bike and slowly make my way towards it.

I make my way to the door and knock but there is no answer …. I knock louder but still no answer , so I beat hard on the door as the wind is blowing hard and blinding me to the point where I cant see.

In desperation I try opening the door and it swings open for me, I quickly shut the door, as I am thirsty from the dusty wind and can only think of water at this point to quinch my dry throat.

I walk from room to room in the old house till I find the kitchen in the back and drink straight from the faucet out of my cupped hands and splash some water on my face.

I then noticed how old the house really looks… is very spartan with no pictures or sundries anywhere, only the furniture still remains and all the furniture is covered up with white cloth that has aged a light yellowish color.

I start to pull off one of the white sheets to see what kind of chair is underneath the sheet and I hear a knock at the back door.

It is only a few feet from me and start to walk towards it but the closer I get, the more slowly I walk, as I start to have a overwelming sense of deja-vu and feel a ripple of fear run through me for some reason.

The knocking is louder this time,

I am not sure why but I am terrorfied to open the door but some force compels me to do so and I see myself reaching for the door knob and slowly turning it.

The door slowly opens and standing there in the doorway is large wolf standing upright like a human with his arms hanging down by his sides, for some reason we are exactly the same height and I look into his ice blue eyes, they seem so human and then I notice how skinny he is , almost bone thin, nothing but sinew and hair.

He says nothing to me , he only stands there staring at me.

(It is at this point that I always wake up)

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Topic: The Arts / PARADISE? (STORY)

The SUV swerved to miss the deer and clipped the front tire on my Kawasaki and I felt the handle bars jerked out of hands and lost control as I crossed the double yellow lines,
I only had a glimpse of the semi before it hit me.

The next thing I remember I was laying down. I felt weird, numb . No senses that I could tell of, except the pressure on my body from beneath me, it felt too hard to be a gurney so what then? I spread my hand down onto the surface and felt a flat hard substance but no cold or heat, only pressure.
I opened my eyes and sat up and looked around ……I was on a flat barren landscape with no topography to be seen, only the un-ending horizon touching the vast star-filled night sky and what a star light night it was, no moon or clouds only the glimmering stars but in my life I had never seen so many stars and so bright.

‘This must be a dream ’ I told myself.
I must be in an operating room somewhere pumped full of whatever they give to people now-a-days.
“_this isn’t a dream_"
I turned to look at the lady standing a few meters from me ,she was an asian women of about fifty and completely nude,not knowing what to say I could only think , can she read minds?
No, I cant read minds. you were just talking out-loud with your thoughts
It was then that I noticed that I was nude too. I had wet dreams when I was in high school but why now and why an older women.
You don’t need clothes anymore and I will repeat this is NOT a dream.”
the sterness of her words somewhat startled me and I sheepishly asked , ‘where am I’?
All I could think of to say was, ‘why’?
to be given a choice
I sat there for a few moments trying to gather my wits and asked her ,‘who are you’?
An angel of sorts.”
‘What is the choice’? I asked nervously,
To be a servant or a sleeper.”
‘And they are’? I wondered out loud.
A servant is a lshim who watches someones lifetime of living and then decides if they should be allowed in
‘To heaven’? I asked.
I thought about it for a second and asked , ’doesn’t GOD pass judgement on everyone’?
He stopped doing that long ago, after he took that little stroll with Enoch”.
‘Who is Enoch’?
nevermind.”,she said
‘Is that what you do’?
No, I am a cherubim now, I started off as a lshim but that was long ago
A million questions ran through my mind and I couldn’t help myself and like a small child blurted out , ‘what is God like’?
She laughed at that,
I haven’t ever seen him to know , I was promoted by a Elohim named Rash’lim”.
‘Elohim’? I said.
They are messenger angels who pick lshlims to be cheribiums.”
‘What about the sleepers’?
They are the souls that you see above you.”
‘You mean the stars’?
yes they are the souls that were judged worthy by the lshlims and allowed to exist in their own personal heaven, think of it as a never ending dream.”
‘But why?’ I asked.
God planned for the earth to be mankinds heaven but I guess you have already heard that story before , he never really planned this far ahead and things have gotten a little out of hand.”
‘Is this real , you me and this place’?
‘What happens to the souls that are judged un-worthy’?
They are simply snuffed out like a candle flame.”
‘You mean that there is no hell’?
No ,not in the sense that you have come to believe in, people who are judged un-worthy simply stop existing.”
‘But they have to go somewhere right?’
No ,their uniqueness is simply extinguished. Think about it, where were you and everyone else before you were born?”
I let her words sink in, the cruelness of it.
To vanish and be forgotten for all eternity, I couldn’t help but shudder .
‘I guess I could give being an lshlim a try,’ I muttered.

That was what, 5 thousand ,10 thousand years ago?
It’s hard to tell , time moves differently here when all you do is rewind and watch other peoples live go by.
I walked over to the small ball of light waiting to be judged and as I looked down into the ball a small baby was being born.
I had lost count of how many people I had judged long ago and
as I watched the nurse clean the baby off I couldn’t help but wonder if I had made the right choice, was it better to be a worker bee for all eternity or to exist in a make-believe world that isnt real for all eternity?
I am not sure but to live in a lie for all eternity seems like a hell to me, maybe that’s why she picked me, I have never seen her since then but I’m sure she checks up on me every few hundred years, to check on my judgements.
She probably gets checked on by Rash’lim too to see if she is making the right calls.
As I watched the nurse hand the new-born to her new mom I couldn’t help but wonder……… Is it really better to serve in heaven or reign in your own personal hell?

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Topic: Kongregate / Ultimate Kongregate Photo Topic

Me and my wife jacqueline (chinablue888)

!me and jacqueline!

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Topic: The Arts / [Story] Earth 2.0

The little destroyer had been trying to flank one of the enemy’s smaller ships when the captain saw the battleship STARBURST caught in a cross fire between two of the enemy’s capital ships and taking heavy damage, the captain knew if the flagship of their force was destroyed all hope was lost.

The little destroyer would not last long against either one of the enemy’s capital ships , the only chance that the little destroyer had of inflicting any substantial damage on the lager capital ships was to ram one of the enemy’s ships.
With a grim determination she made her decision and ordered the AURORA to ramming speed but the AURORA hadn’t even gotten to within 2 miles of the enemy ships ,when the two ships seeing what she was doing targeted her with full broad sides and slammed her out of her original trajectory .

The destroyer fell out of her original path as explosions ripped through her 3 mile length , venting her precious atmosphere from dozens of holes.
Its weapons silenced and engines blown the AURORA was in its death throws,
The captain of the AURORA steadied herself by grabbing the end of the communication relay board and then glanced up to see the main screen flicker for a moment then fade out .

Warnings and alarms rang through the ship from all directions , she had already given the order to abandon ship when the main reactors blew killing everyone in the engine rooms and taking out half of the medical wing.

The little destroyer was not made for front line battle, she was a scout ship and had only returned to port to refuel before scouting the next quadrant but when the order came to launch-out as the enemy fleet had been detected the little destroyer took her place beside the heavy destroyer NEBULAS FIRE , dwarfed by the bigger ship the AURORA was only one tenth her length or girth .

The battle had come swift and furious , the outcome was almost set in stone from the beginning as the fleet that they were to face had already dismantled their main fleet that was sent out to stop them weeks earlier.
After that central command had been reeling from defeat after defeat and everyone knew that it was only a matter of time before they showed up at their home planet.

There was no doubt in anyone’s mind that no mercy would be forth-coming form these aliens, they had already wiped out all of their outposts with the only survivors being the ones who were able to flee before they showed up.
The little blue planet that they called home was on the verge of annihilation and they were the only ones left to stand against them , all they had were a dozen capital ships that had returned from previous battles and still needing further repairs and twice that many escort ships but any ships that could be had were sent as everyone knew this was their last stand .

Another explosion wracked the ship and the captain was thrown violently to the left , she had tried to break her fall by reaching out with her left hand to grab the railing but the force was too much and she could feel the weight of her body slam into her arm , crushing her wrist.
She fell to the floor and gasped for breath as she had the wind knocked out of her and the air was getting thin , she wanted to stay down but the weight of her rank on her shoulders wouldn’t allow it and she pulled herself up with her good arm and cradling her crushed wrist , made her way to the defence pane screen, it was glowing a soft red light with a bright blue outline for their ships and a dull yellow for the enemies ships.
She could barely stand to look at it as she could see alot of yellow and very little blue .
She was having to gasp for air now as the air was getting too thin to breath, she turned to look at the star chart pane and lightly touched it to turn it to the chart of their home solar system and touched the right hand side of the screen to zoom in on the little blue sphere that was their home “only a weeks flight to get there” ,the thought ran through her head over and over and she wondered how many would escape before the enemy fleet showed up to turn their home into a burnt out cinder, she couldn’t even imagine a safe haven that they could flee too.
She felt a shudder run through the ship as another internal explosion buffeted the ship and felt herself go weightless as the life support went out.

Her last thoughts were of her daughters who were still in school.

April 7 3010 – aboard the U.S.S.A. intrepid ,
Lt. Lenix Healy looked at the battered alien ship, it seemed like a dark black leviathan, he had been sent with a group of scientist 4 years ago to inspect the ship, It had made even him sit up when he saw the images handed to him by the general in his briefing.
It had taken them 3 and half years to get here , It was a long time to be gone , his kids would be out of high school and most likely starting their own families by the time he got back but as he had known before they left if he hadn’t gone he would have regretted it the rest of his life.
A long range probe had discovered the ship 9 years ago and it had taken another 5 years to build a long range ship capable of reaching the place, half way to the Andromada galaxy.
He had been told that he and his crew were to make first contact with the people on the vessel but there was no ‘first contact’ or any of that hollywood ‘we come in peace’ nonsense, all they had found was a dead ship that was pockmarked with huge gaping holes and a large portion ripped away at the lower rear of the ship.
He gazed at the enormous star etched into the side of the ship and wondered for the hundredth time what it stood for, it was barely recognizable as a star as it only had a faint outline left .
The only real data that they had on the ship after they showed up was that the age of the ship was 5.4 billion years old.
He had them check the readings from the instruments three times and then ordered them to do a full diagnostic check on the equipment before he sent the message back to earth on how old the ship really was.
The only clear understanding of the people who had manned the ship was that their technology was beyond their own.
They had gained access to the ship through the gaping holes that could have only been explosions but not much was left inside the ship even though there was no atmosphere or heat but after such a long time anything organic had long since turned to dust, only metal now remained and what looked like computer banks and storage holds had degraded and crumbled to sift in the bins, only the strange semi transparent ’panes’ as they had come to call them still existed but even those fell apart at even the slightest pressure.

They had spent 3 grueling months cutting open bolt hatches and surveying empty rooms and searching every nook and crevice that they came across for some answers to who these beings were that had existed on this ship, even some small plaque or art work that could have survived would have been a godsend,
but all that had changed last week as they had accidentally stumbled into the ships command center.
They were as always eager to get a peak in a new room but this one was different as it was ten times as large as any other room and was filled with the ‘panes’ they had seen earlier.
They had all slowly and quietly slipped through the door way without making a sound as they all knew that this room was different than the others that they had seen.
One of the group had gotten very close to the railing and stopped to grasp at something .
“What is it sargent?” healy asked,
“I’m not sure sir ,it looks to be a symbol of some sort” she said
The Lt. walked over and looked at the strange little item, it was 4 bars over a semi-circle, and wondered if this had been someones rank.
“SIR” one of the men shouted.
He looked up and saw one of the panes slowly turning a dull red it was hard to see but there were symbols and lines all over it.
Everyone had stopped and watched it without saying anything till the Lt. shouted ’start mapping it’ and a mad dash of rushing out equipment and high-tech cameras had ensued.
He had spent 2 hours studying that map , he didn’t know what triggered it to come on , whiether it was a motion sensing battery that hadn’t been exhausted or it was just leaching energy from their tesla batt-packs in thier equipment, all he knew was that for 2 hours it had remained barely lit and then slowly faded out.
He had spent the last week reviewing and deciphering what it said and there was not a doubt in his mind what it said or what that particular ‘pane’ was…..
It was a navigational pane that logged the ships movements and where it had been .
After reading and deciphering what it said, at first it had caused him to wonder if he had read his notes right but after studying them over and over he was convinced.
The ship had come from their solar system 5.4 billion years ago from the third planet from the sun but according to the navigational logs that planet had no moon.

I had written this story after watching a program on the history channel on how a runaway moon/planet the size of pluto had given the earth a glancing blow and created our moon, the program said that the earth was completely destroyed and became a molten ball again.
I couldn’t help but wonder if life had existed before the impact and if it did, how far did it advance?
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Topic: Kongregate / Ultimate Kongregate Photo Topic

Me right before I moved from BHC, Arizona to needles,Cal

Me right after I moved from Hawaii to Arkansas.

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Topic: Off-topic / The rise and fall of science fiction.

Originally posted by Cammy_G:

No mention of Orson Scott Card or Ian.M.Banks? What is this shit?

Sorry but I can’t list every author who wrote an award winning sci-fi book as the post would be 10 pages long.
On orson scott card, ‘Enders Game’ was one of the first sci-fi books I ever read and is almost as good as the ‘Bug Wars’.

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Topic: Off-topic / The rise and fall of science fiction.


hmmm, that is a big question to ask.... but I will try to answer it anyways.

Science fiction used to be pretty popular until recently , so why the decline? well you have to look back to the fifties and sixties when sci-fi was in its golden age. People like Isaac Asimov and A.E. Von Vogt were quite literally household names.
In the seventies however there was a decline in sci-fi not much but a little , then in the eighties a more pronounced decline , in the nineties a very sharp decline and now that leads us to where we are now.

So why the sharp fall off? Well you have to start at the basics to understand why.

To me there are 3 types of sci-fi stories.

1-Hard sci-fi (science -fiction that can be backed up by scientific theory, credit is given to Isaac Asimov by most for inventing this style)

2-Soft sci-fi (science-fiction that has no credible science bases, Most people will give Jules Verne the title for inventing soft sci-fi and well really science-fiction in itself)

3-Opera sci-fi (epic stories of empires built/destroyed or crumbling, some people including myself credit Frank Herbert for creating this genre)

These three haven't always existed together, science fiction isn't even credited to existing till jules Verne wrote it back in the 1860's and hard sci-fi didn't gain popularity till the mid forties when heinlien and isaac made it mainstream, as for the third form Opera sci-fi (space operas) didn't come around till 1965 when Frank Herbert wrote 'DUNE' So if there are 3 forms now shouldn't it be more popular? well , yes it should but it's not.

It started when hard sci-fi was born, these stories won over alot of editors and won a heaping stack of awards.

As expected these authors of hard sci-fi were as popular as the soft sci-fi authors were in the fifties and sixties and then came frank herbert with his space opera 'DUNE' and another player came into the field of a already crowded field.

Alas, this threesome relationship could never last as the authors of the hard sci-fi became editors of magazine and book publishing companies in the late sixties and started "weeding out" soft sci-fi litature. The hard sci-fi fans demeaned anyone who read soft sci-fi and compared them to school children reading comic books and so soft sci-fi fell by the way side, to be forgotten by almost everyone except for short story readers and well, comic books.
As for the space operas.....They never really became mainstream and never got a large share of the sci-fi communities attention but I would say that space operas and soft sci-fi are about equal right now in popularity with the hard sci-fi dominating the field. So why is hard sci-fi only a tenth as popular as it was back in the golden age ?
Most of it is because while hard science-fiction wins awards and imppresses people, most people aren't into reading a story that requires a degree in quatum machanics and a masters in atomic/nuclear physics.

I know your saying right now that the internet and nine hundred channels on cable did the trick but ask yourself this -why are vampire and magic/worlock books flying off the shelf? because of the simple fact that people started reading sci-fi in the beggining to escape reality and go to a fantasy world where the rules here don't apply.
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Topic: Off-topic / Many Years Later! Werewolf vs. Vampire vs. More! Pick a Race and a Team!

A cat-boy of course * purrrs heavily *

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This thread will not make sense to alot of people who dont live north america
but i feel that the democratic party here in the U.S. has the sole purpose of blaming all of societies problems on striaght-white-christian males.

On the opposite side i believe the republicans want to blame non judeo-christians for all of societies ills.

Both sides to me seem that they are trying to cater to the majority in america to get votes, just in different ways.

The Republicans know that 95% of america is judeo-christian.

The democrates know that striaght-white-christian males only make up around 25% of americas poulation ,however if you add in 30 to 90 million illegal immegrants that number goes down even farther .
I have never seen the dems ever address this issue or the news media address this issue but it seems like its the elephant in the room (no pun intended)

I had hoped that a third party would exist by now to challenge these two bigoted parties but the only other parties are the extremist groups like the green party and the tea party :(

Please, don’t tell me that anyone owes a debt because of thier ancestry (thats what the nazi’s told the jews , that they had to work off thier debt to society!!! )

This is just my opinion on the subject

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Topic: Serious Discussion / Homosexuality; A Choice, or a Trait?

First off Im not gay but I am a wannabe writer so i will write something here , in my humble opinion homosexuality was only .ooo1% of the worlds poulation 10,000 years ago as I think that it was a random mutation in humanity but now it’s about at 10 percent.
The reason why? I think it’s because of over-population in the world.

In the animal world when over-poulation becomes a problem most animals have smaller litters but we humans normally only have one child so how could we evolve to decrease our population …… homosexuality.

I think homosexuality is actually an evolved trait in humans that mother nature is installing in humanity as a way of adapting in our ever increasingly over-crowded world.
I think that in 100 years that the earths population will be well over 10 billion and homosexuality will be around 20 to 30 percent of the poulation.
It would be easier for children to be born still dead or wemon to be barren but that would cause alot of emotional truama for the parents as the drive in wemon to be moms is very strong, plus children tend to take care of thier parents when thier older so having kids would be a biological plus.

one other point before I go , I think that anyone who is gay and has a straight relationship and developes emotions towards that person (weither purely orgasmic or love) will be bi-sexual and any person that is gay and has thier first relationship with another gay person will be a homosexual,
Its the same with straight people , if you fall in love for the first time with a white person you will for the rest of your life naturally have a tendency towards whites however if the first time you fall in love is with an asian the same happens (the first cut truely is always the deepest) Anyways all this mumbo-jumbo is just my personal reflections on this subject.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Unnamed Multiplayer Artillery Game, Open Alpha Test] Please people, behave!

Please make it so guest cannot play with registered users, they ruin the game and make the most racially and sexually offending comments that can be made. i feel that these people can never be held accountable for their actions or comments, GUEST PLAYING WITH REGISTERED = BAD GAMING EXPERIENCE !!! …. i play on my wifes site sometimes (chinablue888) and she is chinese and it seems like the guests are the worst about racist/bigoted comments. please ,please make it so the guests cannot play with registered players.

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