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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Jeweled Chest price increase.

Originally posted by amarquis2:

I’m kind of surprised that they didn’t expect people to buy just for the GEs. The value on chests is extremely low but the GEs are an assured upgrade that also going to be better than anything else available.

That said, they are free to pick whatever price point they think is best. I’ll vote with my wallet and get GEs only rarely instead of viewing them as a 3 dollar tip jar for the Devs.

With how completely crap jeweled chests are. They have to be incredibly dumb if they didn’t see this comming. I personally think they’re a bit smarter then that and just hope to earn more $$.

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Topic: Zombidle / 4k orbs over 100k% dps from orbs not even close to complete easter challenge 3... some HELP please!

I just did it with 4.4k orbs, 21,5% per orb. Flying squid lvl 52 (deals 29Q damage when awake). lvl 3 armory, lvl 2 bank and lvl 1 golden shower.

So it should be quite easy for you to do really. I didn’t even use the 100% damage scroll or the 2,5x tap damage. I’m not sure how easy it is to get the squid to lvl 50 for you though. As i didnt play for 2 weeks or so.

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Topic: Zombidle / Low Graphics mode: please

I really hope they implement this.
Either potato graphics for bad pc’s or just being able to disable the graphics/explosions etc.

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Topic: Zombidle / Questions about the future of the game if anyone has any idea about what's next.

Originally posted by HenriqueI:
Originally posted by silverbladz:

There is a video within the game itself that explains it. It’s only a fun little secondary project for them to keep in touch with the fans while making a little bit of ad revenue to finance their next projects. Want me to link a proper 2 star games for you to get proper angry at instead of this perfectly acceptable game?

No, thanks.

A game 2 stars for you maybe its a 5 stars for me, and vice-versa. For me this one its a 2 stars… I’m sure a lot of people here love this game and gave it 5 stars. But like I said before, that is a personal opinion, so my 2 stars avaliation doesnt concern you.

2 stars = You didn’t like it.

That’s exactly what the rating system says. So i’m going to go on a limb here and say you spent quite a few hours on this game and actually liked it enough that you’re bothering to comment on it. Heck, you’re even implying you stuck around for 2 months.

Just because you don’t understand how to use a rating system properly, doesn’t mean your rating is justified. You seem like some salty teenage kid trying to take some lame stance.. But that’s just me.

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Topic: Zombidle / What are the 3 challenges you can do?

Would like to know the 3 rewards if anyone has done them.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Jan 26th Update!: First Round of Talents!

Originally posted by coyotik:

This is not a balance issue at all. It’s not even any issue at all. There’s absolutely no reason why one’s idols/hour should increase, especially now that idols actually contribute to increasing your DPS (and therefore extending your reach) twice.

The so-called “cash-grab” events are actually something that really improves the game for me. Not by making me spend cash, but by adding more CHOICES to the game. There was a time at which I was thinking "oh geez, this is boring, I’m done with this game because the only thing I have to play for is getting a DPS epic for Hermit – until that happens, I’m stuck with Jim and his golden axe. (Yay, Golden Axe…. fond memories :)). And suddenly, I can use about 4-5 crusaders as the main DPS choice, and there are so many combinations of buffing them to be tried out, compared and analyzed… That’s IMO a very good thing. And now the talents, yet another thing to pore over and decide how to build…

Once we get one free respec with every reset, I’ll be VERY happy with the game.

You should refrain from stating your OPINIONS as FACTS

Not sure why i even bother to explain game mechanics/design to you but here i go. Idle game are all based on one simple concept: progression. The player needs to progress AND have a desire/reason to progress further into the game. While events are nice additions to this game. It has to stop sometime doesn’t it? Right now we have two events this month alone. At that rate we’ll be out of crusaders spots in 4 months.. What happens then? Just seems to me they’re trying to milk the players out as much as possible instead of investing into the long-term playability of this game

Now here’s the crucial problem with not gaining more idols/hour as you progress. You don’t feel a sense of progression anymore as you enter the lategame. You spend so much time trying to double your DPS, and yet this doesn’t even get you much further into the game at all. There’s almost no advantage to having 10k idols versus 2k idols Since they don’t actually progress slower then you do. The 10k player only has it a little easier as they have to buy levels less often. Now just look at all the complaints on this forum about this issue. Then look at how pretty much every single GOOD idle game i can think of has this mechanic where you accumulate the prestige points faster. Maybe because players enjoy that a lot?

TL;DR: More idols = slightly more DPS, but slightly more DPS is not more IDOLS like in almost all other idle games. And when slightly more DPS also doesn’t equal any other benefits like being able to progress much faster. People just spends tons of time for very little DPS gain, that doesn’t help them progress faster anyway.

This is an amazing game honestly, But the idol/prestige mechanic is just very poorly implemented compared to other great idle games. And that’s just a huge shame.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Jan 26th Update!: First Round of Talents!

Originally posted by SamiJM:

The Crusaders community has got to be one of the most ungrateful groups I’ve ever seen. The past two updates have been fantastic and all you guys can do is whine. My dps has went up A LOT since a week ago. I can walk away from my computer for quite a long time now and I really appreciate that. Heck, I went to the store to buy groceries and came back to my crusaders still on auto-progress. I think all of you are overreacting and not giving the devs enough credit for what they’re planning to do in the future. You have no idea what the tier 3 talents are yet. They could be game-changing things that give us more gold or more idols or whatever. You just don’t know. Also, the devs were consistently giving us new objectives about once every month. They haven’t given us any new ones since early December. Maybe there’s a reason for that. Like maybe they already have a new world made that would have been too hard without the talents. Much harder world = more idols per hour.

I have complete faith that the devs know what they’re doing.

How are we ungrateful when we are PAYING customers? Such a ridiculous statement to make. They’re getting paid this develop the game, and they wouldn’t do it if people wouldn’t be buying stuff.

We’ve been waiting nearly 6 months for talents and to see that this is what they came up with is pretty dissapointing. Not to mention that increased DPS doesn’t mean much as your idols/hour don’t increase. A balance issue they have yet to fix. They’re decent developers but the focus on the cash grab events is just too much instead of focusing on things that really improve the game.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Jan 26th Update!: First Round of Talents!

Originally posted by MarsTheKing:

Decent boost in damage

No goldbonus boost

Talents cost too much and do too little, the amount of idols you gain is slow and pushing higher zones is basically pointless, while the cost for talents rises drastically (level 25 passive tree – 1k+ idols)
There HAS to be some reward for reaching higher zones, else what are you going to do with more dps?

hint Clicker heroes

To be honest, not sure if happy or sad, maybe others see the good sides of this update, just my first impression

While i’m happy we have talents. They’re rather boring. So much DPS increase instead of cool new talents that change the way you play the game. Just look at how many crazy things clicker heroes has that change the gameplay. They call it ancients i think?

I sure hope they fix the idols reward for later stages as you mentioned.. I was hoping talents would do that. But sadly they didn’t. They could have so easily added a "x% more idols after reset or “gain x amount of extra idols every 50/100 levels”.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / New Changes! Update to Loot and Classic Crusaders Buff!

Changes seem great all across the board. Makes epics much more special, greatly reduced the amount of “useless” items. And the synergy with their own abilities and our skills is amazing.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / New Event: Princess' Pool Party

The events are great and all.. But the talent shop is extremely long overdue. I mean i get all the holiday events, but now you guys are just making random sh*t up instead of working on the talent shop. Don’t ruin this game because of your greed.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / +1 Silver Chest?

Dude.. can you please stop making topics about everything. This isn’t your personal facebook feed.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Objective Difficulty list and Idol recommendations (Last Updated on 4/4)

bump for awareness

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Topic: Reactor idle / Bonus Ticks are by far inferior to running the game

Originally posted by Crazyh3:

Actually it will, if everyone complains about this part of the game, the devs will have to change it.

The devs won’t have to change it. Generally idle games reward people for being online. Bonus ticks being vastly inferior to leaving the game open is something that is quite common in idle games. Most idle games give you something like 1/10th →1/2 of your production when offline

Idle game not giving anything while offline is outdated. Newer idle games almost all reward properly while being offline. This one is among the worst. And it’s a real shame because so many people will have quit playing over this. It’s completely ridicuous to leave your pc on overnight instead of just turning it off.

The end result is the same. The “hardcore players” will still get the same benefits as being online. But all the casual players will have quit out of frustration because they don’t gain any progress at all while being offline. It just boggles my mind people like you will defend shitty game mechanics like this.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Actually a proper complaint thread this time.

Originally posted by Codename_Enter:
Originally posted by MarsTheKing:

I’ve found out + reported the kaine + monkey bug, where you could have gotten the 2 crusaders on the same formation, all the time.
Not a single thanks was given to me even tho the bug was pretty huge and I could have easily abused it.

So yeah, won’t report bugs anymore, as the devs don’t really care about it, guess I shoulda given them 20 dollar to make them thank me, lol

But no hard feelings, just telling how it is

Hi Mars,

Sorry to hear we didn’t thank you. It was probably the hectic nature of chat, the severity of the bug shocking us, and of course we needed to write up the fix ticket for our developers, though still no excuse. It is easier to remember to say thank you when informed of bugs through the more direct channels, like the Help and Support link or emails to

Thank you for catching a very serious bug that no other players had come forward with.

The Codename Team

Does anyone else find it absolutely hilarious they actually have to post this to satisfy some whiny kids? Boo-hoo you didn’t get a medal for reporting a bug. I mean really? You shouldn’t abuse bugs because you want to play fair, not because it goes unpunished.

It’s really ironic that a thread with the title “proper complain thread” is just full of whiny and entitled people.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Horns and Cornucopias - ability cooldown above 50%

Originally posted by vavusikarios:

Items of one type providing bonuses to another because their original bonus has reached a limit feels a bit inelegant to me.

I would prefer it if CDR items continued providing CDR bonuses.

There are ways to make it work, while keeping the 50% cap, or something really close to that. Introducing diminishing returns is an option, by having CDR items give smaller bonuses after say 30% CDR is reached. Arranging the whole thing (its a math thing) in a way where reaching 50% CDR would be achieved at the same point where today a player has something like 100% to 200% CDR feels about right to me. It shoudnt be higher than that, in order for players who today have the 50% not to lose too much. Further CDR item acquisition should continue giving increasingly smaller bonuses, in a such a way that reaching 55% CDR should be much more difficult than reaching 50% (an order of magnitude more difficult would keep things practically as they are today, ie around 50%, for some time).

What a terrible suggestion honestly. It already takes an incredibly long time to reach the 50% CDR cap and you want to make it even harder? I’ve played for 110 days and i still haven’t reached it.

There’s a number of ways they could implent the suggestion. They could simply disable the horns once you get to 50% cdr or make you able to choose/spend them on the other ones.

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Topic: Reactor idle / offline progress is way too weak imo

Originally posted by kingoo1:

Tbh I live the system much more than leaving it at 100%, then again, I seem to be a minority, so screw me

I like the idea of the ticks system a lot. But right now i’m pretty sure it isn’t even 10% of what you’d regularly earn. I also think the rate of ticks you get doesn’t increase with the ticks upgrade. So it gets even worse over time.

Since ticks are possible to use more optimally then 100% offline progress. Even 25-30% would be fine if you ask me.

It really does need to be fixed however. Even if it’s only for the profit the developer makes. Currently ticks are just very expensive to buy with real money too. Why waste $5 on 1 hour of progress? doesn’t make any sense.

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Topic: Tap Adventure / Looking for friends, post here

add me :)

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Leaderboard

Originally posted by Shinsekaix3:

If some people don’t want a leaderboard fine then just ignore it if it maybe comes out. It won’t hurt you guys. But some people like me or OP want a leaderboard. I would love to see how I stand compared to the others.

So you can see who cheated the most and the people who have wasted way too much time on this game?

I will never understand why people try to be competitive in the least competitive gaming genre in the world. It’s like being proud of winning a math contest versus your dog. It requires no skill.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Siphon buffs too weak, give us back click dmg buff

Originally posted by ntall1:

The only time Siphon is effective at all is when you are not running a clicker dmg formation. Anyone who used to use, or still wants to use click dmg formations just took a major dps loss with this buff update.

I feel the only reason to run a click dmg build was the bonus dps that could be obtained thru buffs to push you thru those last levels of an objective. Now, once again, idle dps builds are significantly more effective. Seems like the game is moving more towards full idle than a perfect combination of click + idle.

Except for the fact no one actually uses a legitimate click build. Using a program to click for you should never be the optimal way to play the game. That exact thing has destroyed the fun and challenge in many idle/clicker games.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / freemium? really?

This game is single player and an idle game. Why are people wanting to be competitive in the least competitive gaming genre in the world? That doesn’t make any sense. If you want competition go play some MOBA’s or shooters.

Not to mention the boost is not really game-breaking. I honestly think they did it perfectly. Not OP but still a decent improvement. The fact you think developers getting paid for their work is bad is just really sad. You’re so entitled it’s ridiculous. I hate pay2win games just as much as anyone else. But this game requires a lot of time. And it doesn’t matter how much you spend if you don’t spend 90% of the time a free player does.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / [Poll] Do you want high scores?

It’s a single player idle game so being competitive in it is just complete nonsense. It’s like an award for who wastes way too much time on this game.

I wouldn’t even mind all that if it wasn’t for the fact cheaters would be at the top anyway. And if there are cheaters then hiscores don’t mean anything.

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Topic: Crusaders of the Lost Idols / Suggestions

No duplicate rare/epic gear from jeweled chests.

It’s just extremely crappy when you get a rare/epic item from the chest and you already have it. You just feel completely screwed over. Especially when you bought the chests with real money.

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Topic: General Gaming / [Shonen Idle] Game-breaking update

I waited like 2.5 weeks before my first reset because i didn’t think it was worth resetting with like 15 jade ryos for the first time. Then the update came and i immediately gained a couple thousand jade ryos.

So the scaling when the game was released was really bad and slow. But now you struggle and then you suddenly go from 1M jade ryos to 1B jade ryos in like a hour. The scaling is just way out of control now. It should be slow and steady.. Not resetting every 10 minutes.

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Topic: AdVenture Capitalist: General / Moon pie graph profits

Originally posted by fposte2:

to all people whineing about the moon the moon is meant to be slow when the mega bucks can buy upgrades those are supposed to help with the speed of the moon

How is this even a valid arguement when the moon has been release for 6 WEEKS. already. It’s just too slow and poorly balanced. I liked the idea they went for. it’s just extremely poorly executed. It’s worse then the endgame of earth, which is just ridiculous.

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Topic: Clicker Heroes / Is using an Autoclicker cheating?

If we were meant to use autoclickers then they should have implemented that into the game.

Else the game is just very badly designed. Personally i think they made a huge mistake with the juggernaut ancient and the balancing of the lategame. Forcing people to use an autoclicker is just retarded. It should have stayed an idle game which you check back every few hours/days. Not leave your PC running all day and not be able to use it because of an autoclicker.