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Topic: ShellShock Live 2 / [Unofficial] Ideas for weapons?

Homer-A homing shot that homes to an enemy.Does 25 damage.
Nachos-Shoots out Nachos that hits enemies.One does 5 damage.
Spilder-Shoots out 2 builders instead of 1.Same damage as spligger.
Plasma Rays-Shoots plasma rays that cut through everything.Does 34 damage.
Energy-Shoots out waves of energy.Does 20 damage.
Ice-Freezes the enemy not allowing it to move.
Ice ball-Same as fireball but freezes the enemy not allowing it to move.
Dropper-Drops shots in the air allowing it to sometimes damage tanks or collect boxes ir you shoot over it.
Slime-Subtracts 25% traction and 25% speed allowing it to sometimes slow down your tanks by all.(That means no speed)
Bonjitsu-Shoots 7 ninja stars.Each ninja star shot will add 5% speed to the next one.First one does 5 then second 10 damage and so on.
Water bomb-Shoots a bomb which contains water,after it hits the ground it will explode like a blast.Each does 2 damage.
Wind follower-The most efectively shot that is by wind.Damages 100 hp.(Not because i am greedy,it is because it is very hard to shoot when you have a very high wind)
lightsabre-Cuts hills in half and grounds.But beware,it can cut the side of the purple wall if you are not careful.Does 25 damage.
Triple Sniper-Shoots 3 snipers.One does 100 damage.(That makes the games most maximum hp 300 if all is hit)
Paint-Same as waterworks but damages 4 instead.
Air collecter-boomerang-gets bigger when it is in the air one size growth is +1 damage to the boomerang.


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Topic: Bloons TD 5 / think of your own towers and upgrades for them

Bomber Monkey
Skill:Throws bombs to pop frozen,lead and normal balloons.
Upgrade path 1 upgrade 1-Fire Bombs:Burns the balloons as well the floor,the fire left on the floor will burn any balloons that come to close!
Upgrade path 1 upgrade 2-Dizzy Bombs:Stuns the bloons making them impossible to move and sometimes paralyze them to move backwards.
Upgrade path 1 upgrade 3-Water bombs:Splashes the ground causing the ground to get all wet,and may sometimes slip’n’slide or pop the bloons.
Upgrade path 1 upgrade 4-Spike bomb:Throws a spiked filled bomb causing a super crack spike motion causing all the bloons around it to pop.
Upgrade path 2 upgrade 1-Ice age:Throws an ice bomb to freeze the bloons around it.Does not effect white bloons.
Upgrade path 2 upgrade 2-Camo Seeker:Ables bomber monkeys to see camo bloons.Does not grant visibility to camo in other towers.
Upgrade path 2 upgrade 3-Light strike:This bomb explodes causing 8 light sabres around the bomb to fly the whole screen.
Upgrade path 2 upgrade 4 tier 1-Panetrator:Blasts the whole screen with air strikes and if missed it will hop bloon to bloon causing all to pop before exploding.

Secret one I supposed to add:Neuclear reactor:Blast the whole screen with anti neuclear shockwaves.