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Topic: General Gaming / The Enchanted Cave General Discussion Thread

For those wanting a bit more challenge, here’s some alternatives:

Golden Warrior (Hard)

You can only use the golden (artifact) items. This also means that at the start, and each restart, you must rid yourself of your knife, cloth shirt, work pants and leather shoes. Good luck with the opening rounds of this one (or at least until you get your ‘jewels’ up, and one of the magic strikes) – even green slime can’t be defeated with one hit. When I played with these rules it took me 17 wings to finish.

Cursed Treasure (Fairly Easy)

You can’t wear the golden (artifact) items, and must always sell them at the first opportunity. You can’t even open a golden box once you receive the Eye of Wealth (Better alternative: you can’t even sell the items, or to simulate a non-sale you must immediately buy and resell an item worth the same as 25% more than the sale price of the golden item). Surprisingly, I was able to win this one with only 2 wings.

Really Cursed Treasure

You can’t open any golden boxes. (Good luck with the later rounds when you can’t even tell which boxes have potions in them, nor the strengths of each enemy)

No Trading with the Enemy (Pretty Easy)

You know the merchant is the boss; he knows you’re going to kill him. Why are you trading with each other? In this alternative, you are not allowed to buy or sell anything. In an extremely difficult version if this combine it with the Cursed Treasure rules. (It means that at any restart, you’ll only have a knife, shirt, pants, and shoes, so good luck restarting at a high level)

Boxes? We Don’t Need No Stinking Boxes (Fairly Hard)

You aren’t allowed to open any boxes; you can only collect gold bags (haven’t tried this one yet)