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Topic: Raid Brigade / Elysium Guild Recruiting

If you have any spots left I can join been looking for an active guild. In game name is 8008man2

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Topic: Rise of Mythos / [Monster Talk] Weekly Maintenance from 6:00pm on November 19 PST (Change log included)

I hope there is a compensation for the server maintenance. People are going to miss the 2v2 equalizer and some people who work (me) will be completely unable to even do dailies because it is the only time they can.

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Topic: Technical Support / Kong games not working

Well, I booted up my computer this morning and for some reason none of the Kong games are working at all for me. On some I get a white screen, others gray, and others a black screen. I have tried Chrome, FF, and IE and no game will work on any browser. Flash, Java, and Unity are all working fine and the same games run fine on different sites, they just won’t work on Kong. I have all of my extensions disabled, storage is set to unlimited, and I have the correct date and time, the games just won’t even start up.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Dev] Crafting/Arena Update

So now the already slow enough arena grinding is even slower due to not being able to turn off live PVP? Well that just lost about 2 stars from me. It was already slow going getting to platinum rank, and now that added about a month of laggy, indecisive PVPing for people just starting out in the game.

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Topic: Kongregate Multiplayer Games / [Fantasy Online] New characters.

ok so i know that the game is supposed to be linked to your account and all that, but i got slightly far into the game and really forgot everything about it. i would really have liked to start a new character but be able to play on my account, just so i could get a fresh start. if you want leave your opinions on this

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Topic: General Gaming / [Mardek 3] How to defeat Fire Guardian?

actually the iversion spells so 100 times your resistence level. so if you have 50% resistence, then he will do 500 damage. and even with the ballad of balance that would just mean that it damages all character 4 times. so either way it is all based on luck. i lowered solaar’s fire resistence to equip torquoise and iversion killed my whole party, whereas with 2 fire pendants he only killed 1 character(sadly elwyen). i only beat the fire guardian once and that was because i did a very lucky guess at when he would do inversion and i used null fire. so good luck

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You need the Null Fire Once spell and Fire Pendants or Rings and everyone to resist or absorb the big mass fire spells. You should do the water temple first though. I found the fire temple first and couldn’t kill the boss either even with the water spells on the mage. Once you complete the water temple you should have a fish sword for Mardek that does kick ass water damage. Everyone else can heal or lob cold water at him. Easy that way. Just make sure that you heal up straight after the fight – then head north pick up the crystal and then it’s fighting time again!!

Otherwise, their inversions will be a 1-hit KO.

The interesting thing about this is that, if my characters dont absorb/resist the element [in this case the water guardian] it 1-hits everybody with Tsunami…so I cant exactly figure out what to do.

ABSORB is resistance over 100%

The best way to go with the guardians is to equip their respective elemental pendants and the m (element) – 50% reaction it gives. That way, Tsunami / raging inferno / earthquake do NO damage, but inversion still only does 50% of your health.