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Topic: GemCraft - Chasing Shadows / Achievements not being awarded

[Field] “H3: No gem higher than grade 3 on field H3” is exactly what I did. I juiced up my grade 3s by mixing lots of grade 2s into them, and never had a grade 4+ at all.

I’ve had the same problem with a lot of other achievements. I had to make four or five tries each at Ice Stand and Thick Air, but those can be done on the first or second fields. These hour-long field-specific achievements are already tough enough without having to redo them over and over. What’s going wrong here?

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Topic: Reactor idle / Single heat cell map

Here’s the cheapest thorium reactor I could get running. It’s a Granotik. It doesn’t cost much more than the post-30 billion/t upgrades for fusion. After reactor replacement costs, it produces ~50b/t more than my final fusion build. [Tired. Check math later.]

The boiler house levels aren’t required, but the heat sink levels can save your gens during reactor tests.

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Topic: Kongregate / If the COPPA LAW ACT OF 1999 did not exist how would that affect

Mods might have to make an effort to clear child-friendly areas. If Kong diversified chats by allowable subject material, I think the site would benefit greatly.

It wouldn’t matter all that much, but it could give kids a convenient way to practice typing in their free time… without having to learn to lie about their age first.

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Topic: General Gaming / Amber Helix Strategy Guide/Walkthrough

Thanks for reading! Yeah, I wasn’t sure about those — I’ll switch them soon.

The revised maps are easy enough to make. I look forward to rediscovering the new challenges.

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Topic: General Gaming / Amber Helix Strategy Guide/Walkthrough

Amber Helix is a story-driven, highly tactical retro-ish sci-fi shoot ’em up, reminiscent of greats like Orbital Decay, Starwish, and Bullet Heaven.

It does start off slow — unless you blunder into a swarm of carriers — but New Game + will have you utterly perplexed. It doesn’t end there, either: there are two more challenge modes to complete afterward!

So here’s a strategy guide to get you started. It spans the general tips for the original non-challenge mode game, and covers specific tips for various sectors and resource building in New Game +. Stay tuned; I expect to beg for mercy in the half of the game I have yet to complete.

[Last minute changes necessitated posting the guide through something not as useless as this forum’s constraints, so I’ll only be going to the sixth or seventh circle of horrible web design hell for using WordPress.]

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Topic: General Gaming / Rawr Game Guide [mutations, bosses, and general strategy]

I can’t find a guide for Rawr, nor any REAL way to search the Kong forums for one, so, here we go…

As of v.1.015 k, Mutations are one-way. No matter how much you hate the final tier parts, there is no way to go back to a part that is superior for your strategy.

Use this table to find, and stick with, the evolution that suits your style.


50 Gen: +100 max HP, +5 non-special dmg (Sharkjaw Body)
50 Gen: +100 max HP, +10 psy dmg (Lightweaver Body)
65 Gen: +250 max HP (Tough Meat)

50 Gen: +20 phys dmg (Bouncer’s Fist)
50 Gen: +35 non-special dmg (Sharp Claw Hands)
65 Gen: +40 psy dmg, +5 dodge (Salad Thin Fingers)

100 Gen: +200 max HP, +5 dodge (Devil Body)
100 Gen: +250 max HP, +20 psy dmg (Laboratory Experimental)
120 Gen: +200 max HP, +10 phys dmg (Deepsea Body)

100 Gen: +55 psy dmg, +20 non-special dmg (Caster Hands)
100 Gen: +20 phys dmg, +3 stun, +100 max HP (Hard Crab Claw)
120 Gen: +40 phys dmg (Bone Knife)

150 Gen: +300 max HP, +20 phys dmg (Bladeskin)
150 Gen: -100 max HP, +45 psy dmg, +5 crit (Tentacular Body)
175 Gen: +450 max HP, +5 combo chance (Winged Body)

150 Gen: +50 phys dmg, +3 crit (Assassin’s Knife)
150 Gen: +75 psy dmg, +2 special (Injector)
175 Gen: +30 phys dmg, +40 non-special dmg (Razor Claw)

200 Gen: +350 max HP, +35 phys dmg (Executor’s Body)
200 Gen: +60 psy dmg (Nailskin)
215 Gen: +700 max HP (Big Fat Body)

200 Gen: +120 psy dmg, +50 critical dmg (Psycho Mouth)
200 Gen: +80 phys dmg, +8 crit (Mutilator)
215 Gen: +20 crit (Tooth claw {WOO!})

250 Gen: +300 max HP, +35 phys dmg, +3 combo (SpinalNeedle Body)
250 Gen: -300 max HP, +75 psy dmg, +5 crit (Necrotic Body)
270 Gen: +400 max HP, +3 special (Butterfly Body)

250 Gen: +120 phys dmg, +5 stun, +250 max HP (Black Crab Claw)
250 Gen: +80 psy dmg, +7 special (Fish Eye)
270 Gen: +200 psy dmg, +2 special (Glowing Claw)

300 Gen: +1600 max HP (Ancient Titan Body)
300 Gen: -200 max HP, +100 psy dmg, +50 critical dmg (Psy Emitter)
345 Gen: +550 max HP, +45 non-special dmg (Twisted Deepsea Body)

300 Gen: +300 psy dmg (Dark Mind Palm)
300 Gen: +140 phys dmg, +5 stun (Bone Crusher)
345 Gen: +230 psy dmg, +5 dodge (Gecko)

350 Gen: +500 max HP, +45 phys dmg (Cagebreaker’s Body)
350 Gen: +200 max HP, +110 psy dmg (Nanotech Body)
355 Gen: -300 max HP, +10 crit, +5 dodge (Hell’s Body)

350 Gen: +350 psy dmg, +8 stun (Unburied)
350 Gen: +180 phys dmg, +180 psy dmg (Destroyer’s Claw)
355 Gen: +370 psy dmg, +5 critical (Psyonic Circle)

400 Gen: +700 max HP, +55 phys dmg (Ancient Hunger)
400 Gen: -500 max HP, +185 psy dmg, +5 crit (Nailstorm)
425 Gen: +1000 max HP, +5 dodge (Bestial Wrath)

400 Gen: +250 phys dmg, +10 crit (Assassin’s Dagger)
400 Gen: +450 psy dmg, +10 combo (Birdeye)
425 Gen: +400 psy dmg, +20 crit (Teh Lazor Hand)

450 Gen: +1200 max HP, +70 phys dmg, +70 critical dmg (Blade Cell)
450 Gen: -600 max HP, +250 psy dmg, +5 special, +10 crit (Necroscope)
470 Gen: +1950 max HP, +5 combo, +5 dodge (Doomwings)

450 Gen: +350 phys dmg, +10 combo (Butcher’s Blade)
450 Gen: +200 phys dmg, +300 psy dmg, +10 stun (Titan Crusher)
470 Gen: +500 psy dmg, +5 special (Psycho-o-Fish)

Mutation strategy: keep your eyes on those % modifiers! The HP and even the phys/psy damage can be changed with relative ease in other ways. (Although if you’re looking to make up for a +350 phys dmg boost, you’ll be eating 70 MeatSpins. Doable, but it’s a time-consuming meaty marathon.)


Only a few troublesome bosses have been selected. No, you should not expect to beat them when you’re at their level; get about a +2 advantage to have a chance.

Do lots of damage. Or just leave it on to fight while you take a nap. If he’s killing you, something is wrong — but note that low level physical damage glass cannons might have to actually try during this fight [consider using a psy beam skill].

Corvin Mindgrinder:
Phys builds will not have much trouble with his -500 psy dmg aura, but they should still be equipped for a nasty fight.

Psy builds will need high +dmg bonuses, but redesigning your skills shouldn’t be necessary — just grab some attack bonuses during the fight and blast him to pieces. The +800 HP bonus skill will be useful here. Consider the Extravagant Spices’ +85 psy dmg bonus too, but don’t try to fill your health by eating it; it’s as painfully slow as it is hilarious to watch your critter stuff that pile of powder down its gullet for an hour using its metal hooks or whatnot [this is how I ended up writing all this tripe].

Rott, the Abomination:
Rott’s -100% critical, dodge, and combo aura is one of the most irritating gimmicks in video gaming history, but don’t let that stop you from making your Rawr into a critical fiend.

Don’t upgrade to an unhelpful body or hand part just to crush Rott. Redesign your skills around dealing special attack damage [this includes finding some Epic skills, like the -15% HP psy beams, which work just fine no matter what your Rawr is designed for], and eat a Golden Egg for the +25 special chance. With 90% or greater specials, you’ll only have to make a few attempts before Rott decides to spend his last minutes on Earth repetitively psy-beaming you for a pathetic amount of damage, so don’t give up just because your HP is low [and consider NOT using the special attacks that reduce Rott’s special chances, although I’ve bested him even with both equipped, so it’s not a terrible idea either]. Lastly, your own psy beams should make no more than one fourth of your arsenal, lest your Rawr suffer the same mismanaged fate.

Zed, Lupen Champion

Oh thank the gods, the only crazy gimmick here is the silly amounts of damage Zed does.

Psy damage critical critters have this one easy: just do sillier amounts of damage. OHKO him. Golden Egg and a Lightning Ball or two. Zed’s dead, baby. Zed’s dead.

Phys builds might have to think about this one for a while. My solution was high critical and high dodge [including both the +20% dodge and 20% critical skills]. As usual, tell your Rawr to go suck a Golden Egg before the fight [Rice with Shrimps may work for builds that aren’t designed for specials, although that seems to me like a mistake in and of itself].

GENERAL STRATEGY: [and I’m in a rush, so feel free to post things that are inventive after this]:

crit percent and crit damage. Psy works better than phys, but it’s a little more tricky to balance. Combo and stun builds are beyond me; psy stretches your resources thin enough already.

The secret recipes, which you can get by hanging on to one or two coupons for the Chef Event, are real cute and even reference my favorite game, but unless someone adds a badge for them, they’re completely impractical. You might as well spend your meal tickets on a random shot at a Golden Egg. Unless you’re shooting for the speed trophies, eat all the +dmg foods you can as soon as you can.

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Topic: Serious Discussion / AX: there is a new prohibition era

I’d be very interested to see a pie chart of directly drug-related [automotive and other accidents, etc, including alcohol] deaths versus those attributable to drug prohibition. People make bad calls, and prohibition didn’t stop the car salesman.

If I may suggest another route for the discussion, I support drug legalization on the broadest spectrum on the grounds of medicine.

Those whose prescriptions are controlled substances are burdened by excessive regulation which contributes very little, if anything, to their health. I know many people [including myself] with chronic ailments best treated by controlled medicines, and none of them have competent drug-related medical care; every one of them [in some cases, their caretakers] could have done the research and written the dosages and followed their health more closely on their own. This entails more than those who haven’t had to deal with such an issue might think; drug interactions for those with multiple conditions, genetic susceptibilities, diet/nutrition, hypersensitivity, side effects of psychiatric and physiologic natures — all of it is easy compared to receiving insurance approval, testing, accurate diagnosis, and then adequate case handling for decades in an industry financially crippled by legislation.

Doctors are overworked and frequently under-prepared to deal with the volume and depth of the cases they handle, and they commonly make mistakes visible even to medical hobbyists. I respect their skill and expertise [especially as consultants; medicine is not all easy], but their role is too frequently no more than a legal buffer in a medical system based on liability deferment, not on quality of life.

I’m insulted by the idea that hundreds of thousands or millions of others should be forced into a medical system of monopolistic extortion [and frequent negligence, by many definitions of the word] due in large part to the fear that already ubiquitous substances could somehow claim even more lives if they were not the focus of a very real war. Dangerous drug addicts are the exception, not the rule.

I hope some information survived my extremely biased rant. I’ll try again later.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Thanks Cow, I think I got it.

Is there any chance of getting the +/- buttons removed from the top comments areas below games? If those buttons only existed in the chronologically ordered pages of comments, we’d see good/useful comments rising to the top more reliably.

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Forum suggestion: some way to hide spoilers in posts, like white-colored text or the fancy stuff from other sides. If it already exists, some mention of it in the formatting guide would be good.

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Topic: General Gaming / Drop Dead 3

Put the image URL into the box there. Here’s a nice pain face for example:

I can’t figure out how to unlock the princess, and I can’t find my brain either. Anyone have hints on this?

EDIT: Got her. She must be drowned. ]:) Still need that brain, though…

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Topic: Kongregate / animated avatars?

I dabble in ‘making’ [manipulating] images. If anyone viewing this thread’s having trouble getting an agif to function properly on Kong, link me to it and leave a message, or for best results, track me down in chat. It could be quicker than finding all the software and learning it yourself, and it might help keep my poser skills honed.

Animated avatars aren’t for showing off or annoying people. The only good excuse to have one is loving it.

That said, time to show off my work.

Credit due there to Metroid and Serial Experiments Lain.
Use any of those if you want.

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Topic: General Gaming / Demons Took My Daughter

Quick survival guide:

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Topic: General Gaming / I need help on Epic Battle Fantasy 3

I’m just gonna post this here. Feel free to spam it around, take credit for it, change it to make it inaccurate, I care not.

EBF3 Secrets Guide by Lz_erk

We see too few Flash RPGs… and they deserve recognition. Here’s what ain’t covered by Kong’s badges.

There’s an NPC called Death in the beginning of the lava area. You’ll need all 60 medals to pass him. Consult the walkthrough for most of the medals, then use a Dark Rune to get the other “?” medal. Although the other “misc” combat items are not very useful for damage, they’re worth remembering, as Stunners can affect even Cosmic Monoliths.

Killing Akron on Epic mode requires extreme caution; if he spawns a Cosmic Monolith, you will almost certainly die. I recommend not targeting his support crew no matter what [some collateral damage is okay, but don’t use any of Lance’s limit breaks!]. This way he’ll probably be stuck with two claws and two wormy things. Have a buffed-up character use the drill attack whenever Akron buffs his defenses. Cast Dispell when your enemies buff their magic attack. Have a lot of pizza and a few spare hours.

Besting the minigames takes commitment and practice. And if, like me, your head is like a sieve, you’ll need to cheat to win the card game [unless you want to devote weeks to chancing it until you miraculously get all matches next to each other]. Minimize your EBF3 browser window and open MSPaint or whatnot, quickly paste a screenshot of the cards into it, line that up next to your browser window, and cheat as hard as you can. Then feel bad about it.

To win the skeleton minigame, line up most or all of the skeletons and hit them with a down-up attack. They’ll all respawn at the same time; repeat.

The speed run minigames can be won cautiously. Concentrate on never taking a hit, collect what coins you can, and take breaks between attempts, or your arm will explode.

THE Secret Area contains treasure and lots of over-leveled monsters. You’ll need to have over-leveled characters, but unless you want to grind the twin Cosmics in the black hole for an indefinite duration, I recommend flying through the game buffing your evade instead. Since I’m too lazy and stubborn to start a new game on easy, here is my Epic strategy for winning the secret area [rather than cheating past it by running from the battles!].

Gummy Bear locations:
1. In the old house, SE corner of town.
2. Quest reward from Carl, in the inn.
3. The forest secret area [head east from the fence, just north of the pigs].
4. Fight the purple jellyfish west of Kimberly [the nude gal on the beach] and take the path north beyond it.
5. Fight the floating eyes and take the path beyond them south of the volcano vista on the docks of the beach [“That mountain is causing global warming” = turn south].
6. The ruins secret area.
7. A cave in the volcano area, north of robot No. 98.
8. Inside the first screen of Akron’s black hole, press spacebar to open an invisible chest directly east of the bone dragon.

[Gummy Bears 9 through 13 are in the final secret area treasure chest.]

After a few gummy runs, you’ll be able to survive the secret area’s battles.

Alternate strategy [I used this at level 35 with 18 evade on all characters]: on the final secret fight, which starts with a single Sooty Shrub, have Matt’s limit break ready and have auto-revive status on everyone [high evade clothing plus +70% buffed evade will also help, or anti-darkness equipment], then let the shrub die of poison so that you have a fresh turn as soon as the monoliths come up. Use Matt’s instant death limit break. If the Viking Monolith does not die, wipe out, reload your game and try again. If it dies, continue buffing evade, maintaining auto-revive, and debuffing their accuracy while killing the Ancient Monolith. Good luck.

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Topic: Game Programming / Feasibility of Doomlike "3D" Flash FPS

Thanks for the help. I couldn’t find any freebies on the Unity site. It’s a real pity I don’t have $1500 for it… =\ — I might try to talk to the Flash Doom folk[s], but I’m not sure a conversion of classic Doom would set me on the right track.

Any other information will be appreciated.

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Topic: Game Programming / Feasibility of Doomlike "3D" Flash FPS

Hi, I’m new. [On a side note, I’ll happily take any AS3 resources, of any kind, that anyone wants to dump onto this thread. I already have the well-known ones offered in the “getting started” threads.]

Since I saw that triple FPS adaption [Doom, Hexen, Heretic, I think], I haven’t been able to drop the dream of using a similar method for my project.

Before I invest incredible amounts of time and energy into something that won’t work, I’d like to know your thoughts on the possibility of creating a game with a Doom-like, first-person, faux-3D display.

Is it realistically possible to create a first-person full color explorable environment with lighting effects and such, without destroying the running speed? [I’m not looking for a miracle; my plans for this are somewhat modest.]

Are there any freeware programs, chunks of code, or tutorials that I might find to make this easier? I can’t afford enough pride to overlook using someone else’s simple 3D-impersonation engine, if I can find one with one of those total freebie licenses. Even if it can’t be applied to my project due to legal or technical reasons, I’d love opportunities to study first-person pseudo-3D Flash code.

If not, does anyone have any recommendations about how such a thing might be constructed? [Preferably without expensive tools, but if one of thems would make it easy, I’d like to know anyway.]

It took me long enough on my own to realize it was possible at all, and the method I have imagined to accomplish this might be just as grossly ignorant — so I’d like to hear any ideas even vaguely relating to this subject. Don’t hesitate to speak AS3 on this thread, I’ll look up anything I don’t understand. Thanks in advance.

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Topic: General Gaming / Unresizeable Games?!

UnknownGuardian: its because they are made in Flixel, a side by base for a programmer

UnknownGuardian: its the pixel engine that you have seen in this game, level up, money sieze, and canabalt

Lz_erk: damn. i was hoping it wasn’t due to software

UnknownGuardian: apparently it has a scalar engine built into it as well

UnknownGuardian: if you want to know how it works, is that the actualy game is 1/2 the projected size, with most of the characters being 16×16 pixels and then the engine projects it bigger.

UnknownGuardian: or whatever size/scale the programmer set it to. I tried the engine once, but didn’t continue using it.

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Topic: General Gaming / Unresizeable Games?!

It’s nice to know other gamers are so willing to accept defeat, but I want to know how to stop this horrible trend.

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Topic: General Gaming / Unresizeable Games?!

There’s been just too many of these lately. It used to be only maybe once a month that I would find a game I couldn’t full-screen — now it seems to be MOST of them [Level Up!, Infectionator, Arcuz – Behind The Dark, etc].

Why is this happening? Do devs not know it sucks, or am I missing something here?

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Topic: General Gaming / Elona shooter discussion and strategy

Originally posted by Darkruler2005:

Luck-based skills can never effectively be proven to be broken, though you can eventually make claims about it if you run a stastistics program on it. What I don’t understand about the game is the percentages. What does it mean when it says “9% more chance to..”? Does that mean if I now have a 10% chance to find an item, and my skill gives me a 50% more chance, I will now have a 15% or a 60% chance (numbers are made up)? Same with the skill called “luck”. It seems there’s a small chance for a creature to drop a coin. If luck only increases the chance itself by a factor, it’s useless.

I think that, by phrases such as “+9 to base [good thing measured in %],” it means it adds to the percent — not multiplies by 1.09. I haven’t tested this.

However, I made a Sheriff specialize in armor-busting, and he simply kicked ass. [Tank? What tank?] That wouldn’t have happened at all as well as it did if THOSE specific skills had been percents multiplied by percents.

It’s a very detailed game, and the one Roguelike I’ve played [absolutely beautiful game, NetHack] was one of the deepest, most captivating experiences of my life, so hopefully most things in Elona Shooter would be functional if used with intelligence and experience. [Such is not the case with the Auto Shotgun or Rapid Bowgun, IF you don’t know you need incredible accuracy bonuses…]

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Topic: Kongregate / Suggestions

Are there advanced search options? I can’t find them. I can’t find threads I’ve posted to either. I can’t even remember what I was trying to look up about Elona Shooter now.

Can I edit my posts to make them easier to view in a thread? [I hate spamming just for one minor detail or correction.] I guess I’ll know after I post this reply. I don’t even want to imagine how someone is supposed to find this forum complaint/suggestion [suggestion: improve or tell me how I’ve got it all wrong. Please. :’( ]. Can I use standard BBC? I can barely even find the guidelines.

I love Kongregate for its social and organizational focus, but in a bizarre twist of ironic fate, these forums seem really hard to navigate.

Check out Dead Frontier’s forums for a good example, in my opinion, of how a forum should be. They’re a bit overzealous [and rude] about who is allowed to put what where, but a favorable balance between a strong format and iron-fisted oppression could be found…

EDIT: Sweet! I can edit this! Okay, so if I can find ONE post by myself, I can find them all. Maybe I just need to know how to get to the list of posts I’ve made. [A shout would fix that. ☺] But a few minor stitches in the organization might have prevented me from asking; I tend to go to my own full profile when I need to change or access my own information… Any chance we might see a “view threads I’ve posted to that have received replies” button? Is all this stuff I’m talking about already somewhere on Kong that I haven’t found?

Real Suggestion! Big bright letters, new forum board: “HOW TO USE THE FORUMS!” ☺

EDIT: A Questions board would also be great. That’s something else I have to ask about due to not being able to find it ;P

REPLY EDIT [AioriaRox]: [Not worth another post triggering everyone’s e-mail thingies.] Thanks for the link, good idea, I’ve saved it. I don’t think I’ll have much trouble with HTML or editing, but I’m glad to hear the info is on here. I was hoping the “how to use the forums” board/sticky idea would be adapted [no pressure, but I doubt this is the first time you’ve answered these questions…] to answer the other questions, and perhaps inform users of how to get their own posts link, like the one you pointed out to me. If this is implemented, may I suggest suggesting to the readers on that board/sticky that they use a search engine feature [such as Google’s “ {search terms here}”] until Kong forums get their own advanced search?

No further replies to this are expected, however, I’d be happy to create a basic template for such a sticky, if the idea looks good to whoever makes the calls on it. I’m a newbie to THESE forums, so my fresh nubism might benefit others with questions or frustrations.

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Topic: General Gaming / Elona shooter discussion and strategy

I’m a Noble shotgun enthusiast. Or I would be, if I could get the Dr. Holliday skill.

I’m level 26, my team is my Noble and three Militia. I’ve been doing Ragnarok over and over with game reloads to try to find the Doc Hol perk. I haven’t seen it OR Da Bomb, and I’ve gone through at least 30 “simulated” level-ups with Capable 2.

Someone, set us up Da Bomb? :( [Are there prerequisites for these skills?]

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Topic: Game Programming / Looking for a good actionscript book

Thanks, that’s where I got the software freebies. =) I just picked up “Essential Actionscript3.0” anyway, I’ll recommend it here for me or whoever else I guess. For 900 pages, it’s bound to be useful…

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Topic: Game Programming / Looking for a good actionscript book

I’m trying to get into AS programming, and I’m looking for a recommendation on a good AS tutorial/reference book. I don’t even know yet if I’ll need AS2 or 3 or both, I’m a quick enough learner when I have to be, so… Give me your best shot. Thanks.